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  1. :lol::lol: I heard Miliband a few months ago, its stuck in my mind "doing the right thing is clearly the right thing to do" :lol::lol:

    they are being eaten from the inside by their own spin - sorry , propaganda.

    euwwww its an ugly ugly sight.

    Is there a single comment, soundbyte or press release that they don't work that ******ing annoying little mantra into? How bloody patronising.
  2. What % of that lot are on £15-20k though? Quite a lot I think.

    I don't.

    When people called bull trap in 2005 look what happened.

    Contrary to reports hereabouts, there are still 90% of the population working and significant numbers with disposable income. They will use it to buy property. What was a trickle in Feb will be a torrent by April. This momentum will last until the autumn at least.

    Doesn't mean that we're not all ******ed. But it won't be crash cruise speed for the next few months.

  3. http://www.ft.com/cms/s/2/cdc24a48-2078-11...144feabdc0.html

    Charles McDowell, a prime property consultant in London, told the Financial Times that lenders had asked some of his clients with large buy-to-let property portfolios to come up with more cash after falling prices slashed the level of their equity.

    NatWest had asked the owner of a £5m property portfolio in London to hand over £1m in a month to compensate for a 20 per cent drop in value, even though there was no evidence the client was likely to default on the loan.

    “This client has sufficient capital to pay if NatWest goes ahead,” said Mr McDowell. “But both the client and I are astonished and dismayed at the bank’s actions, particularly as the rental income on the property far exceeds the interest payments [on the mortgage].”

    While not commenting on the case directly, a NatWest spokeswoman said its policy allowed it to review agreements with borrowers if rental income on a property was not enough to allow the customer to service a loan.

    Savills Private Finance, the mortgage broker, has seen evidence of banks unexpectedly demanding cash from clients, typically those with high-value, highly geared property portfolios.

  4. Inflation forces people to chase money around..It would be nice to just forget abour savings etc, leave them in the bank, not expecting huge interest payments but expecting that when you take it out, its value has not decreased..

    This would be so much more peaceful for so many... chasing interest rates, changing bank accounts, its ridicullous waste of time and energy...

    Deflation is the natural state of affairs in technologically advancing society and should be something we wholeheartedly set out to achieve. The only plausible motivation for doing otherwise is to systematically rob me of the fruits of my labour.
  5. There is already a very simple, almost free for materials form of housing. The main materials for it can always be found on the building site so cost nothing to transport....

    It stands the weather for 300 years (and counting)

    it is pretty, enviromentally sustainable cheap and traditioinal.

    It is called COB...(aka chocolate box devonshire cottages)

    Cob is made from mud and straw...

    This really is cheap, nasty housing that's dressed up by spivs with the "carbon neutral" branding to justify the outrageous prices. Who in their right mind would pay that much for a freight container with windows and a lawn for a roof?
  6. This idea of everyone contributing towards society to make it fair is surely both left and right wing philosophy,

    You assume Im right wing but Im not. This is exactly the same as those charidee shows on TV, its nothing to do with politics, it a case of hypocrisy.

    Rich people telling poorer people to put their hands in their pockets, or vote this way or that, In the end to benefit themselves..through, at the very least, continuing free publicity.

    That might be your perception, but I think you're wrong. Socialism is about wanting to make sure that everybody contributes in order to make society as fair as possible. It doesn't mean that everybody has to earn the same salary, or that enterprise is banned, it just means we should all pay our way for the wider benefit rather than hoarding for our own selfish purposes.

    I'm sure Billy Bragg has paid all his taxes, and I'd take a punt that he's helped a few causes financially over the years. There's nothing wrong with him owning a nice house in Dorset aswell is there? I don't see every right-winger as a baby-eating monster, so why do some of you feel so threatened by the left?

  7. But what people forget it seems is that socialism is supposed to be about equality. What people resent, and what I did when he first came on the scene is people making obscene amounts of money regardless of talent, purely on the back of going on and on about social injustice.

    Bragg, like many others, has now got himself into a position where he has the money to do something about the injustice upon which he has made so much money by complaining about

    But he bought a nice house with it -worse - he has the gall to trot round to any publicity promising event- and STILL spout the same shite. DONT any of the so-called socialists see that this is utterly against their supposed principles.

