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  1. Really? I'm glad i've opted not to watch it then! However, if knowing about the bank system is a pre-requisite then the only hope is to vote UKIP, Farage is an ex-banker. UKIP will rescind the smoking ban, which is far more important to me. The money will always be creamed off anyway, whoever is in power. e name='billybong' date='29 March 2010 - 07:46 PM' timestamp='1269891994' post='2451080'] Darling confirming that they hadn't got a clue about the banking system, Not even the BoE Cable and Osborne also confirming that they hadn't got a clue about banks either - but vote for them, ROFL.
  2. Who says 'no-one's upset' about the banks - don't you ever read the comments page when these things are reported. They have,however, nothing to do with this guy's experience. Perhaps youd like us to answer each and every thread with a rant about the banks etc, whether or not it's relevant to the post. How terrifying to hear a gang of thugs inside your home - knowing they might come upstairs and do serious harm to you - and afterwards - the fear and worry doesn't go when they do. What an arsehole you are. The **** of nowhere sums you up alrite.
  3. More than this, I'm sure he said house prices had been forced to unsustainable levels. May even have been the word bubble used.
  4. Thank you. Noticed on BBC dozens of 'heartwarming' tales of people whose lives became wonderful after redundancy... all just before the jobless figures came out. Could it get more stinkingly obvious. Its alright for this woman, her husband makes kitchens. For the rest of us you need a hygiene certificate to handle food, plus a stainless steel kitchen, inspection certificates etc etc. So many people talking about their cake /ice cream/jam making from home. Is that it then. Just break the law as the only way to start a business on a shoestring. Or am I missing something here.
  5. Well the fallout if too many people are repossessed means they have to try to keep the plates in the air. However what would have won my vote would have been if the statement 'I will not let house prices get out of control' had been meant and not twisted 6 years later into 'affordable housing means being able to afford the mortgage payments' (and on a part-ownership basis too!). What an absolute insult. Still this country gets what it deserves. How anyone could have voted them in AGAIN after the invasion is totally beyond me. And now the country bleats about war crimes. Every one of those voters has blood on their hands. Anyway, shag them all up - vote independents or UKIP, at least with UKIP we will be able to smoke.
  6. The daily mail, the express, the star and the scotsman are all running this story today according to guido... should be very interesting now the MSM have got it! EDITED TO ADD: oops no, that was reported yesterday, so surprisingly slow considering the main papers all had it....
  7. Our local tory run area still has weekly bin collections... They're not all bad!
  8. yes yes, excellent to see those phrases in there... "people fear toppling off the ladder" "quality of life". Shows they are thinking about the very REAL effects of overpriced housing on people, rather than it all just being a numbers game.. Brown could only talk about the affordability of the mortgage repayments. Much liking Cameron at the moment. It will be so nice to have a cultured leader rather than the bitter pretend "working class heroes" we currently have...and the twisted social engineering that has ensued. It seems to me that Cameron is well aware he is privileged, and in that is a sense of "owing something back".... that is a vast difference from those who feel they have had to scramble up the greasy pole by any means possible who then feel they have "earned" the right to do whatever they please. A very posh man said to me once... "from those to whom much is given, much is expected". He believed that because that was what he had been taught in his posh school. I hope Cameron has been taught the same...
  9. That is hideous.. Although its quite handy the way you can look into everyone elses flat to make sure your cooker hood is bigger than theirs.. 01:45 PM' post='1839458'] "Harbourside" - http://www.harbourside.co.uk/ ABSOLUTE DOG SHIT. GOPPING. TOTAL VOMMIT. They have adverts - "Looking to Invest?" I'd rather invest in a dog turd on the pavement - at least I'd get a better return. The place is a GHOST TOWN. It's all white --- just waiting to become stained brown as the poorly constructed pile of crap deteriorates within a couple of years - just like all those misconceived "revolutionary" 1960s buildings - which turned into piles of excrement...... God SAVE US from these SCUM.
  10. Old cars use simple parts cheaply available (sometimes from scrapyards) and cheaply installed by old school motor mechanics with a monkey wrench. New cars require complex parts, have more electric gubbins to go wrong which cost a fortune when they do and require a computer to diagnose faults. The complexity forces old school mechanics out of business as they can't afford the £0000s for the stupid computer. I do not need or want a dedicated electric motor to adjust a wing mirror... Peugot wing mirror from scrapyard £5. Alfa Romeo wing mirror £200. My old peugot 16 years old...Ive had it for 6. NO major work has been done on it. Cam Belt and clutch change at 60k... I love that old car. The only thing this Gvt scheme might entice me to buy is a Crooklock..
  11. You optimist. More like "Blow out the candle".
  12. They'll have NO money (cos it wont be paid back for years, if ever) and NO gold :-) What will they do then????? Dum di dum... who will sell gold then for freshly printed paper.....
  13. well thought it was a heartwarming/breaking and kinda crazy story.. but its clearly failed the cynical ******* test...I'l go and pop it on the Saga forum instead I EDIT to ADD: I mean ******* in the most affectionate and jovial way, not ******* in a ******* way. EDITED further to add: thats an insulting word beginning with a B not a W, in not that much of a *******.
