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  1. How many men here, with working wives/partners actually do a minimum of 50% of the houswork/childcare...

    how many get up an iron their kids clothes before school. make breakfast, wash up etc etc etc...

    - mowing the lawn on sunday and washing the car doesnt really cut it....

    and the woman's money? I expect most women despite contributing more work wise to the home still pay 50% towards bills etc....

    Seems to me its the men who have it all..

    the women who do it all..

  2. Incompetence should not be rewarded. What fool didn't bother to check the contract. And why wasn't this raised back in October, rather than on the day the massive RBS bailout was announced.

    Are you saying that's the only mistake he presided over?

    Are you saying that without the ABN Amro bid RBS wouldn't have been in trouble?

    Do you think his incompetance should be rewarded because he hoodwinked people at contract negotiation time?

  3. Thanks for the useful info from someone in the know..

    Sometimes it sounds like the labour rebuttal unit out in force on here.

    I really cannot believe people cannot see/do not know/do not worry about the things going on around them.

    Maybe they don't have pensions, or know anyone who has - or possibly they are up to their snouts in it and don't have the concerns that many on here do.

    I work for a UK retail bank (an actuary - so about a conservative as they come), I can honestly say that the crisis toward the end of 08 really did nearly bring down the whole system. Banks are being "recapitalised" but the efforts haven't worked to date, and it looks very much as if they won't. The difference between this crisis and all the others is the vast degree of leverage involved, and specifically unregulated derivatives positions. There are estimates of outstanding positions of around the 200 trillion mark.

    ..... There's a strong chance that that currency will not be a fiat currency.

  4. humph :angry: But what was the weight of that £1 coin? It doesnt say on the specs.... any ideas?

    Its a bit late now - but just so i can kick meself....

    At £875, that worked out at £681 per ounce, for a limited edition, proof quality, fine gold coin in a walnut case.

    The £1 version was total price fluff up by the looks of things at £59. Sold Out - surprise surprise. Clever Mint...

  5. all your friends have still got jobs/money and aren't MEWd or CCd up to the eyeballs then...

    But there are plenty who ARE!

    Its not about House Prices anymore, and surely you know it.

    House Prices are now just going to be an indicator of the terrible state of the rest of the economy - and the dire straits of many people's personal finances..

    Anyone who thinks we actually HAVE a housing market right now must be retarded.

    All the people I know who would sell are sitting tight. EA's have hardly any decent stock to sell.

    It's proper Brickar Mortis. You know it. I know it.

    Lets not get carried away eh?

  6. Virgin is doing a deal on a samsung phone right now, phone is free if you buy £20 PAYG card.

    I lost my phone recently a K800i, liked the model - paid £59.95 last summer with £20 credit thrown in, couldnt find even online for under £80 (PAYG), so i just bought a secondhand one off a mate for a few pints.

    Id guess a lot of people will be doing similar, i heard Sony have put prices up.

  7. A 2009 sov on Royal mint is £199 at moment,

    of course if he'd bought it 3 weeks ago it was about £170.

    There are cheapers ways but You always pay a premium to a retailer, whatever you buy..'

    He likes the coin, and if he comes to sell it he will make more profit on it than most other modern retail items (TVs etc) would make second hand (or less of a loss anyway, should gold go down). He will also find its very "liquid" should he want to sell quickly.

    If Royal Mint prices were included in the RPI inflation in the UK would be approching Zimbabwe.

    A bullion sov is £225 now while its "value" is around £150

    The OP is making the same mistake as BTL speculators. This is only a "profit yet to materialise". If he tried to sell the coin he would probably make a loss even with the increase in retail price.

  8. Radio 4 this morning doing their "people hit by recession" spot and interviewing an out of work Architect who has been temping as a waitress ("I get paid under minimum wage - but its made up to the minimum by tips")

    500% increase in unemployment amongst architects......

    7 years study to mop floors at the wimpey 60 hours a week.

    Now thats what you call a "service" economy.

  9. ha Alistair on R4 saying its wrong to "pay for failure" and they are going to ask nicely if he will give some of it back..

    How I would love for someone to repeat those words to Alistair et al when this failed gvt come to collect their million pound pensions.

    Good for shareholders very bad for taxpayers.

    The retired boss of RBS is being paid 650,000 per annum in pension*--for life. R4 this morning. He has apparently also amassed a fortune in excessof 16,000,000 which he must have taken from the bank as it was losing billions--skimming off the top before it all went bust.

    Fraud against the majority of shareholders?


    12,500 a week, 1785 a day.

  10. now i understand why i don't make any money...

    edited to add: i hope i got rid of my crap working out before you got a chance to quote it!

    No, the point is that your indexation on this product gets reset every year, but is floored at 0. So, if in your first year the index rises by 5%, your investment of 100 becomes (100 x 1.01 (real return)) x 1.05 (indexation). The next year, if the index falls 2%, the value becomes (105.05 (starting value) x 1.01 (real return)) x 1 (indexation). But as that index has actually fallen that year, your purchasing power - i.e the real value - has risen 1% the first year (the real return) plus 3% the following year (1% real return + 2% deflation).
  11. You know Im not at all au fait with any of the political arguments, instinctively I don't like globalisation. Something I was shot down for saying when i first came on here..

