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  1. 15 years ago was looking to buy near Bradenton, Panther Ridge, took independant advice and was told that fresh water would be a problem in years to come as when they were drilling wells for these houses, which were quite a way inland they were getting salt water not fresh. I chose not to go ahead, a friend did buy, she has lost 2/3 of value and had to have the well re-drilled as ran out of fresh water supply at the original depth. dont forget to take into account high health care costs and take out comprehensive insurance when visiting and if you rent out a good insurance policy covering all eventualties. Good Luck if you chose to go ahead
  2. just out of interest where is this bridge.............
  3. Can those who have the knowledge /connections on this forum start a highly publicised campaign to get all those with money in RBS to withdraw their monies in protest ...these people need a heavy dose of reality, seems to me bankers politicians and their ilk live in a cocoon far removed from the populace -it is high time they ALL received a wake up call. 1.5 BILLION in bonus payments!- now £1.5 million I could still be angry at,I just cannot comprehend how they would ever think this could be justifyable. God help us.
  4. having sold a piece of land i have a chunk of euro's to bring back to UK. I am delighted the recent bounce in £ has fallen flat and will get a few more pence. I have no idea about such things but reading some posts on here I am minded to hang on a few days/weeks as it seems that the £ may weaken a little more and to be honest every penny counts. Can anybody advise and suggest the cheapest and easiest way to sent the money home many thanx in advance.
  5. Listening to radio2 Northern rock was the news lead story, comments by Peston telling us that its not as bad as it looks and that things could be getting better..............so no need to be too worried, oh thank goodness for that
  6. yes very disapointing ..as the folk have commented I too used to get a minimum of one prize per month £50 usually sometimes £100 but since July last year I have won 1x£25 prize pathetic............im moving them when I return to UK in sept
  7. two penneth on the septic tank front....I used a product called Bio Magic in my septic tank..reduces the times between having it cleaned out and no smell at all so long as you follow directions. It is a very "green" product and not expensive and does what it says on bottle....no connection with company.
  8. whatever happened to the system we paid billions of £'s to Fujitsu for ,which I understand was never launched and wasnt the audit commision called in.?..and then I heard nothing more , must have missed it.
  9. Here in Crete (eu) as the bulk of employment is seasonal ..you would need to work for two summer seasons and pay IKA (stamp) to be eligible for benefit in the second winter...the period that it is paid for depends on how many stamps you have paid. Consequently those who start early in the season tend to be finished up early to give those who started later in the season the chance to get the number of stamps for them all to qualify them for benefit.
  10. Far to many pen pushers and not enought staff at the sharp end .....get rid of admin staff. we have spent how much now on a computer system was it from fujitsu ? that has not yet been commissioned and imho never will and indeed the audit office were looking into it ....usual silence,it wasnt needed in the first place. having spent some time now in Crete it seems that we could save billions if we followed the same example The doctors and dentisits do not have admin staff or receptionists, you go in see who is front of you and take your turn..in your hand you have your (IKA) book..proof of entitlement and medical record that YOU are expected to look after..along with Xrays..mri scans on disc ect...if we all took personal responsibility for our own health records the NHS would save a ruddy fortune or have the money to spend on cancer drugs and other treatments that are at present being rationed.
  11. hang on boyo...im 84...got the hamman news from here ..emailed him straight after and received a personal reply also mailed BBC with the link on the "send us your story" facility...it was ignored.................first lesson i learned ..an assumption is the first step to a **** up.......we not all senile and drooling you know
  12. I have noticed that many properties are designated by local authorities as "holiday" homes only so they cannot be permanent homes..can the reverse also be possible -designate houses as being "permanent" homes only.dont know how it would pan out but worth a thought .
  13. In all seriousness how do the panel think the pound / euro exchange is going to pan out, am living on sterling pension in the eurozone and suffering ,but considered that it would be short lived as when the SHTF in eurozone the euro would suffer and the exchange rate would be more like 1.25/1.30. Am i wrong? and if so i better head home to rent , a little early to buy yet thanks for any opinions.....
  14. ..and why should I bail any one out? I aint paying one penny,Im in my 80s worked all my lie from the age of 14 private pensions were not for the average working man then. I live on a pension of 105 quid per week plus my savings ( no interest now so capital is dwindling). If the pension scheme has gone bust then Tuff T*tty its gone ..get over it
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