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  1. You're not alone on this one. I too see panicking folk on Facebook (all, "ewww, Cameron") who should surely be clueless (they're all in their twenties). Like I've read elsewhere, it seems reasonable to believe that there is a genuinely ingrained psychological etching in peoples minds of TORIES = BAD. Bet the spin doctors never thought of that one, eh? Well, maybe not at the time (Thatcher, 1990s recession etc.), but at the same time, the "Soft Recession" incurred by Labour (so-called because it seemed "soft", but was ultimately anything but "soft") will probably leave the kids thinking that the next cuts/unemployment horror are all due to non-Labour activities. It's really not so unlike perceptions of the 1980s. Looking back, yeah, Thatcher was harsh. But the decade or so of Labour profligacy lead to her regime's necessity... Deja vu anyone? EDIT: The "SOFT RECESSION" - does that describe the last coupla years sufficiently? I suspect it's going to get much, much harder. Perfect for a "SOFT RECESSION."
  2. I and my friends maintain that the period 2000-2010 was a much more obvious anomaly. I'm sure you already know the arguments but let's summarise a few of them once more, for posterity: - The government stoked the fires of HPI with disproportionate taxation compared to income tax - Interest rates were manipulated with the goal of propping up and supporting high house prices - Cheap money from the banks, courtesy of new "instruments" within the derivatives market facilitated supersize mortgages (combined with Liar Loans, of course) - Terrible (great for landlords!) anti-tenant Assured Shorthold Tenancy legislation Of course, IF this "new paradigm" was set to "stick around" forever, pricing out everybody born since 1980 for, er, EVER, then surely we wouldn't have seen the banking crisis we saw (STILL seeing!), which was only allayed (NOT prevented!) thanks to government intervention (glory be to Gordon! He saved the world! NOT.). Unfortunately the government are only interested in electioneering and retaining power, caring little about winners and losers in the great property debate (even their own 2nd, 3rd, 4th homes are hardly paid for out of their own pocket but out of their allowances). And this was done at a huge fiscal price, which in reality now means the UK shall be realised as the basketcase she has been set up to become. First it was Iceland, then Greece... seems pretty likely that the UK is in serious trouble. To think otherwise seems to require some pretty heavy duty, industrial style blinkers. Top advice! Aside from noting we live in an employment environment which is of pay freezes/cuts and escalating inflation, I personally I already do TWO (professional job (60-70 hrs Mon-Fri) plus bar work (usually 12-20 hours). I also do freelance graphic/web design. I am an active trader at car boot sales and on eBay. Don't scoff. This pays my rent. My peers in my generation (late twenties) went to university, loaded up on student debt (because it was "good debt": namely to educate/educate/educate ourselves and get a "good job"). We came out with shiny degrees and now we are all working very hard doing professional jobs. This, in fact, is pretty lucky considering the current bunch of graduates have much bigger debts and much worse job prospects. I am not the only one who moonlights aggressively. Most of my pals do their own freelance work too. We basically have to, such is the cost of living in the UK. But still buying property is an unaffordable option. The basic human right of sheltering my family is out of my reach. We are blighted by insane, selfish and corrupt government-sponsored property speculation. That's a very emotive statement which doesn't appear to be very well backed up. The fact is there is a lot of strong global economic argument which supports our worldview. Get used to that idea as things continue to change, Jack. So, Wise Mr Jackalope... any other wise words of encouragement? Hope you are enjoying the unearned "wealth" to which YOU clearly feel YOU are entitled at the expense of the generations beneath you. I say "beneath" in reference to both age and caste. You have to realise, currently, that YOU have been inordinately lucky, and I bet you sleep like a baby at night. Question is: will that luck hold out? Answer: somehow it just doesn't seem rational to believe so.
  3. Hehe. Like it. Totally agree. But it's as if the true news is on-hold till after the election.
  4. What a load of tosh. What is the difference between using the term "going forward" versus "in the future" or similar? It's just another easy-come, easy-go idiom which seeks to differentiate between the now and the beyond-now. Such a comment is so completely small-c conservative that it suggests a weak personality feeling utterly threatened by the modern era. Grow up. Like your comment's forebear, I am sorry that you are so embittered. Would you all like a hug? Or is everyone on this site a borderline-autistic big-ego frustrated engineer? Little wonder no-one takes this forum seriously.
  5. The Register has an article on this, which also references last year... The most exciting bit is highlighted.
  6. I am sure the assertion that "property prices are at an all time low" is an outright lie. Therefore I have complained to press complaints commission: http://www.pcc.org.uk/complaints/process.html Perhaps others would like to do so also?