    Apparently wanting to see your own country doing ok and not mired in debt and up to its neck in plastic tat that has only caused misery for the slave labour used to produce it is "protectionism" and apparently it leads to wars...

    Whilst WE must consider every car journey down to the shops as a potential climate disaster, it appears millions of utterly crap items can be shipped hither and thither around the world with no damage to the environment.

    I think this year protectionism is going to be the new racism...and anyone against the cute idea of a global village to be hounded out as unpatriotic.

    I want to live in a real village. not a global one.

    Good post reinforces my arguments about max globalisation being bad for developed nations, and the acceleration offshoring jobs over the past 10 years. Cant remember when i posted something like this almost a year or so back, but as we all know tax credits government subsidising consumer spending along with credit cards and the lack of wage inflation is causing this mess.
  12. I get that RPI=5% then Indexation=5%

    But i dont see how if RPI then drops by 2% you can count getting nothing the following year as a real rise of 2%

    surely if it has dropped 2% from 5% the figure for RPI is actually 3%.

    The index gets calculated yearly from the month you invested. So if you invested in November, and RPI moves 5% to the next November, you get a 5% indexation uplift. If it then falls 2% over the following year, you get 0%, whcih is a real rise of 2%.
  13. When they're all sitting in their caves with their bags of gold coins, they'll wonder what they're going to eat today.

    this taken from the another thread....the whole essay is very long, this is the end of it. Still, at least you will be able to get a comfy nights sleep on your useless wheelbarrowful of notes...

    February 24, 2009

    Doomed by the Myths of Free Trade

    How the Economy was Lost


    The American economy has gone away. It is not coming back until free trade myths are buried six feet under.....

    If incompetence in Washington, the type of incompetence that produced the current economic crisis, destroys the dollar as reserve currency, the “unipower” will overnight become a third world country, unable to pay for its imports or to sustain its standard of living.

    How long can the US government protect the dollar’s value by leasing its gold to bullion dealers who sell it, thereby holding down the gold price? Given the incompetence in Washington and on Wall Street, our best hope is that the rest of the world is even less competent and even in deeper trouble. In this event, the US dollar might survive as the least valueless of the world’s fiat currencies.

    Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration.


  14. the amount of terminal bonus is entirely at their discretion....

    My (now ex) endowment co, slashed their terminal bonuses.

    What an utter rip off it all proved to be :(

    Yes we will be due a terminal bonus, they have already told us the terminal bonus makes up a large share of the payout.

    The projected payout gives figures for 4,6 and 8% growth, Ah-hem.

    It's not for a vast amount of money though, so not that bothered really.

    I would be very worried though if I had a mega mortgage I was hoping to pay off with one some time in the future, think I would change to a repayment personally.

    Thing is, what happens if you can only afford the payments on an IO? Somewhat stuffed.

  15. Yes all my furniture jiggles too.. :lol:

    And agree totally, living here has taught me.. KNOCK ON THEM WALLS BEFORE YOU BUY!

    This is high in my priorities when I buy. Currently at my parents which is an old house with a modern extension on the side, all plasterboard stud-wall and not much else between the rooms and floors, it's like one big shell, you can hear everything everywhere and it drives me mad. If you jiggle up and down on the upstairs floor the furniture sways.

    When did upstairs walls stop being solidly made? Ideally I'd like a 1920s/30s era house, traditional suburban sort of thing but also looking at the odd 70s ones, they seem to be on big-ish plots but are they solidly made? When I start house hunting in earnest I'm going to be knocking on every wall.

  16. True, but what i mean is, in old houses, the plans are made so there are brick walls that go from floor to roof..why can't they do that in new builds on the original plans...

    By the way, i live in a victorian terrace that some chump has changed the upstairs plan with a stud wall...This means you can hear all the noise from the toilet...there is no privacy between the rooms where this has been done.

    Prior to that I lived in a 50s council house, sound as a pound solid thick walls.. if stud walls are so great why did they ever bother with brick, to the extent that they deliberatly PLANNED the WALLS to take into account they would be made of brick...... if theres no problem with thin walls why not just stick up a bit of wood between the rooms..

    This is all down to cost.. shoddy walls, shoddy buildings..Plasterboard acts like a drum skin - any noises cause it to vibrate transmitting all the noise through to the next room..its only done because its cheap and on New builds there is no othert excuse -- where the floor plans are done before the building is, it would be simple to incorporate brick walls.

    Not true-there are plenty of situations where you can't incorporate a brick or block wall internally especially on first and second floors where there is no supporting wall beneath where you wish to divide into rooms. The most obvious one being where there is a room next to a stairwell. The only alternative would be to insist on dividing the ground floor up to precisely the same plan as the upstairs which in most cases is not practical since ground floor rooms serve a different function and require different dimensions. As for your point regarding sound insulation, again Im pointing out that this is within one dwelling NOT in party walls dividing dwellings. You don't usually need to insulate between rooms within one dwelling as ambient temperatures don't vary hugely especially where central heating is in use.
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