  14. http://www.npcuk.org/ Icelanders offer help to UK's fuel poor pensioners - Icelandic Wool to England Project A container filled with jumpers, socks and blankets - destined for Britain's fuel poor pensioners - will arrive at Grimsby on 26 January, following an appeal from listeners to a popular morning radio programme in Iceland, called Bitid. The charitable appeal - called 'Icelandic Wool to England' (Islensk Ull til Englands) - started after the programme's hosts, Heimir Karlsson and Kolbrun Bjornsdottir, covered a story featuring Britain's National Pensioners Convention (NPC), and their warning that up to 1 in 12 pensioners may die this winter due to the drop in temperature. Mr Karlsson interviewed an Icelander, Njall Hardarson, now living in Manchester, who explained the problems faced by many older people in Britain. The response from listeners prompted the idea of collecting garments made from unique Icelandic wool and shipping them to pensioners who are struggling to pay their fuel bills and keep warm in the current cold spell. A large freight company, Samskip, offered to ship the garments over and other businesses offered bags and boxes for packing. The Icelandic organisers hope to formally hand over the garments at the end of next week to a charity of welfare organisation in the city of Hull (twinned with Reykjavik) to distribute to local pensioners. NPC spokesperson, Neil Duncan-Jordan said: "This is a fantastic and generous act of compassion from the people of Iceland, particularly at a time when their own economic situation is extremely difficult. But it is also a shocking indictment of the UK government's complete inability to properly tackle the problem of winter deaths amongst older people.” “In the last decade we have lost 260,000 pensioners during the winter months and the response from Whitehall has been a deafening silence. We hope this act of kindness will shame the government into raising the state pension and the winter fuel allowance so that pensioners have the confidence to turn on the heating when they need it without the fear of what it might cost." Icelandic broadcaster, Heimir Karlsson, who helped organise the appeal said: "When we broadcast the story that UK pensioners were dying from the cold, our listeners could not believe their own ears. We decided to give the Icelandic nation four days to fill a 20ft container of pure Icelandic wool for the pensioners in Britain. Families, some from far away, came one after another with garments to fill the container. Some of the sweaters were brand new. One 9 year old girl gathered 37 beautiful sweaters and delivered it to us at the radio station." "I am sure I speak on behalf of every living soul in Iceland when I say that we looked at it with an utter dismay and total disbelief, how badly the government of the United Kingdom treats its old people. The elderly deserve to live their last years enjoying the best of care. They deserve to live in warm housing, free from worries over cold and rising gas bills. The Icelandic people heard about how terribly the UK government treats the pensioners, and could not just do nothing about it!"
  15. SHOCK NEWS FOR GOVERNMENT!!! we never ******ing believed it in the first place.
  16. Gary's eyes narrowed to a steely glint as he took in the 15 young couples lining the walls. This was deadly serious. He'd seen the Iran War, The Falklands War, the War on terror, the war on drugs, the war on people for not doing the right thing when doing the right thing was clearly the right thing to do. Yes, he'd seen them all on TV. But this was different, this was worse. This was a BIDDING WAR...
  17. "Not at all" said Chantelle, "Didn't you hear only today they discovered there's going to be this huge energy crisis, AND only today this area's been selected to be a new nuclear power station..Gosh Gary, the houses here could be worth a bomb in a few years time. W'ell be loaded... and they'll be jobs for our future children at the plant too!" Gary looked at her admiringly. Dammit, she had a way with her. Her long flowing hair, fresh from a barber in the back streets of Belarus was reflected in the smooth titanium walls. She was beautiful, and smart he mused. But Gary too was no dope. He'd worked his way from junior lettings to fully qualified professional estate agent in just 2 short months. He sure knew a thing or two about property and now a plan was quickly forming in his wire sharp mind. "Oh my God Chantelle", he exclaimed, "We'll be able to release the equity and you can get your tits done!" Quotel Happy Renting: Suddenly, the floor retracted from underneath Gary and Chantelle, and they found themselves and their sofa rapidly descending in a titanium-lined tunnel towards a subterranean nuclear reactor. "Oh bugger", said Gary. "We're doomed, and worse still, we're going off-topic"
  18. If people are single, don't forget its not all partying... There is a lot of time, even with friends in your life, you spend on your own.. Even with friends and a social life, come 4am when you get back home from the club the shallowness of it all washes over you. what is the point, male or female, sitting in a flat on your own, when your family - who will give more of a damm about you than anyone else in this world (including most partners) live down the road... For what, so if you meet someone they can't sneer at you.
  19. ooh im gettin good at this game now.. 2 + 2 = $6bn http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2009/ap...ns-rights-issue QUOTE: Goldman Sachs is this week preparing to tap shareholders for as much as $6bn (£4bn) to repay the $10bn it was given by the US government as part of the Treasury Department's $700bn bailout scheme. A source close to Goldman Sachs told the Guardian that details of the cash call would most likely come after the banking group reveals its first quarter earnings in New York , on Tuesday which are expected to be strong. The precise value of the cash call has not yet been decided but it is understood to be considering raising about $6bn.
  20. How are you going to impose benefit cuts on "alcoholics". Will you be giving the benefits staff access to people's medical records to do this. (or will they just make the rules up as they go along, like the rest of you do) ANOTHER ONE: would you please confirm the meaning of "lies" - is it the same meaning in your mind as "unfounded" and "unsubstantiated" -
  21. you are right, do not trust IFA, trust the people on teh internetz. buy beanz.... and tinfoil.
  22. May it cross your mind that most people are sick to the teeth of people "informing" them of how much money they have. We've all had it every day for 10 years. ooh dear I just dont' know, what car to buy, the jag or the merc. do you like my bag, its louis vuitton, ooh wot do you think i should do with all my money. Tell you wot, do what any normal person would, talk to a FA..they are paid to be impressed - OOPS i mean interested... or, if you have few mates left to boast to, oops I mean discuss with.................... tell all the INTERNETZ¬!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. They say a week is a long time in politics - but FOUR DAYS?! Just what the hell is going on. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbys...ive-easing.html Bank of England speeds up quantitative easing The Bank of England is speeding up the pace of quantitative easing – accelerating the rate at which it is buying gilts in a sign that it may buy more than £75bn worth of government debt.
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