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  1. I've been recruiting for these sort of positions recently, and now they are asking silly money, even compared to three months ago.
  2. I genuinely despair. It's like a POW camp. How does that 'just work?'
  3. Supermarket "High Juice" squash is half the price with twice as much actual blackcurrant!
  4. I did an engineering degree from 88 to 92. Lectures 9am until 1pm most days + practicals + tutorials. I still had a bit of free time, though.
  5. Whereabouts? Can't say I've noticed them.
  6. A colleague in their early 20s has taken on a shared ownership house with a 40 year mortgage. I couldn't believe it.
  7. Why would a state give up the power to control its own money supply? I don't get it.
  8. I bought a netbook as a cheap replacement to an ageing laptop that gave up the ghost. It's brilliant. It will keep up with most day to day tasks and I've done a fair bit of development on it using NetBeans. If anything, the screen resolution is the only thing that lets it down, so careful placement of toolbars makes all the difference. I had a play with the hackintosh. I found it took a lot of tinkering to work and demanded a high level of technical knowledge to keep it going. And be careful with updates!
  9. I went to a Grammar school, too. We had a new headmaster that pushed for more kids to try for Oxford and Cambridge. Without the school's support and quality of teaching, I doubt many kids of my background would have made the jump. And, of course, Labour have been trying to shut down the Grammar schools for years.
  10. I took engineering at Oxford around 1990 and it was hard work. We had a full day of lectures and practicals, as well as several tutorials a week. It's very difficult to compare courses, though. It's easier to assess the competence of the graduates, which is what employers want.
  11. It's not as cheap as it was. I was surprised how much the gap has closed up.
  12. Sounds about right. Not having the energy or enthusiasm to do the simplest things. Being unable to make trivial decisions. The list goes on...
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