    NO what is seems to me, this is not socialism or equality at all. They only wanted equality when they were poor. Now they are rich they don't like the idea of sharing out their money and living to the standards of the people they so readily preach to.

    We are the animals looking through the windows of the farmhouse, from face of pig to man and man to pig, and we cannot tell them apart anymore.

    It's a common misconception amongst the Right that it's impossible to be a socialist and not live in abject poverty.
  8. Wont go on that site, probably put a spying blip on my computer...

    can someone ask where is the "line by line" repudiation that the nation was promised...

    oh and let them know, that in the english language, line by line means you have to quote the line first - then repudiate it.

    Derek Draper told us on The Daily Politics that on Labour list is a line by line repudiation of Hannan’s speech. But their is not. Just a pathetic hack job.

    Now that by itself is not interesting. What is, is that 100% of Labour member of this site. Who are sufficiently motivated to join a Labour party blog all slate the article and cheer on Mr Hannan.

    How unpopular can Gordon Brown be that even the people who make up the Labour Party membership hate him and side with a Tory.


  9. Sorry i was a bit harsh, put it down to personal bitterness.. :lol:

    ok, the fact that she did this without letting you know, and tis a done deal, well it strikes that she will not listen to you now.

    HOWEVER, maybe you can appeal to her ego as a "business woman" to discuss all this with a property/business solicitor, as it is what any sensible business person would do. Try to convince her that any good business person would separate their emotions from their business and take professional advice on everything they do..Also that it is never a good idea to go into business without understanding all the pitfalls..

    I don't see how HIPS people are going to be doing that well in the current market, with no properties selling. Maybe when there are more forced sellers it will pick up..However, how many people have been trained/are being trained... enough work for all?

    This idea has been "sold" to your mum, in whatever way, she now believes this will give her security, money etc...you need to "sell" her the upside of the alternatives...that there is more security in owning your own home outright, plus no money worries, that circumstances change but debt doesnt, that she already has discovered what it is like to pay for an empty house - that when the house is empty she is not just losing the rent, but also the mortgage repayment..and also every day that house is empty it is incurring uncovered costs towards upkeep..as well as being a worry.

    That when you have your own home and little debt and no business worries, even if you are on a lower income you can more easily stretch what you do have.. because your money goes straight in your pocket. If your income dries up you can cut back, but if you have debt, you cannot cut back on paying it...

    ESPECIALLY, you cannot just argue with blokey..no point, your mum will just think she was right not to tell you, and will naturally defend him. Love is blind and stupid, unfortunately. You could try the strategy of going through the "what ifs" on a purely business level. But you will hit a point where they say "but that won't ever happen"..

    :( 50% of a lifetimes work, and 100% indebtedness to a bloke you've been with for 3 years....no, it doesn't make sense at all.

    I am bricking myself about it, my mum will not hear what i am saying. She will be in her 70's with a bleedin mortgage. This bloke has put nothing in except for putting new carpets and curtains in the new house (whoop de woo!). They brought the new house not through an estate agent but some 'friends'.

    In short i am extremely worried. I even tried to get my mum to insist that this chap (or his family) underwrite what my mum has put in......Seeing as though this fool is so convinced the market will not slide!!! Mum confirmed this 'ain't going to happen'.

    The worse thing is i find out she is a director for this comapny he has set up with an associate doing HIPS and Energy efficiency reports (he ain't even a surveryor - did one of those New Labour courses). My mum is an illustrator and was even unable to fully explain what they were doing.

    When i had an argument with him i perhaps mistakenly said that if my mum were 20 years older i would be calling the police :angry:

  10. That was disgusting. Making accusations all over the place, and not letting the other guy speak at all.

    Tried to make out you need large amounts of money to write a blog "and where did it come from when you were bankrupt"

    So obviously untrue - plus the attempt at personal smearing...

    Then trying to take the argument to racism...

    That was awful. You can clearly see the labour attack policy in action here, mistake they made - when its given to a yappy poodle rather than a rottweiler, the holes in the mindset become too obvious...

    oh and as for Daily Politics.. basically said "we showed you it now (20 seconds!), you can't say we havent covered it now. we had loads of letters.... only stopped short of saying Stop writing in!!!!!

