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  1. What on Earth is this doing to the UK economy?. Our economy More Parasites on their way to bleed us dry. Quick, lets get in the back of this truck..... it's off to soft touch Britain!!. It's the bloody French again, these back stabbing Vishey ba**tards need sorting out. Once and for all.
  2. S**T, just noticed the Forbes Celebrity Earnings estimates are for June 2007 to June 2008. Like to be bloody awkward the yanks have to do it that way instead of 1st Jan 2008 to 31st Dec 2008 inclusive.
  3. Talking of the "Forbes list". When clicking on Forbes top 100 celebrities Scroll down a bit then click on "Sort List By" and then "Pay". J.K. Rowling tops the list with $300 million earnt in 2008 followed by Oprah Winfrey. What surprised me was Judge Jew Judy Sheindlin bringing in $45 million for 2008. [if Madoff had the old moo on his legal team recently, he'd have got off, and won a successful counter sue for Defamation of Character!!] You can barely see her on Freeview channel 29 or something at 3.30am in the morning. You wouldn't have thought that she would still be a big potato in the U.S nowerdays. Forbes tell us "Last year she renegotiated her contract with CBS, boosting her annual salary to $45 million". Some poxy 12 year old show, 'Judge Judy' which you might have thought was cancelled 6 years ago, and we were getting just manky old repeats, and here she is raking in $45million a year. No doubt we are getting those manky old repeats as the British TV stations can't afford the new ones due to her whapping pay package. We'll get then in 10 years time when she's not far off being 80 and raking in more money than Oprah!! More in 2008 than Bruce Willis $41M, Ben Stiller $40M, Nicolas Cage $38M and poor old little Tom Tit Cruse way out the back with just $13Million. You can just see it now at her pay negotiations, "We have had a bit of a bad year Ms Sheindlin, we won't be able to offer you more than $20million a year and a new dressing room". "Baloney, I won't take anything less than $45Million". Shouts Judge Judy, and walks off with $45Million a year in her back pocket for that load of C**P. With the biggest exitement being when she says, "Baloney" and that big black guard dude hands her over some documents to look at. He can barely stay awake, looking like he's just about to keel over, I bet he got fed up with it all sometime after year four. Just shows the absolute rubbish the yanks watch. But here she is in fine form doing the thing she gets $45 million a year for. Look out for the big black guard dude... sulking around the place! Judge Judy smacking them down with her Magical Word. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Forbes Billionaires list Tells us Gates is now back at the richest ba**ard in the world. Up from number 3. That's perhaps why he is smiling. Poor old Buffet loses $25Billion in a year and drops to number 2. And there is some rich slim jim mexican bloke as well not looking too happy. I wouldn't be surprised if Gates started the World economic crisis just to knock Warren Buffet off the top slot. Some secret program on his Microsoft operating systems that buggered things up!. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. All the liebour voting scum and riff raff the liebour councils vet being put into these properties. It'd be hard for a landlord to stop themselves from topping themselves. Haven't they enough problems as it is. Many of the homeless riff raff are homeless for a reason, the big influx of EU spongers has not helped. It's liebour fascism, riding roughshod over people and their property. Kick the muck out the Country, there will be plenty of property then.
  5. This "Idealogical purity test" must have showed that matey's "good mate" didn't hold to the idealogical claptrap of liebour, that and have a Masonic mentality. Must have been too much of a 'freethinker' for their liking, liebour don't want that, certainly not in the Police or health service. Moronic, servile mindless autometons it what they want, as many as them as they can get, whether they do their job properly or not. Hence the baby P scandel. I'm glad people have spoken out about this. Highlighting the fascist underlying goings on of our current resident fascist liebour shysters. There may be actually more intellect on HPC than is usually seen on a day to day basis, with all the silly one line, one word chit chat back and forth to 'clock up' their number of posts. Using their term of office to manipulate the whole structure of our Country, just as Hitler did in Germany and just as the totalitarian soviet fascists did in the Soviet Union, as matey said. The soviet fascists never get the same coverage do they!, must be liebour behind that. Same methodology, to totally ride roughshod over anything that in the way of, or stands up to their fascism. Liebour fascism. The drip drip liebour fascism that no one seems to be able to turn off, or bother much about doing so, that over time has filled the bath up and is totally wrecking the place, right down to its foundations. It's what it is, first hand knowledge and understanding of the sinister goings on of our enemy. Rbs Politically Vetting Potential Customers is a bloody scandel. As is all the other political vetting touched upon here.
