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  1. I understand it is something similar with a cars catalytic converter. Is it right that the pollution that is created when manufacturing a catalytic converter is more than the car emits during its lifetime ? Or is that an urban myth thing ?
  2. I have never seen this whole mess so accurately summed up in such a short paragraph. Good one !
  3. Yeah ! Just out of interest, are you Proterozoic or Archean ?
  4. They are when China belches out the amount it does. The tiny amount the UK emits is nothing compared. Hey anorthosite where’s the Hoff I was promised ?
  5. That’s ethnic enrichment for you ! Do you think Gordon Brown will be blaming voodoo next instead of the Americans ?
  6. Nobody enjoys a good wholesome politically correct term more than me.
  7. I believe the phrase you are looking for is “ethnically enriched”
  8. True, it is sickening to watch it sometimes. I wonder if the conservatives will abolish the licence fee as retaliation for the last 11 years of BBC leftwing propaganda ? That would get them some votes !
  9. If you are in a room wondering who everyone is laughing at…..its you ! Look snowflux, I have never started any of this with you. Look through every thread I have made fun of you on, you will notice you tried it with me first. If you don’t like it back, I suggest you don’t start it. Edit: Reduced quotation.
  10. Then.... You don’t actually need anyone to take the pi$$ out of you do you ? You do it yourself !! You walked into that one !
  11. That’s because you are on most peoples ignore list !
  12. I suppose you like the idea as it helps you to rise up in society by reducing the competition. Ruins it for the rest of us though. Just out of interest who will pay for your benefits when we are gone ?
  13. I just had to come back, you make me laugh, in a Victorian circus sort of way !
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