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  1. Just in time for the UK to join the Euro in the new year.
  2. I did a bit of digging around and called the mobile phone number on the website. I got through to a guy called James, who claims he has had offers on the property of £225,000 and that he has had so much interest (apparantly) that he is going to best and final bids. I asked him about what happened to his business and he said that it was a business idea that didnt work out, but assured me no one had lost any money, just not viable. When I put to him questions about the popunder going to different websites, he didnt knopw any thing about it and claims it is probably something to do with his webhost (believable - UK2 and Godaddy do similar popups etc). , The funny part of my conversation was, I asked him why are you using your website http://www.laptophaven.co.uk, instead of going through or staying with an Estate Agent ? Word for word quote "The property has been on the market for some time and we had no viewings, the mortgage payments have shot up since we remortgaged and we want to sell to rent". Good luck to the guy, but I cant see a sale anywhere despite what he says.
  3. Maybe thats the haste, probably couldnt sell at £350,000 (Not surprise either).
  4. Maybe that was the problem, they didnt have one. Pathetic. Someone probably told him, you cant lose money on houses and laptops.
  5. I knew it wasnt just me, where the hell have they got the original valuation from, Kirsty and Phil.
  6. I have been saying for months now, that people are getting desperate to sell that they will go to extreme methods to shift property. http://www.laptophaven.co.uk I found this on a website, I was just about to buy a house, I mean laptop from. (You get so confused these days) When your company goes belly up, why not recycle the webspace and try and sell your house for what you can get.
  7. Come to Asia they say. Young men throwing themselves at you and they can go for hours they say. (Or women if your straight) Good food they say, Cheap property they say. The odd airport closure they say. They were right and it seems that I am not alone, how come every f----ker from here to Belfast is in Thailand at the moment. I cant move for scouse, cockney, mancunian accents everywhere. Please just feck off back to the UK and leave me in peace.
  8. Ladyboys ? I like my men to look like men. Ladyboys are for the men who want their men to look like women. The result is the same. Better sex than you will get with a woman.
  9. Its practically morning here. My partner has come down from up north, so I'm off.
  10. Just made it to Thailand on Sunday and checked into my hotel before heading off to my new home (just emmigrated). Next thing you it all kicks off and the airport I was in on Sunday is now under seige as is much of Bangkok with these protestors. I have decided to stay put in my hotel before risking it in a hired car. Very hot here at the moment. I found an internet cafe and it is full of westerners typing emails home, it is owned by a falang (westerner) who has sold up in the Uk and has also come out. First he said was "Wollies has gone bust". 10,000 miles from the UK, down the road from the hotel is a guy that tells you a department store chain in the UK has gone bust. What a laugh.
  11. Here are some of the problems with legging it to Thailand with 200k. You assume a lot. Thai boys are much cheaper. The UK is less than inviting these days. I do have insurance. I have enouggh residual income streams to live very confortably on around £20,000 a year apart from my get a away cash to last me. I struggle to live of £20,000 a year here, but over there, I am sure I can manage. Ahhh what a romantic idea. Build Bought a house in the jungle, be with sexy lady Sexy Boy and live happily ever after. Thanks for the advice, but I think I will see for myself. I can work out there doing what I do now, just with far less overheads. As for making the minimum payments, so that it isnt fraud, I have taken this on board, afterall, I am not a criminal. The banks get bailed out, the cheif exec walks off with millions, does anyone on this board say anything about that. I decide to quit and it "Immoral, not right, good riddance". I have no idea what awaits me over there, maybe, things wont go the way I have planned, maybe there will. Either way, one thing I do know is I would rather be there than here right now at least for the next 5 years or so. (lets make it 7 years after the CCJs and defaults have dropped off my credit file). Could resist this final post. I will fack off know and leave you all in peace. xx I am prepared to give it a try.
  12. I have been the victim of Identify Theft surely. This happens to people who leave the UK all the time. I have a return plan, if I need one, but I wont bother posting it, I'm sure you all understand. TaTa x
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