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  1. What on Earth is this doing to the UK economy?. Our economy More Parasites on their way to bleed us dry. Quick, lets get in the back of this truck..... it's off to soft touch Britain!!. It's the bloody French again, these back stabbing Vishey ba**tards need sorting out. Once and for all.
  2. S**T, just noticed the Forbes Celebrity Earnings estimates are for June 2007 to June 2008. Like to be bloody awkward the yanks have to do it that way instead of 1st Jan 2008 to 31st Dec 2008 inclusive.
  3. Talking of the "Forbes list". When clicking on Forbes top 100 celebrities Scroll down a bit then click on "Sort List By" and then "Pay". J.K. Rowling tops the list with $300 million earnt in 2008 followed by Oprah Winfrey. What surprised me was Judge Jew Judy Sheindlin bringing in $45 million for 2008. [if Madoff had the old moo on his legal team recently, he'd have got off, and won a successful counter sue for Defamation of Character!!] You can barely see her on Freeview channel 29 or something at 3.30am in the morning. You wouldn't have thought that she would still be a big pota
  4. All the liebour voting scum and riff raff the liebour councils vet being put into these properties. It'd be hard for a landlord to stop themselves from topping themselves. Haven't they enough problems as it is. Many of the homeless riff raff are homeless for a reason, the big influx of EU spongers has not helped. It's liebour fascism, riding roughshod over people and their property. Kick the muck out the Country, there will be plenty of property then.
  5. This "Idealogical purity test" must have showed that matey's "good mate" didn't hold to the idealogical claptrap of liebour, that and have a Masonic mentality. Must have been too much of a 'freethinker' for their liking, liebour don't want that, certainly not in the Police or health service. Moronic, servile mindless autometons it what they want, as many as them as they can get, whether they do their job properly or not. Hence the baby P scandel. I'm glad people have spoken out about this. Highlighting the fascist underlying goings on of our current resident fascist liebour shysters
  6. It's just the National Newspapers whipping it all up. Playing with our emotions. Manipulating us on as many levels as they can, all in aid to train and break us down to get what their paymasters want out of us. Which is to control us, to carry on profiting from us in our struggle to make a decent life out of our ever worsining hardships. (Brought about by their neglect, indifference and downright greed). It's all it is. Muslims are muslims, just as Arsenal supporters are arsenal supporters. How would you feel if you were an Arsenal supporter or any type of anything, a diabetic, someone
  7. That's it, Bumble Bee bloke, keep this thread in the top 30. By posting some guff when it slips out into obscurity. Keep that money coming in. I'll help as well to raise some money for the upkeep of Property Bee. A nice bit of reverse psychology usually does the trick. Expect even more donations. All that hard work the Property Bee bloke has put in. Marred only by such a poor judgement and decision to give away so called much needed funds to one website that looks solid enough on their feet to give this one a run for it's money. And another website that is as home in Michael Jacksons
  8. He's right on that one, looks like an economic Depession is on the cards for the UK. The drop of 12.8% from a year earlier, was the fastest annual contraction in UK manufacturing since January 1981. Manufacturing figures for the month of Janurary 2009 show it fell 2.9% - more than twice the 1.4% that was forecast. No British government would want a 2.9% fall for an entire year!! let alone for just one month. Brown and Co. must have gastric and duodenal ulcers by the dozen. No wonder he looks so misrable, he's getting all the real economic figures and forecasts, sometimes months before
  9. Come on....you lot are not getting 'off the hook' this easily. There is still some more money out there. Some more hard earned money that can go towards Property Bee and all the other outfits Property Bee bloke decides to donate to on your behalf. So what if 'Honey, I shrunk your underpants" effectively gets the money from your donation. Bees make honey don't they!!! So there you are then. All that hard work the Property Bee bloke has put in. And to bee honest, I bet the bloke has put a lot of hard work into it. A lot of late nights and week ends, running around like a right busy bee
  10. That's the lie that Lizard face, (well, it's certainly green coloured) (and he is so slimey)and the rest of the liebour cronies keep coming out with. It is lies. Total lies. Some are better off, money wize getting all the tax payers money as some do. But given a choice, and people haven't one when millions of immigrants are alowed in, given the choice, most British people would sooner have a job. So Mandy lizard face is lying. It's just more liebour lies, dumbing down the intellect of the general public with their lies. liebour goes by this edict. Thick voter, Thick government. Whic
  11. You might find these pundits like this Merrill Lynch Economist, the author of the afforsaid article are told to purposely spread around these 1 Million job loss forcasts. (Some take it upon themselves to do so as well). So when these figures of 650,000 unemployed come out, the Media say, phewww!, experts were predicting much higher unemployment figures than these. What a relief...... we are saved!!. Manipulating the mentality of Americana and the rest of the World. They have had it, the yanks, they know it, the Warren Buffet's the ones with the savvy, they know they are finished
