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  1. It may be naive but I wish the UK would push local food production more. Community farms could become the lifeblood for many industries and skills..from engineering to accounting to restaurants and local shops.

    Grow food and add value to it! this then supports even wider industry, canning and packaging.

    Use the waste for local renewable energy projects, small local energy production is more efficient than spending millions on large centralised schemes.

    This sounds naive, but is already being done in USA. They even have their own canning plant - and distribute food to the food kitchens of America.

    People are out of work, and many likely to stay out of work... give them a sense of community and purpose, Let them keep the dole money and still work full or part-time on the farms. Allow them to profit share, if there is a profit...or at least allow them to take some of the food home..

    People keep saying we have nothing in this country, no oil, no gas, no financial services anymore. We have land and People and, at the moment, the opportunity to export food for a good profit in the light of our tanking pound..or at least feed ourselves cheaply...but we import most of our food! We need to start to build on the little we do have.

  2. In a thread I now can't find someone posted up the cost of the dreaded yellow stuff during the period of hyperinflation in the Weimer Republic...charts here...(from 10 marks in 1910 to 100,000,000,000,000 in 1924)


    But I can't find any info on what houses sold for then...Anyone out there got this info?

    the idea being to determine what house prices were in oz of gold

  3. :lol:

    Hey looks like you might need to reach for the bananas that grow on the grapevine. Seems to me this confusion over terms of reference really needs to be addressed before we can move forward. Conference, everyone? Champneys or the Savoy?

    Ive just been PMd by Sibley....says the word pencil makes him feel queasyand his eyes water spontaneously, could I please stop using the word please?

    ive sent a memo to HR and legal for a ruling

  4. I admit I bought a MacD cheesburger last night...£1 - up from about 70p few months ago.

    Veggies and Fruit seem to be pretty volatile, But there is still bargains to be had - 1.5kg bananas for £1 the other week..

    Last night the Wife told me she had popped into the local Morrison's for a few regular bits and bobs, and was horrified at the bill which was approx a 3rd up on the previous week. Fair enough, this is only one local store in one town so couldn't be regarded as a litmus test for what's going on across our great nation. Never the less, as food inflation, along with fuel inflation are 'potential' early key indicators of general inflationary trends, I wondered if anybody has had similar experiences and what the general view is.
  5. Well, that's what happened last time...

    Houses didn't go up hardly at all between 94-98, was only when Gordon promised "I will NOT LET HOUSE PRICES GET OUT OF CONTROL" that they went sky high.

    And I'm sure they will.

    But if you're still in negative equity 5 years after the Tories are elected, and no HPI is forthcoming, you'll be just as p1ssed of with them as you were with Labour. :lol:

  6. I agree with this, for sure. I can't understand the infinite patience friends have with their attention-demanding kids.

    But its not like "normal" attention. THe truth is, they cannot stand their mothers to talk on the phone, talk to anyone else, do anything of their own..

    Whenever the mother tries, the kid is whining and whining, tugging at their sleeves. If there's more than one they start an argument..

    It never seems to occur to the parent's to just tell them to shut up. I started mimicking one of these kids in a shop once, he was whining and so I started to whine "I want some sweets as well". FUnny as, you should have seen the look on both parents and kids faces, Did shut him up though!"

    EDITED TO ADD: I think a lot of this fear has come from the boom in psychology of children. People are scared they will damage little jimmies confidence if they say a wrong word

    The truth is I love them dearly, like I do my mother but I don't want to spend every hour of every day in her company.

    I think this is another media myth along with the you can it all one (fantastic interesting, demanding career along with children), it's a case of the career mothers are bad because they don't put their children first and the stay at home mums are bad if they admit they are bored shitless unless you try and pressurise your two year old into mini musicians, mini soccer, tumble tots which just ends in tears (mine usually).

    My point is always that mothers have never at any time in history devoted as much time, engergy and money to the upbringing of their children and look how the spoilt brats are turning out.

    I had 4 because I knew I would be one of those werido's that lived their life through my poor child's achievements unless I had so many there wasn't time :D

  7. As a childless person who agrees with this (thus my childless status), I just wonder why you had them if this is your view?

    Nothing personal, I know lots of people that say bringing up children is quite shit, I just wonder why people have them when so many feel like this.

    child rearing is a thankless incredibly boring role.
  8. having watched the latest farce regarding alcohol prices I really believe this is another opportunity for Gordon to come steaming in, saving all those FTBs -= who have now been scared they wont be able to ever afford a house if the multiple is only 3 and the desperate sellers who are now scared they will lose even more on their houses.

