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  1. Or like the Russian Stock Market in1917 went to Zero.
  2. They deserve everything they get greed greed and then pled this crap to people who are in the same boat but 12 rungs down !!!!Fock off and get real
  3. Wrong northern rock still paying 5.75% on their 12 month bond that expires in april so for the last 12 months good interest could be had so these are the people with the maturing funds who are now looking for a return!!!!
  4. Exactley that why is he prime minister, he's not been elected nor has his right hand man Mandelson, and we English are bending over as usual and taking it.Would the French allow an unelected English man to burn and squander their money in the way we allow an unelected Scots man to do the same.
  5. agree 100% have been to auctions for last 5 years and 2004 to 2007 people were paying high street prices (this I put done to inherited money looking for rental income)
  6. citigroup under five dollars down 25% on both the last two days another that is too big too fail
  7. and citi down 25% to 6.40 well done Buffett he was on the blog saying they were a buy at 25 bucks
  8. those six goldman execs took $60mil each last year so dont think they will be hurting too much
  9. just noticed paulson is a look a like of nick leeson .............
  10. Am I being thick here the banks have been begging for savers money and many savers have tied into 12 month bonds fixed @6.5% this helped banks to recapatalise.Now with the rate cut today and mortgage trackers will be paying 4.25% so banks are on a 2.25% loss.The ulitmate aim of today is to discourage saving but what happens to this 2.25% difference.
  11. STRETCHING OUT TO A BRIGHTER FUTURE Claude and Michaela Farren (above) admit that they have always stretched themselves and lived beyond their means to get where they are. "If we had simply existed on my wages as a shopfitter, then we wouldn't have the house or investment we have now," said Claude. But two years ago, he gave up his work to concentrate on building up a buy-to-let portfolio, which now encompasses 11 properties in the Tyneside area. He completed on his most recent flat at the end of February and said he is not concerned about property prices dipping in the short term. "We have no plans to sell in the next 10 years or so. These flats are our financial future." Claude said they would not have been able to have bought the properties without Michaela's regular income. She worked as a dance teacher and recently bought a stage school, which has provided a stable income for the family. They let their properties mainly to students and young professionals. Claude added: "In some ways I feel wealthier than I ever have, but the cash flow is always tight. We obviously have large debts to service." The couple have more than £1m in outstanding mortgage debt, most of which is on an interest-only basis. But Claude said that the monthly mortgage costs are met by the rental payments. These repayment costs should continue to be "comfortably covered" by the rental incomes. "This should give us a cushion, even if interest rates rise," he said. © Copyright of Telegraph Media Group Limited 2008 Terms & Conditions of reading Commercial information Privacy and Cookie Policy. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/persona...ts-you-too.html
  12. and this from the man who tried to hodwink investors last jan when he publicy purchased £1m of m and s shares at £4.00
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