  6. It's just the National Newspapers whipping it all up. Playing with our emotions. Manipulating us on as many levels as they can, all in aid to train and break us down to get what their paymasters want out of us. Which is to control us, to carry on profiting from us in our struggle to make a decent life out of our ever worsining hardships. (Brought about by their neglect, indifference and downright greed). It's all it is. Muslims are muslims, just as Arsenal supporters are arsenal supporters. How would you feel if you were an Arsenal supporter or any type of anything, a diabetic, someone with ginger hair, a cannabis user, a minority in this Country,(But a Majority Worldwide!) and the British gov spent Billions to send their troups out to storm round your house. Tracking you down from room to room, (Province to province) either handing you over for systematic torture or just shooting you there on the spot, like you were some kind of rat in your own house. These Muslims can see that and are very concerned to say the very least. Muslims shouldn't be here in such large numbers in the first place, that is liebours fault with their multiculture claptrap, (that in the end does not work, it never does!, it breaks down due to unavoidable conflict, conflicts of interest) Liebour should not have started a War against Muslim Iraq and Muslim Afghanistan. These Muslims over here can see that the western World are waging a War on them! Just as Hitler did against the Jews. Of cause they are going to be angry at these squaddie thick heads parading around like Jack S**T hero's, even if they are just pawns. Pawns who decided to play that part of their own free will after climbing atop the chess board, looking for pride and a sence of value from their immediate family and peers. Even if we are at "Tipping point", liebour have kicked the stuffing out of the British People over their terms of office, as they have with the official opposition party, (though one ever growing National Party does stand up to them). Kicked the stuffing out of us so much, its mostly all bark and no bite if the British people ever do find their balls again. Sure thing the dog trainers, the Media and National Newspapers will get their animals to have a bit of a go now and then. Using different sectors of the people of Britain or rather people in Britain to push up against each other. Control using 'dynamic tension'. If people cant see that then they really must be stupid. This is certainly no endorsement for Multiculturism. Which divides the nation, which is just what they want. Control by diversification. Were we ever to become an United Country we might start getting to live lives that we want to live. Not the c**p we are currently putting up with. This is in no way a call for people to join the BNP I am not a BNP supporter you all know that!, you can all see that!!!. that's why I'm respected, liked and downright loved so much Whilst I take great care in not trying to do all the thinking for you, some of the more thicker amongst you, (the liebour voter) do need to be put of the right track. For all our sakes. You lucky people, if I could ever get to read a post as good as this one as you lot do. That's partly why I compose them. So that I get something really good to read. You cronies must feel you are being spoilt. Still, with such constant Quality from your leader, some of you are improving. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. That's it, Bumble Bee bloke, keep this thread in the top 30. By posting some guff when it slips out into obscurity. Keep that money coming in. I'll help as well to raise some money for the upkeep of Property Bee. A nice bit of reverse psychology usually does the trick. Expect even more donations. All that hard work the Property Bee bloke has put in. Marred only by such a poor judgement and decision to give away so called much needed funds to one website that looks solid enough on their feet to give this one a run for it's money. And another website that is as home in Michael Jacksons Never Never land fantasy World as any web site I have ever seen. Funded by the kindheartedness of people on this site and others that are asked for donations elsewhere. Sure they are free to do what they want with their money. And they like the whole idea of a software program that captures the previous past 'asking prices' of thousands of properties around the country. Giving them and others an advantage in negotiating a reduction in the purchase price. Going into a struggling Estate agency and getting the staff, as deceitfull and underhandedly nasty as they are to squirm Yea, that is great. But it's the whim, no doubt a spontanious whim, possibly also out of kindheartedness to give money away, much needed money we are told and then to have a 'buyers regret' and come on the cadge to recouperate these outgoings, or some such type took it upon themselves to. A bit like the aircraft designer in "Flight of the Pheonix" [original movie that is] who yea, was working on designing a plane out of the wreckage all around them, but decided he wanted more water than the rest of the cronies, perhaps because he thought he deserved it. James Stewart, the Captain, thought otherwise. And spoke out about this. Just as I have done all through the thread. A lot of HPC'ers got sucked into a donation frenzy, a mania, whipped up out of nothing, then when things were pointed out and some began to realise. Some got the feeling of being used, being taken advantage of, being taken for a mug, having their 'water' taken from them. Only in this case it was a different sort of water that was took. Someone was taking the p**s. And it wasn't just me. Some ultimately felt they had been stung.
  8. He's right on that one, looks like an economic Depession is on the cards for the UK. The drop of 12.8% from a year earlier, was the fastest annual contraction in UK manufacturing since January 1981. Manufacturing figures for the month of Janurary 2009 show it fell 2.9% - more than twice the 1.4% that was forecast. No British government would want a 2.9% fall for an entire year!! let alone for just one month. Brown and Co. must have gastric and duodenal ulcers by the dozen. No wonder he looks so misrable, he's getting all the real economic figures and forecasts, sometimes months before the fixed ones we ever get to see are released. Liebour knows we have had it. The BBC article tells us: In the three months to January, factory output fell by 6.4% from the previous three months, the biggest drop since records began in 1968. So lets see, that is the worst Annual Maufacturing figures for 28 years. and the worst quarterly figures for 41 years since records began. We are stuffed!. Soon we'll be hearing about figures that are worser than 80 years ago. Then even the liebour voting thickheads will know we are in a depression for sure.
