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  1. Who believes the inflation indexes? who trusts the government?
  2. But there IS something inherently wrong with using stud walls. THey should be made of brick. Bloody shoddy putting up a bit of plasterboard, and gives NO sound insulation at all...as for the mineral wool they use. They do not use accoustic mineral wool... if they bother to line the internal studs at all...
  3. But i remeber VERY CLEARLY Brown saying, shortly after Labour got in, that he "WOULD NOT LET HOUSE PRICES GET OUT OF CONTROL"... But just recently he was on TV saying it wasn't about house prices, but affordability, ie, it didn't matter what you paid, as long as your monthly repayments were manageable... These are two very different things. My point is that his earliest statements show that he was aware of the dangers of HPI, and thus it can be seen he made a promise which, he not only broke, but MUST HAVE BEEN AWARE HE WAS BREAKING. HPI - years and years of it - happened under his "watch" and he promised us he was watching.. and of course he was - he was watching the lovely VAT and TAX receipts roll in.....
  4. look how scared we have become. - they must be proud...
  5. and dont forget GVT allowed it to continue, to rake off VAT and TAX,,, Why doesn't anyone tackle the BIGGEST VI OF ALL..
  6. http://www.tulving.com/New%20Pages/gold_de...ion_storage.htm I've not looked at it in depth yet.. Also the Perth MINT runs Perth Mint Certificate Programmes..
  7. I really hope the mods will pin this topic, could save a lot of people a lot of grief in the months to come....
  8. dont worry... we are all gonna lose. (((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))
  9. Yes thanks OP. I have been one of those driven to frenzy of worry by house price headlines in recent years...THe one I remember striking fear into me was that they would go up 3x in the next 5 years..... then I realised I could never afford to get one anyway... Looking at this its clear they jump on any little thing to make a headline..I don't think I wil take any more financial advice from the papers, In the last 6 months far I have done a lot better trusting instinct and the general tone of utter cynicism on here... My real lesson in this was not selling my B&B shares when people on here were saying to flog them even at 27p. That was about when I joined... I held out, and lost my 250 shares 3 days later. .. And where's the compensation they promised Lesson learned, do not trust banks or gvt. or newspapers, the mouthpieces of these vested interests.
  10. Wouldn't wine be one of the easiest things in the world to forge... just print up a label...stick it on a bottle... £6k thank you very much.. Likely it will never be drunk so never found out.. How do they stop this from happening?
  11. if you want to cheer yourself up, take a look at the comments on this topic.... http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/20...e-davidmiliband
  12. I never usedto read the Guardian,but I do now, online. I never readPolly, heard toomuch of her being quoted elsewhere to bother... But I do check the headline of her blog...Im waiting (and waiting) for the penny to drop with her..It's going to be so funny when it does...
  13. Bank of Antigua say: "OUR OFFICES ARE CLOSED ... have a great day" B&B SAY: THANK YOU SHAREHOLDERS, AND GOOD NITE...
  14. Similar questions have been put: I heard him argue its everything to do with affordability by which he means what We can afford to pay back to the bank RATHER than the initial price being reasonable. With record low debt and interest rates blah blah... WE KNOW THE ANSWER. "I will not let house prices get out of control" said Brown - and meant it - HE would not let them get out of HIS control..The higher the price the more money flowing through to government. The more "economic growth" the more excuse for projects and public expenditure on wasteful excess, and more profits for the businesses and more tax and VAT for Government. Paid for by the sops who just wanted to get on the ladder. We can see right at the start of Labours 1st term. Brown had house prices firmly in his sights. So what happened in the next 15 years
  15. Chech the back of the bottle, some o that stuff you're not supposed to breathe> if you have the heating/cooling blowers on it will get sucked into the car...
  16. EVERYTHING HE SAID +1 Don't forget also, Lack of garden. Which seems fine when you picture yourself coming in from work and pouring a glass of wine out.... But when you want to fix something, break something up, burn some wood, spray paint something or store stuff... there is no room. land...space, freedom to make a bit of a mess compared to shoebox at mercy of management company...NO contest.. Also management fees/upkeep fees are AT THE OWNERS DISCRETION.. THer are people owe tens of thousands because the building they bought into needs something major doing. You may think New Builds are safe from this. Not if they are shoddy as hell...just give them a few years.. But dont mind me, I find the thought of flat dwelling, especially in a tower block (sorry executive apartment complex) in a city centre totally hellish.
  17. Is that before the hyperinflation and global political meltdown timeline (in your signature) or after?
  18. Am I missing something here. It says that BRITISH WORKERS HAD TO WORK UNDER DIFFERENT CONDITIONS TO THE OTHERS!! The Firms were REQUIRED BY THE CONTRACT TO INCLUDE TEA BREAKS.. THen the fact this was adhered to was used as the reason not to offer the contract to BRitish Workers! They stipulate one thing in the contract, then use that as an excuse NOT to hire the British when it is met. Offering longer lunch breaks does not fulful the Contract terms the Firms were asked to bid under.. how is that fair, exactly?
  19. EDIT: just see you did opt out of further marketing mails... Good move! Still let us know if you do get any bother with them...
  20. can people who'e bought let us know if there's any trouble cancelling the subscriptions, or if goods keep being sent...I se3e they stick your name on mailinglists also but you can cancel that..(although once your name is on peoples lists that may be wishful thinking) Im not sure if it is a cheap deal, if you get more than £30 worth of hassle its cheaper (peace of mind wise) to buy off a dealer...
  21. Sorry I don't understand this.. EDIT TO ADD: ahh do you mean the ETF/Paper gold market.
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