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  1. I posted on here a couple of weeks about the fact I was toying with the idea of buying in Melbourne. I would have been a first time buyer in Aus paying a mortgage with a job in construction. I'm glad I didnt buy as I've just been put on 4 days and even these are looking shakey. All the work currently about was financed last year and when that finishes there's nothing new outside of gov projects like the school halls and there wont be enough of that to go around. Make no mistake Aus has not had it as bad as the UK/US up until now but if what is happening in construction is typical in other industries it cant go unscathed for much longer and that'll hammer these daft house prices in the end, surely.
  2. Blues, Jazz came as a result of economic strife and then Punk rock (UK) in the seventies even Hip Hop in the eighties. I'm all ears waiting to see what comes from this latest bout of economic unpleasantness!
  3. Wrong! The vast majority of cars on earth will be propelled exclusively by the combustion of fossil fuels for years to come. Fossil fuels are still cheap and still plentiful and if the West doesn't use it to fuel our cars the the Chinese and Indians will. You think they give a sh1t about global warming? Petrol engines are crude but simple, cheap, effective and moreover a proven technology. The alternatives are currently too bloody expensive, convoluted and timid. I wish it weren't so but that's how it is.
  4. Fecking hybrids, driving round most of the time with a spare engine in the boot! They are the four wheeled equivalent of the laser disk!
  5. Viva Vauxhall! Are there any profitable car companies left?
  6. You and me both I've got got some GBP's I wanna bring out here, the AUD was as low as 38p for two weeks or so in November now look at it, I'm kickin myself! Look on the brightside tho now you've got an excuse to move the wedding somewhere warm. It's fuggin freezin in Melbourne in August. How about the Whitsundays.
  7. It's virtually impossible to DYOR when no one knows WTF is going on with the ecconomy/jobs/housing market short/medium/long term. I'm just glad I didn't buy last April when I was doing twenty + hours of overtime a week! We all need a nest rented or bought.
  8. Bardon your right but it's the prospect of having to find work in the present that's troubling me and I don't fancy having to take speed to drive a taxi 18 hours a day to keep a roof over my head. I doubled my money on a house in the UK in 18 months, but that was in a bullish rapidly rising market. However we blew most of the equity on an awesome 12 month world tour (no regrets). I've looked at these house and land packages in places like Craigeburn and Caroline Springs but they are souless places and worryingly all to reminiscent those abandoned McMansions in the outskirts of towns in America we keep seeing on the news. Plus they are miles from the city and the beach and I'm worried their value be the first to go South if things really go Fubar.
  9. I'm a first time buyer (in Aus), toying with the idea of buying a place in Melbourne and currently on paper it does seem like a good time to buy. Our landlord has put the rent up 12% 'because he can' and the missus is expecting. I'm reading this thread and everyone's point on it's seems equally valid, it's all very confusing. I work in construction in Melbourne and to be fair things are very, very busy at the moment however there's is just nothing workwise beyond April. All the work we have was financed last year. There is real forboding in the air, we've recently had a couple of big jobs put on hold and of late have been inundated with decent C.V.s from people with realistic wage demmands. The big players are now coming in for jobs they wouldn't have touched with a barge pole six months ago. The construction industry is the canary in the coal mine in a recession it's always the first one to go bad. I'm a bit worried the little fellow maybe running short of breath and losing purchase on his perch!
  10. Point taken but necessity is the mother of invention. I'm not talking about mending some Craut battle cruiser here, I'm talking yer smaller simpler stuff. When alls said and done it's still just suck squeeze and blow after all. Enough people start medling with these things there'll be all sorts of patches, frigs and DIY electronical boxes of all over the internet. Even if you do end up with a 2500rpm wide flat spot and 4ft flames from the exhaust on change down when you've finished it'll probably still get you to work.
  11. Many of the Chinese companies after a slice, are state run and with such a large portion of Australia's GDP comming from resources it's a scary proposition. I for one don't want to learn yet another anthem and take my citizenship test again?
  12. If in these tough times folks are going to be running older cars DIY mechanics is gonna be making a come back. I'm buying shares in whoever publishes Haynes Manuals now (maybe it's still Haynes I dunno) and PYO scrap yards. . Those were the days, Sunday mornings spent scavenging parts off a Vauxhall Chevette perched on top of a stack of 5 cars swaying gently in the breeze. Mind I cant see many gen Y metrosexuals fancying changing their brake pads on some side street in the rain can you?
  13. When I was a child I got a peanut stuck in my ear, mum just poured chocolate in and it came out a treat!
  14. http://business.theage.com.au/business/oz-...90216-88zm.html Goodbye Uncle Sam, Hello chairman Mao!
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