  7. Fair enough. Perhaps I just had my paranoid hat on last night. Paranoia is insufficient reason to deprive the Property Bee of dough if it's available. I'm going to donate personally anyhow.
  8. Absolutely agree. I'm not suggesting that HPC sponsorship of Property Bee would affect its output in any way. That would be preposterous (I hope so anyway). HOWEVER, will you not agree that if there was a bunch of dosh coming from HPC that detractors would find it easy fodder with which to throw mud? Property Bee needs to be kept unafflicted by any vested interest, I reckon, clean of favours and sponsorship, lest there be allegations suggesting it has an "agenda". Let me put it to you like this: if Rightmove suddenly bought Property Bee and assured you of its independence how confident would you genuinely be of its objectivity? Or worse still, the Daily Express? Still fair and square? Okay, so let's say you remain objective and unaffected. But how do you think the more rabid members of this forum would feel? Or worse still, rabid members of HPC enemy forums? To my mind, therefore, a forum sticky inviting individual donations to Property Bee should be as far as HPC involvement should go.
  9. Agree. But HPC has a name that is less than impartial. Tricky but true. If it was known that HPC sponsored Property Bee it would undermine Property Bee's impartiality by the misfortune of implication. Agree. The Property Bee is awesome beyond belief. Fantastic tool to take the power out of the hands of pesky, self-interested estate agents. Brilliant to monitor estate agents' ridiculous strategies, bless 'em. This is trickier to agree with. The effect of the Property Bee is a genuine unknown, as is most of this dreadfully tricky economic situation with which we are faced and events only make sense with the benefit of 'x' years of hindsight. You might not be wrong but I'd be hesitant before I'd agree with the idea of an increase in sales and Property Bee assisting with this. Who knows? Time will tell. In summary, however, the Property Bee is wonderfully and unquestionably impartial right now. However, with a bung from HPC, the question remains of how would that affect its credibility? I think this is a fair consideration.
  10. What's an asset? Wikipedia says: "Simplistically stated, assets are things of value that can be readily converted into cash." ...but houses aren't really selling are they? Not in the "normal market conditions" kind of fashion anyway. We keep hearing of cash-rich buyers and low volumes. I'm dead glad I'm not selling a house right now. Sounds like it'd be a nightmare to "readily convert into cash". That'd be less of an asset and more of a millstone. But, cue the bit on that Wikipedia held in parenthesis: "(although cash itself is also considered an asset)"! Increase in value of cash? How so? Quantitative tightening? Or are the MPC spouting nonsense that is deliberately unclear to the masses? I mean, as if...
  11. Serious point, folks: We are concerned enough on here to criticise obvious vested interests in the media, so much so that I reckon HPC sponsoring Property Bee would draw precisely the same kind of criticism. I personally vote for a sticky on the forum encouraging donations from individuals to Property Bee, but I think it's a smarter move to keep Property Bee interest free... ish(!). Seriously (and apologies for the clumsiness of this analogy, but I hope it sort of makes sense), it'd be like The Daily Express sponsoring Singing Pig! Trust you can see what I'm getting at (ahem). Best wishes to Beerhunter if he's reading this - hope we gets well soon. Property Bee is a fabulous tool and I think we're all very grateful for his efforts. I completely agree with Brave New World in that it's one of the best weapons in our artillery!
  12. Spooky. Just been looking at that compare the meerkat website...
  13. This is insane. So much money. I rent a ridiculously nice 2 bed flat with my wife for £220 a week. Both me and my wife work full time to pay the rent and make ends meet. Although it seems if we were both unemployed (or whatever) we could get £240 a week benefit! Bet we'd not pay council tax either. This is Southwark, by the way, using the link provided by OP: https://lha-direct.voa.gov.uk/Secure/LHARat...x?SearchType=LA It needs to be noted that we both do love London but something is surely awry here?? Please, anyone wanna explain?? Or dare justify the discrepancy? I have to say from my point of view that there seems to be something to be said for LHA underpinning rents... So frustrating.
  14. Cripes! Glad you're not my landlord! Of course, if you were, I'd just find somewhere cheaper. Somewhere CHEAPER to rent and very, VERY easily. Poor Sibley-Tiddums! Ooh, I love a toothless threat.
  15. This is doublethink. The only difference between this and 1984 is that we still remember the history. But for how long? </paranoia>
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