  9. Come on....you lot are not getting 'off the hook' this easily. There is still some more money out there. Some more hard earned money that can go towards Property Bee and all the other outfits Property Bee bloke decides to donate to on your behalf. So what if 'Honey, I shrunk your underpants" effectively gets the money from your donation. Bees make honey don't they!!! So there you are then. All that hard work the Property Bee bloke has put in. And to bee honest, I bet the bloke has put a lot of hard work into it. A lot of late nights and week ends, running around like a right busy bee. No, I bet a lot of effort has been put in, you can't take that away from the Bumble Bee bloke. All that hard work has saved a lot of people pots of money when purchasing a house. One in the eye for all these b**stard Estate agents and their slimey deceiving back stabbing staff. That's had them. That's the thing, if we all do 'Our thing' and it isn't delving into criminality, then doing our thing, whatever it is, can bee a Thousand times more effective in the World than following the sheep. Talking of sheep...Getting back to the donaters so far. Can all these people bee wrong? Cause not, sending off their money like they did, one after the other, "I donated £10", says one. "£5 well spent" says another. "+£5 excellent" says another. So what if your money doesn't all get to where you would like for it to go. You were told about the whimsical "Where's the banana down my Underpants" outfit from the start. Didn't it seem a totally ludicrus 'pie in the sky' 'Underpants in the back pocket' concept right from the start!. Read the small print in future! That is the nature of donating money. Donating via Oxfam to some Starving African country. You all know full well, the robbing dictator and his top henchmen will be getting their gold plated AK47's out of it. No matter what the Oxfam staff do. That is after Oxfam cream off their 60% for paying their staff wages. (And of cause the cheif exec, who's on a six figure salary, with a nice Fred the shred pension at the end of it). Or you can't get the caliber Yea, who originates and puts that notion around. Then when these dictating African butchers round up a couple of hundred of their most starving subversives, (The ones who speak out that they are starving!!) You can at least be assured, they had a right royal sendaway. Getting shot with such an expensive killing machine you have donated to. So don't let anything I've said put you off donating. The truck load of HPC sheep were happy to, even after my initial comment on the second page. If it all keeps Property Bee going, then maybee it's worth it. So come on, donate, today. Loads of people have already, so why not you as well. It's what life is all about. Making decisions. Doing things and making decisions That's the free will part, they all say I want you to have. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  10. That's the lie that Lizard face, (well, it's certainly green coloured) (and he is so slimey)and the rest of the liebour cronies keep coming out with. It is lies. Total lies. Some are better off, money wize getting all the tax payers money as some do. But given a choice, and people haven't one when millions of immigrants are alowed in, given the choice, most British people would sooner have a job. So Mandy lizard face is lying. It's just more liebour lies, dumbing down the intellect of the general public with their lies. liebour goes by this edict. Thick voter, Thick government. Which is where they come in.
  11. You might find these pundits like this Merrill Lynch Economist, the author of the afforsaid article are told to purposely spread around these 1 Million job loss forcasts. (Some take it upon themselves to do so as well). So when these figures of 650,000 unemployed come out, the Media say, phewww!, experts were predicting much higher unemployment figures than these. What a relief...... we are saved!!. Manipulating the mentality of Americana and the rest of the World. They have had it, the yanks, they know it, the Warren Buffet's the ones with the savvy, they know they are finished. But it doesn't stop the other more optimistic types like the Merril Lunch crony, from trying to be the hero. Too late for all that. The U.S are bleeding to death, having fallen on their own sword. They were not intending to, but it will be for the best when they are gone. One day soon You'll hear a big thud, a cloud of dust and smoke and then you'll see the rotten underpinning of the uprooted giant and wonder how it ever stayed aloft for so long. You can see a fair bit of it's corrupt understructure already, you can hear the cracking, the groaning of the tonnage as it's shifting over to a point of no return. Won't be long now, the other trees around it has kept it up for a while, unwittingly conned into sharing the load of it's collapse, they wished they hadn't as they too are giving way, just that bit more and Americana will come crashing down to their side. Won't be long now. And then, with all the other trees rushing to take up the sunlight, to take Americanas place, we will see the green shoots of recovery, from the nutients and wealth that is fed back into the forest from this now decaying, finished hulk on the forest floor. Poor young Icarus flew too near the sun, reached for the stars, lost it's footing and like 'Jack' fell down the hill and broke it's crown. Knocking Humpty Dumpty off the wall who couldn't be put back together again. .....They are f**ked. And good riddance to bad rubbish as well. C**k slashing inhuman ba**ards. I'm saving my 'water' up to p**s on Americana's grave. Won't be long now!......it won't be long. