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  1. No one can tell you if you did the right thing with any more certainty than they can tell you what will win the 2.15 today at York. You gambled the wheel is spinning so wait and see.
  2. carpus

    The Point Of Saving Is What Exactly?

    I'm in the same boat as you mugwump. Put a large chunk of mine in NS&I. Rubbish rate but it seems the most secure thing to a financial simpleton like me. I remember someone on here saying in turbulent times the question is not what return will I see on my money? but rather will I see my money? Any other suggestions for security rather than return are very welcome.
  3. MY reasoning for not leaving it with the FSCS is that although it is undpinned with government funding it is an independant body that needs to get funds from the treasury. If things really begin to unravel and many institutions go to the wall there may be at best delays in obtaining funds or at worst no funds to draw on. Also because Icesave is first big call on the system the administration of the refund appears efficient and quick. That might not always be the case.
  4. I read somewhere on the forum that theses days we need to ask not 'what return will I see on my money' but rather 'will I see my money'. I'm snatching the FSCS's hand off and sticking the cash in NS&I untill the dust settles. My estimation of Alistair and Gordon have strangely improved too!
  5. carpus

    Safe Havens

    Jimi, Just checked with Landsbanki who say you would NOT have to travel to Iceland to claim. They tell me this 'myth' came from a misunderstanding on a Radio 2 programme. Happy to give me this info in writting signed in blood if necessary. Normal ink is OK for me though.
  6. carpus

    Safe Havens

    Whats wrong with spreading your cash within the £35k FAS protection limit? Might be a pain but it's safe and allows you to get some good rates and reasonable access to your cash.

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