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  1. I was in Kilburn last weekend, I live few tube stops away but used to live down the road. I walk to Kilburn Park station and noticed the new build flats and thought I'd check out how much.... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-48341695.html Just £500,000. Crazy, Kilburn seems pretty much the same too.
  2. CrashBear

    Vilcambaba Ecuador

    Hi guys, I've travelled around Ecuador. It's a nice country but also has plenty of crime like many south american countries. I've also been to Vilcambaba. It's got some beautiful scenery (some great trekking) and has a little village but I'm pretty sure there are many places in the world like this. There is a nice guest house you can stay at up on the hill owned by a German guy.... nice views over the valley. It'd be worth staying there and checking out the area before committing. Cheers,
  3. CrashBear

    Travelling Forum

    Yeh good i'd, one that mixies in the Camper Van living and Vagabonding! Traveling the world right now isn't a bad idea really... if you're going to be unemployed you may as well do it in a cheaper country with better weather!
  4. CrashBear

    Mortgage Lending Still Increasing

    Here we go... I hear people telling me how the economy is picking up again and house prices will be heading higher for the next decade. Even if they do, I'm heading abroad. Is it really worth hanging around to buy an overpriced slave box?
  5. CrashBear

    Hope I've Done The Right Thing?

    That's worrying!! But seriously, life's a gamble.... no one really knows whats's gonna happen next!
  6. CrashBear

    Anger At Rate Cuts Nspu Protests

    I've joined too.
  7. CrashBear

    Anger At Rate Cuts Nspu Protests

    Isn't that starbucks opposite? I work in the area if that is rbs near blackfriars... might check it out on the way home.
  8. CrashBear

    Dating And Houses

    +1 livin the dream
  9. CrashBear

    Australia Faces Its Demons

    Apart from Melbourne's layout being a grid. I found it sterile and a little dull... if anything it was trying too hard to be cool.
  10. CrashBear

    Australia Faces Its Demons

    Anyone who makes huge negative sweeping generalisations is a tool.
  11. CrashBear

    My Wife May Have Finally Got It

    I call it "the FOD" or "the Forum of Doom"
  12. Bangkok? Did you cough your way through the smog to the office?
  13. CrashBear

    10 Divorce Tips For Women

    I think you are right about women liking a challenge! Definately, stick a barrier in the way and they like to beat it.
  14. CrashBear

    10 Divorce Tips For Women

    Well, we have to end apartheid for one. And slow down the nuclear arms race, stop terrorism and world hunger. We have to provide food and shelter for the homeless, and oppose racial discrimination and promote civil rights, while also promoting equal rights for women. We have to encourage a return to traditional moral values. Most importantly, we have to promote general social concern and less materialism in young people.
  15. CrashBear

    10 Divorce Tips For Women

    When will blokes learn....women don't go for guys who are nicey nice to them.... hence if they want to they "can twist a man around their finger ". It's all about valuing yourself and knowing that you are indeed a good catch and you don't have to put your coat in the mud in order to attract someone (and get walked all over at the same time). For example, how many people find that once they are attached they get more attention from women? That's because your not looking and not looking desperate. Men tend to go for women based on looks, women go for men that fit a certain set of values (for example, status, interests, money, security, confidence etc). That's why you'll often see good looking women with a not so good looking guy but not the other way round. A bit of wit and humour doesn't go a miss either!

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