    There aren't too many more irritating than him. Does he ever shut his whining cake hole? FFS.
  11. check BBCs mark mardell's EuroBlog, and Nick Robinson's blog - people are all over it complaining about their lack of reporting of it..

    Telegraph had it online - with the reasoning that its gone viral so that in itself is a story - its gonna be a MILLION views soon...


    See link for the Fox news link.

    He managed to make the US news but not ours????

    Has anyone complained to the BBC etc over this? Did Sky show it?

  12. But it wasn't obvious was it.

    Not quoted on the news, anywhere....

    For my money the speech by Farage (UKip) was far more vitriolic and impassioned...he even begs at one point.

    but this is the one that hit nail on the head..

    Im grateful to HPC posters for pointing out the important stuff thatis being "missed" by MSM...

    Now if I want to hear a load of Labour press releases, that is easy.. its ALL on the MSM - whatever policy of the day is briefly mentioned in some meeting and will never happen is debated hour after hour...

    If you want to complain about balance, try the BBC.

    The point I am trying to make is that members could easily swamp this site with obvious press releases from their political party of choice. A little discernment in the use of sources and a little scepticism promotes debate, rather than shouting each other down with ready made opinion.
  13. This is what will be these company's undoing. Its become clear that tis better always to be a shareholder rather than an investor.

    Its exactly the reason I bailed out of my endowment policy. If investors keep getting screwed in favour of shareholders, and management bonuses they will eventually bail out, then who is going to pay their fine dividends.

    Legal & General are well prepared for this recession. They are one of the most prudent companies out there.

    As for pensions - doesn't matter if pensions take a battering. The values will go up again and for anyone who doesn't know how things work, pension companies make their money out of running pension schemes NOT the value of the pension funds.

  14. I was actually very surprised yesterday - the female presenter on R4 TORE into Cameron over the Ken Clarke thing. I mean really kept on coming back at him and in quite an agressive tone too. I was impressed he wasn't rattled by it.

    You just don't see this with Labour, they always get one comeback to their statement, but then when they answer that, the presenter just moves on to something else.

    I thought it was just the presenters who are soft. Listening yesterday opened my eyes. They are like rottweilers when it suits them...

    Hostile Media? Tories have never had the media behind them? What planet do you live on?

    Too young to remember it wos the Sun that won it?

    The Tories generally own the media. They loose the media when they get too far up their own agenda and the media realise its not posible to save them from themelves. They don't have that problem at the minute.


    EDIT TO REMOVE wrong claim, was indeed the Tories the sun referred to.

  15. FOOD INFLATION +12% on a specified basket, 4.7% overall... according to this....


    ast Modified: 19 Mar 2009

    Source: PA News

    The cost of filling the average shopping trolley with basic items has soared, according to newly released figures.

    A weekly shop for basics and supermarkets' most frequently bought items now costs 12% more than it did this time last year - rising from £76.88 to £86.33.

    Some items have undergone particularly sharp increases, with the average price for 500g of fresh beef mince now £2.13, up 56% from £1.37.

    A packet of pork sausages increased by 50%, from £1.32 to £1.97, while supermarkets' own label chopped tomatoes were 33p, up 57% from 21p.

    The prices of items in the nation's average trolley were based on the thousands of orders handled by the comparison website mySupermarket.co.uk.

    By averaging prices at Sainsbury's, Tesco and Asda for groceries and non-food items, researchers said they could avoid "anomalies" caused by special offers to show the underlying cost of shopping.

    They also compile a food inflation index based on prices for all the food and drinks products sold in those three supermarkets, which showed a 4.7% increase for the past year.

    That price increase was significantly smaller than that for the average trolley, demonstrating that it is everyday staple products which have undergone the most "drastic" rises in recent months, according to researchers.

    Jonny Steel, spokesman for mySupermarket, said: "To combat these prices, shoppers need to keep track of the best offers and shop around."

    Researchers found just a handful of items dropped in price over the past year, including loose bananas - down to 71p per kilogram from 77p - and Kellogg's Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, which were on average 6p cheaper for a 750g box at £2.30.

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