    Only two months ago Gordon was asked about affordability and clearly said, it was not the price, it was the cost of the mortgage payments that was the factor of affordability.

    ..hes in a telephone box right now, changing into his special tights...

    Its a set-up - FSA scares the sheeple - after a bit of bleating Gordon comes along to assert his authority and tell the FSA what's what..


    quote name=Uberbear-Wan' date='Mar 16 2009, 08:10 AM' post='1743050]


  9. sooo, the Gvt (local authority, same thing, still taxpayers money) are taking RBS to court - and with all the specialist lawyers of the world at their disposal they can only find a human rights lawyer??

    No minister or advisor has the sense to point this out?

    can we guess the outcome;

    1. It will cost at least twice as much in lawyers fees as the gvt gets back from Fred.

    2. Some poor minion will be held up after this for not warning the gvt of the bloody obvious. - ie. you choose your lawyer for their speciality.

  10. will this just turn into a massive scam?

    garage "sells" a nearly new car to mate...

    mate registers car and scraps some old Part Exchange heap...currently being collected since they made this scheme public news..

    mate puts car back on garage forecourt....perhaps "sells" it for a PX on a crap vehicle...rinse and repeat...

    no need to change owners til the next mug (or mate) comes along.

    If the garage get a shift on, they can sell that car dozens of times before its over a year old....

    EDITED TO ADD: just realise my car is about 15 years old, but it gets me A-B never needs anything but the regular parts and service in the 6 years I've owned it, cheap on petrol and cost me £600.

    If it goes Ill go down to the local garage and they will source me another one. I really hope this stupid scheme doesnt take all the good old bangers off the road, where will I get my spare parts/next car from!

  11. +1. When it comes, is gonna be massive!

    I've been really struck by the paranoid/skittish nature of the housing ads in the local post.

    At the beginning, just pages and pages of rentals.

    Then pages of sales, showing reductions -nicely intersperesed with "order of the mortgagees notice".

    Then only rentals again - now DSS and Pets welcome :lol:

    Then sales back on, with some beaming optimism creating stark differences between similar houses in the same area.

    And along the way we reset our values, and the dropping prices will still seem high.

    People start pricing things as to how long they have to work to earn it...rather than on the stash of wealth in their home.

    When you look at it like that, there are a lot of things that are too expensive, including the new cars the gvt want to flog us, at between 6 months and 1 years salary....

    Keep moaning about how slow the process is ......

    As described on a different thread yesterday, there is a denial / fear / panic / capitulation process that the housing market has to go through.

    I suspect that this process is some form of exponential function where a lot of time passes and it doesn't look like very much is happening. Suddenly, we will get to the point where the transition to the next phase happens very quickly.

    We might be able to stop moaning a bit sooner than we fear ....

  12. one of the chief civil servants was complaining Obamas people can't be got hold of to arrange the important photo-opportunity - sorry, meeting.

    Obama's made it clear he don't see nuffin particularly special going on at this meeting....he don't want to play UK ball.

    they've now got to unhype the hype and must be spitting blood over this...!


    Very true. After hyping the fook out of the summit they are now trying to reverse and play it all down by saying "don't expect too much". Oh dear.

  13. lol, and some people believe, including the Gvt, apparently, that should inflation rise, the banks are happily going to buy these gilts back...

    errm thanks for all the cash. what? you want us to give you it back? for what exactly?

    ..ooooooh for those useless gilts you overpaid us for ?

    sure, stand there for a minute. I'll just get my wallet....errr I might be a while..

    So let me get this right. Banks are swapping Treasuries which have a coupon and are treated pretty much as cash for regulatory purposes, for actual cash, which has no yield, and which they don't want to lend?

    Sounds fishy to me.

  14. Yesterday was the day to pump and dump. Internal good news memo, and rumours of mark to market accounting being suspended....quick buy shares and you might be gazillionaire. (for all of 5 minutes)

    So the mugs have bought the shares, now tommorrow there is going to be the actual meeting to try to change mark-to-market accounting so cue "we're so poor, pleeeze lets just say these assets are worth whatever we want them to be"

    DISCLAIMER: expert in financial illiteracy and pessimistic gut feelings....this is all just a wild guess..

    EDITED TO ADD: shares?/bonds? I dunno. see DISCLAIMER above :lol:

  15. Yes, we were talking about that. Wilkinsons is very good at gauging customer sentiment..

    They supply for every trend, gardening, cooking, even grates for coal fires and coal scuttles. Pretty good quality and price in the main as well..

