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  1. I HATE to say this but Gazumping IS back and i know of 2 cases within the last 2 weeks that this has happened :angry:
  2. Did you record the call for you to be so accurate in writing a script with pauses included etc ?
  3. Same around me i'm afraid, Sold signs going up a LOT more !
  4. Yes they must get a life and spend there time on here every Friday and Saturday nights discussing house prices
  5. I have noticed the last month that these letters have increased massively. There was nothing for a few months which was expected but the last month they have increased to a level higher than they came pre-crunch. Maybe things are happening with Browns plans :angry:
  6. It's called posting from your heart not from your head ! A lot of this happens !!
  7. Of course it's not BS, anyone on a discounted tracker will be now on these rates ! So discounted tracker @.5% below BBS gives a rate of 2.5% Anyone who was on SVR with say BBR +1 will be on a 4% rate etc We may not like it but to call it BS just because of this is daft, of course this is happening !
  8. You won't, these are existing mortgages dropping on SVR rates or trackers
  9. You was talking about people on mortgages NOT new borrowers.
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