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  1. I live in Chelmsford and rentals are just stupid here now. The fact that you are considering it kind of explains it.
  2. I was at university in Leeds, left in ’95. Lived in Headingley and Hyde park. We had bars on our ground floor windows and doors back then. The grim-ness isn’t new. Rent was only £35 a week though.
  3. The guy in question is an alcoholic who will never work again, it’s fair to say he isn’t worried about his credit rating. He has nothing lose by refusing to move. I don’t know the nature of the mortgage, however it’s useful to know that there may be an option in tenants in common. The advice is appreciated.
  4. So all roads lead to repossession if he continues to refuse to sell.
  5. Friend of mine has a joint mortgage with a former partner. Still both living in the same house, he’s not working, she is and effectively paying for everything. She wants out, wants to sell the house and move on. He doesn’t, as given his age he’s unlikely to work again. Some equity in the property, but not a vast amount, after costs they’re likely to pull a few K each. Also it looks like she’s going to lose her job. Employer is downsizing the company and pulling all the tricks to make peoples life difficult and get them to leave, so they can minimise any redundancy they have to pay. She knows she could find better work elsewhere, but would have to move but with being tied to the house can’t. Also doesn’t have any spare capital to run two houses whilst she gets set up elsewhere. So… Really needs to force the sale on the house and start over. So looking for advice on forcing a sale on a joint mortgage when one party refuses
  6. So what is it that old people buy? Is it time to go long on werther's original.
  7. You’re right that the initial sale of the vehicle isn’t the profitable part, it’s a cost for the most part. But you’re wrong to say that more money comes from Finance. It’s part of the equation sure, but most profit comes from after sales parts and service.
  8. Sure, doesn’t matter to me either way really, and I’m sure he’ll be able to service the debt for long enough, whatever. But £300k on £50k over 30 years. Just wow.
  9. Just found out a colleague has taken up with the new build FTB HTB. Single Mid 30’s guy, on £50kish, £65k deposit. £300k house price, 30 year mortgage. Of course I’m the badguy for thinking he’s batshit crazy.
  10. To be fair, it’s not just the government or local council in this case. The colleges/university own masses of land in and around Cambridge and they are the ultimate rent seekers.
  11. For parcels, I think it’s worse than just pricing. Opening hours and parking. All of the post offices around here are on the high street with standard opening hours, and queues out the door at lunch time. All of my >1kg go courier, I can drop them off at a store on my way to work.
  12. The technology is viable now. Self-parking (parallel and reverse), lane and distance adjustment/control are in vehicle today. Google have had fully automated self-drive operational for some time. It’s legislation and consumer acceptance that’s lagging. You’re right it will take a few years. But not due to the tech limits.
  13. Same here only put the grey bin out once a month. Then it’s only half full. End up with more in the brown bin / garden waste March to October. That's hardly urgent. Occasionally put a few glass bottles/jars out for the recycling if theyre no good for the homebrew + a bit of junk mail. Besides what goes in the bins that rats would want? Surely no one here has any food waste that doesn’t go in the compost.
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