    I was shocked at one of the local Wilkinsons - it even has a dedicated help desk where a member of staff, given responsibility for a particular department, and therefore knowledgeable, will take you to the items you want! Seems they even gauged the customers' desire to return to 1956 style shopping :-)

    They are one store that seems reasonably busy. They win largely because they seem to stock a lot of household items that strike you as both useful and cheap as you wander round. so you buy more than you planned...

    Can you buy shares in them? I think they will do ok.

    Has anyone noticed that Wilkinsons basically does what Woolworths used to do? Selling all your basic household and garden items at a reasonable cost. You have to wonder why Woolworths abandoned that concept to start selling TVs, DVDs, clothing and board games.
  16. could it be this rumour regarding Mark to market accounting that is helping the bounce?


    These were my first thoughts - what accountancy shenanigans has Citi employed so as to offer the markets such a rosy picture?

    Personally, I don't believe a word of it (or, should I say, a figure of it?)

    Citi is no more healthy than RBS or Lloyds/HBOS and this kind of reporting of profits is, imo, delving into the realms of wishful thinking.

    It won't take long for the markets to catch up, either.

  17. The question then becomes is it fair to have a system where it is economically viable for one set of people to do the work and not another.

    And is it the case that because it is possible for some people to undercut others.... they actually do so, thus reducing the price for the work and making it even less economically viable for those remaining...

    My only point was that people don't work below a level they see as economically viable.

    As for builders, I have never been one. But there are plenty of jobs that no longer require the degree of skill and training they once did (for a variety of reasons). Oh, and globalisation brings McDonalds, cheap travel, Sky Television and wage competition. Sorry.

  18. Excuse me? since when did the builders of Pericles example earn only MINIMUM WAGE?

    Minimum wage for a builder? Since when...... oh yes....since they started recruiting outside the local Wickes store.....

    Go down job centre. Offer everyone inside an 8-hour a day, manual labour job on minimum wage (or bar work, or waiting jobs). You'll have some takers. And an awful lot of people turning their nose up.

    What part of this do you find hard to believe?

  19. Yes, well the builder would say that wouldn't he, he wouldn't say this lot are cheaper would he...your mate would want a cheaper job done, and it would make him look bad if he openly admitted he chose not to employ brits..

    If you look around this country you will see most of the architecture was actually built before 1997. By brits. It appears to be standing up to the weather much better than the current new builds!

    BTW the labour rebuttal unit needs to get its finger out. a friend of a friend doesnt cut it on this forum comrade.

    A few years ago a friend of mine was having a fairly large house built. He expressed to the builder his surprise to see so many Polish workers on the site. The builder told him that British workers are virtually unemployable...their workmanship was deplorable and they were totally unreliable. In fact some of these British workers told him they would rather be on the dole!!
  20. The utter mendaciousness of it.

    One the one hand they claim Britons don't want the jobs.

    On the other no english people can get work at the Olympics - even the recruitment agencies say they can't get any of the jobs onto their books, and at the same time, they count the foreign workers as LOCALS.. so they can claim British Jobs for British Workers...

    No im sorry, its so back handed, so untruthful, so wicked that he is using the issue in this way and twisting the truth to suit himself....

    Goverment is still allowing immigrants in as locals go without jobs and we should all demand that Mandy is removed for the 3rd and final time.

    More details

  21. Dont feel alone in your aloneness.

    I read it,

    at 4:17am,

    says it all...

    Win To Let. Nice.

    I'd be interested to know why he has never been able to move out of home though. He is an IT PM, and they generally get pretty good salaries, at 37 you would have thought he would have been getting a reasonable salary for quite some time. Surely he could have jumped on the bottom rings of the 'ladder' before things went totally insane.

    I don't even know why I am asking, it could be for any number of reasons and do I really care? I say I'm interested to know, I'm not, I'm bored. I think I'm using these forums to feel connected to the world, not entirely alone, even if nobody responds to my poorly thought out contributions, at least I can invent in my head a world where someone is reading..... even if nobody is.

    Win To Let though. NICE!

  22. thanks for the replies..

    COGS - so, basically, we agree that something is worth more than i would get if I sold it to someone else...so then you buy it, giving me more money than its worth, and then I sell it back to you later for less, and we can just forget the difference.... we wil call the difference pretend money that never existed. AHA!!! we will say the difference is not MONEY but NUMBERs....

    That is indeed a very clever scheme. I will definitely buy one of those off you, when you have one spare :-)

    oops, but what if I spend all the lovely money in the meantime, or give it to people who don't want to pay it back and then when you want me to I have not the money to buy the assets back... :unsure:

    Now UKDebtSlave's explanation I totally get :ph34r:

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