  12. Come on HPC's, I don't think you're donating enough to Bumble Bee's friend, who gave up their job to be part of "Who made your Pants" at, Who made your Pants web site!! Bumble Bee's given a donation to 'who made your pants?' "on property-bee's behalf". ie, your newly donated money goes there!! ....... Much needed donation money, that Bumble Bee needs for the running of Property Bee. Desperately needed money, that has him round here on HPC, pleading for. Given it, on your behalf, before you have even donated to Bumbles Property Bee. Donating so very kindly As you all are... but t
  13. I took out the e savings before they started numbering it. It was just called esavings. 5.61% or so. could have been 6.51% for all I remember of those heady days. Before you knew it, they had brought out esavings issue 2 and then issue 3. But everytime they brought out another 'issue' ...it's the SAME account!! they dropped the previous 'issue' by 0.25%. An 'issue' for an internet savings account!!! and we are daft enough to put up with it. The base rate being level throughout. So unless you transfered the esavings money into a B&B current account, losing 4 days interest and th
  14. Yea, I recently heard the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, or it could have been the Ex-Deputy Governor talking about how the interest rates may well have to come up along the way. People seem to be assuming as they did about Property always going up, that these ultra low base rates will be with us till Kingdom come. By the end of this year even, they could be back to what they were 6 months ago. as fast as they come down, they can go up. It's the future we are dealing with, or rather, it's dealing with us. And we are not coming out the better. Some types have taken out 3 ye
  15. I'm thinking about donating +£50 to Bumble Bee's friend who runs that recent co-op start up, "who made your pants?" That's been worrying me for ages, I'd like to track down the people who made my Y fronts and have a nice cup of tea with them and maybe take them out to the cinema. That 'Bronson' film looks good.. Bumble bee's donated to them...... come on fellows, we can all do our bit. Keep up the good work Bumble, property bee is great!
  16. Don't go worrying about J.P. Morgan. They are run by the Mafia. They are not going anywhere anytime soon.
  17. You're all a bit too late to see the Arby Burger advert on that Fox news clip. It's been replaced with a 'Simsons' one. Unless they repeat it. Don't worry though, click on to http://www.arbys.com/ I don't know whether it is the same burger that matey was telling us about, but what an advert!!. Could have done with a voice over or some music, but that really is a spiffing good advert. Pressing the 'reload current page' button to get the effect of repeat advertising. These poor saps are being subjected to. We want Arby's, forget about subway...eat flesh adverts, when are they going to
  18. The United States of America is bleeding to death. It cannot possibly survive a year of 600,000 job losses a month, every month. 600,000 job losses = anything up to 600,000 mortgage defaulters with dire consequence for any British Bank holding that mortgage. And hence..... we the tax payer. (Though it would be more likely 200 to 300 thousand possible defaulters, not everyone is a one head of household mortgage holder) Look out for the revised figures as well. That will be interesting to see. Any previous figure could well get revised up another 100,000 or so. Though the 'fix' was
  19. Quote: Mr King said a double whammy of slashed interest rates and the creation of more money would beat the recession. "I can't tell you when it will work precisely but eventually it will work, we will start to see recovery." Benny Hill is right, if that t**t King was any good doing his job, we wouldn't be in the mess we're now in. I can see why King gets up his nose so much as well, King gives out this aloofed air of, I know what I'm doing, I know what's what, I know what's best to do, I'm doing the best thing. Yet he is clueless, totally clueless. -----------------------------
  20. Just shows ITN along with ITV itself is being run by idiots. In this case, Michael Grade the boss behind it all, is absolutely ruining the place, and has been since he took over 2 years ago. If I came across old 'bug eyes' anytime soon, I would tell him it was a pity he hadn't stayed on at the BBC, and run that f***er into the ground instead. Ps. Is Trevor Mcdonut still reading the news for them?. It's a good job his hair went grey!, beforehand, when he was reading the news, everytime he closed his mouth and blinked at the same time.... he would disapear!!.
  21. What a load of [email protected] taking the P**s at Jade Goody, she might be as common as S**t, and called some Indian woman a ****. But she is worth ten times you lot put together. You're like that 50% a**ewipe the other day making fun of Ivan Cameron.
  22. Yea, looks like the house price rises during this decade was a manufacured event. The major players being the BANKS and the ESTATE AGENTS. The liebour gov and the local councils have a lot to answer for as well.
  23. The HaliFIX trying desperately to get the average house price figures down below £160,000. So there figures won't be seen as being so BOGUS. Their January figure was!. I never listen to the HaliFIX figures, I go by the Nationwide ones, they are so much lower!!!! More in line for your average street 'Doomster'.
  24. Warning the above link leads to Pasty Faces blog with pictures and video's of Pasty Face Peston Instead of China, I'd have thought Pasty Faced Peston would have gone to Japan and trained up to be a Geisha girl. He wouldn't need any make up.
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