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  1. THey made the money on the boom.... now its time to get the houses back cheap ready for the next one...
  2. http://www.debtmanagementtoday.co.uk/newss...e_on_consumers_
  3. Whether or not you agree with the smoking ban (personally I dont, its too draconian) the fact remains that we were conned with it. Right up to the vote we were told there would be some places, ie, membership clubs, that would be exempt. IIRC MPs were supposed to be voting for these lesser measures.. That stifled protest as people thought they would be left with something, and landlords thought they could cope with the proposals. AT THE LAST MINUTE it was changed to a free vote resulting in the outright ban. Incidentally, they can still smoke at the House, at Duty Free Prices too - its time we took away Parliament's exemption from British Law.
  4. Good points - I remember a Gvt wheeze not so long ago that allows councils to "appropriate" empty homes for themselves and rent them out for 7 years. I dont know if this policy was actually enacted, or like so many, was simply a convenient headline at the time... However, the terms i remember were that the property only had to be empty for 6 months.. personally I think that is scandalous, in the case of people who inherit a property, they have hardly gone through clearing out the property before it is snatched off them by the council. I suspect though, as far as empty homes vs, new builds = not just the same amount of revenue in it for the greedy government and councils...
  5. People were compulsorily purchased for derisory amounts. The houses were done up, sold at huge profits...the original owners could never afford to move back in...nor purchase anywhere else.. When I see Prescot the closing lines of Animal Farm always spring to mind...
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