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  1. Hi Mark, Its not just 'more spam'! Some people genuinly want to invest money rather than leave it the bank for the banks to invest badly! This post is for investors to view and widen their knowledge of what opportunities are available to them, being destructive in the manner that you have does not help the financial situation of true investors and forum visitors. Please ignore 'Markinspain`s' comment and use this forum for the manner it is intended. Best regards
  2. [] are delighted to be taking their first steps into an exciting new market in India, with this new commercial project in New Delhi! Dwarkadhis Mall, Gurgaon, New Delhi, India We are delighted to bring to you an excellent property investment opportunity within one of the world's best emerging market - India!! India offer fantastic growth over the coming years providing a political and economically stable environment for your funds. The demand for western style luxury shopping malls is immense and currently vastly under supplied. Therefore we are delighted to bring this opportunity to you
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