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  12. Come on HPC's, I don't think you're donating enough to Bumble Bee's friend, who gave up their job to be part of "Who made your Pants" at, Who made your Pants web site!! Bumble Bee's given a donation to 'who made your pants?' "on property-bee's behalf". ie, your newly donated money goes there!! ....... Much needed donation money, that Bumble Bee needs for the running of Property Bee. Desperately needed money, that has him round here on HPC, pleading for. Given it, on your behalf, before you have even donated to Bumbles Property Bee. Donating so very kindly As you all are... but this is the thing Why NOT, donate to Bumbles Property Bee to cover his donation to "Who washed my underpants" AND, donate to "Who Soiled my underpants" as well, filling the pants of "Who sniffed my Pants" with your money. You can buy some pants off them too, they're planning "three sorts of pants (briefs, thongs and shorts) in six colours ranging from size 6 to 20" . Possibly made by people from Somalia, Afghanistan or even Africa. We are told "You will be able to read about the person that did the stitching, right there on their website". You never know, "Who stole my Underpants" might even follow the idea that Sir Alan Sugar suggested on his recent Apprentice show. Which was to set up a 24 hour hotline to see the progress of your underpants!!!. Sir Alan: "Like Someone would phone up and say, Hello girls how are my pants doing. And I'd phone the 24 hour hotline to see the progress of my Calvin Clines" Sir Alan's '24 hour hotline' inspiration for "Who eat my underpants" Never mind about the person that did the stitching!, if you lot donate enough to Property Bee and "Who made your underpants"! They might have the money to set up some web cams and you'll all be able to see your underpants being made from start to finish. The web cam can be stuck inside the Underpants package from Afghanistan and you'll be able to see the entire journey that it makes right to your doorstep. So come on HPC's, Donate, Donate, Donate. To Property Bee and "Who made my Underpants" +£5, +£10, +£20, +£50, come on, don't you want to donate to "Who made my Underpants"?. Or is the money donated "On your behalf" to "Who made my Underpants" enough. ie, the mug +£5, +£10, +£20, +£50 money you have just donated . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  13. I took out the e savings before they started numbering it. It was just called esavings. 5.61% or so. could have been 6.51% for all I remember of those heady days. Before you knew it, they had brought out esavings issue 2 and then issue 3. But everytime they brought out another 'issue' ...it's the SAME account!! they dropped the previous 'issue' by 0.25%. An 'issue' for an internet savings account!!! and we are daft enough to put up with it. The base rate being level throughout. So unless you transfered the esavings money into a B&B current account, losing 4 days interest and then took out the next 'issue' of their poxy esavings savings account, again losing another 4 days interest. Too much mucking about, which these B&B shysters count on. Best thing is to draw it all out. Which is what I did with 35K. and got a better rate elsewhere. All this was around the time of Ex-chief exec Cranshaw and his phoney heart condition. Yea, like anyone would or could get hold of his doctor and ask for proof. It was a pack of lies, a pack of lies. Bank and Building soc staff, at all levels have a lot to answer for. At all levels, till staff, the lot. There is a Million or so more places, many of these traitors will be filling soon. Somewhere between the 2,000,000th and 3,500,000th UK Unemployed. (The bogus, 'official' figures that is.) They can Bank on that.
  14. Yea, I recently heard the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England, or it could have been the Ex-Deputy Governor talking about how the interest rates may well have to come up along the way. People seem to be assuming as they did about Property always going up, that these ultra low base rates will be with us till Kingdom come. By the end of this year even, they could be back to what they were 6 months ago. as fast as they come down, they can go up. It's the future we are dealing with, or rather, it's dealing with us. And we are not coming out the better. Some types have taken out 3 year savings bonds at 3%, the base rate could go up 2 1/2 % next month. It can only ever come down 1/2 %. People are going to get caught out. You were right to bring the subject up. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ps, Bumble Bee from Property Bee has a friend who recently quit their job to start a "co-op start up" called "Who made your pants?" Everyones donating!!!!!To that, and Property Bee as well, they are desperate for money. +£5 , +£10, +£20, I'm thinking of donating +£50 Details can be found over on at Property Bee's Donation Link
  15. I'm thinking about donating +£50 to Bumble Bee's friend who runs that recent co-op start up, "who made your pants?" That's been worrying me for ages, I'd like to track down the people who made my Y fronts and have a nice cup of tea with them and maybe take them out to the cinema. That 'Bronson' film looks good.. Bumble bee's donated to them...... come on fellows, we can all do our bit. Keep up the good work Bumble, property bee is great!
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