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  1. Thanks for that, Im going to steer clear from this bright idea.... I think Dubai will be a good investment choice.... Unless you guys know different!
  2. Just a quick question on what i keep hearing on the radio... Buying land without planning permission for peanuts... Then making a fortune, once the planning permission has been granted... WHATS EVERYONES VIEWS Was considering buying a few blocks...
  3. I went against the grain should i say... and bought a flat last year... for £200k Just sold it for £230k a few days ago, £3k below asking price... £30k made in just over a year... NOT BAD ME THINKS feel free to whinge guys...
  4. Was considering buying a flat around the new stadium.... My idea is that when the new Wembley stadium and casino's are built, the prices should go up.... Any opinions from the economic gurus???
  5. Im suprised tescos has not yet started the pimping business.... (red light cabins in every store for a quickie, they should also accept clubcard points for it too...) they seem to try and get their fingers in every pie... they pay their check-out staff peanuts, thats why they can make so much profit...
  6. Hello there people... My dad was telling me that he is going to put his house (worth £380,000) onto my name... Now i know that i will be taxed after the £260,000 What ways can i avoid this situation? Many thanks in advance
  7. Im sure property prices in Afganistan must be cheap!!!
  8. I'm 29 going on to 18.... was going to be a first time buyer a couple of years ago.... But instead my and my 4 friends, decided to open up a cocktail bar... so we decided to invest £60,000 each (which was my deposit) Now we spend the weekends getting drunk and cleaning vomit off the toilets.... LIFE IS GREAT....
  9. It was only worth £50,000 in 2000 WHAT A JOKE< THIS COUNTRY HAS GONE TO THE DOGS
  10. Hi there every one.... Just found this lovely site!!!! and want to add the area i live in which is Willesden Green in North West London, My neighbour has sold her 1 bed flat for £210,000 (ground floor) The gentleman down the road bought his house 3 months ago for £370,000 (3 bed) poor guy is paying a hell of a lot of money on his mortgage, about 90% of it. (i do feel sorry for him) I think the prices are crazy, but people are still buying these overpriced, financial suicide brick boxes....
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