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  1. All I'm saying is that anyone stupid enough to be posting on this site, in view of the current economy and housing market, must be either: Very bored Need friends Very misguided about the market Very upset about not owning a property A wannabe BTL / property investor / builder??? We all make mistakes, I make loads! Just say hands up we were wrong, fair play, and move on. Property was a one way bet some of us backed it others did not. There will be other one way bets in the future. Focus on finding those and stop trying to deny the facts about property. You just look so so so stupid. T
  2. Oxford Cambridge YES Red brick YES (unless a total doss course) Polly NO (unless heavily vocational) New Labour: we must all study so there is a huge supply of graduates, therefore having a degree is nothing special so it does not help you get a job, therefore you may as well not have one. Oh and buy the way, it will cost you £3k per annum too. So that will be a 20k debt at the end of University and the same job. Thanks
  3. Sledge your not very bright are you? Are you an English Language Teacher? There are too many boring flats in the East End, but such is the shortage of supply in London as a whole someone will buy them. Rather than picking pedantic points with me try to look at the whole picture. (Look at the whole pie AKA David Brant!) It just makes you look small minded. Aside: I told you 6 months ago you had missed the best time to buy, as per your quote, now the market is strengthening every day. That the was the low point of the London market now we are on the up. So glad a picked a few units up then
  4. £130,000 sounds real nice! Peckham by any chance? You can look at asking prices all you like but they mean nothing. Developers make a product worth £300,000 and stick it on the market for £350,000 in mad markets. We are just seeing realistic pricing. All the price indices show prices staying firm. Indeed private seller, often goaded by EA's encourage crazy asking prices. More often than not the vendor demands a high price and takes a good few months to be convinced otherwise. The facts are prices in the smoke are rising. Good point on the East End, there are far too many boring flats in
  5. I speak for London here: Have not been to visit this site for 6 months or so, I assumed you would have all packed your bags and moved on by now. However I see much to your detriment so of you misguided fools are still banging on about a crash, when even the fool of all fools Ed Stansfield of Capital Economics has conceded. Oh dear! Well guys hang in there for another 12 months I am sure by then property will be even more out of your reach. Just to reiterate what I have always said: No crash in the wider economy = no crash No interest rate hike = no crash Loads of Hype about the Olympi
  6. In fact come to think of it I have 2 sets of tenants who have been waiting for prices to drop before buying for 18 months now. They just pay the rent every month waiting. They emailed me the other day asking if prices were about to drop and I sent them a link to HPC. They have now decided to wait until, "The very bottom of the crash." Christ suits me if you guys are right (which you are not for London) they will be there for 2-3 years. 2-3 years of steady rent for me no hassle no moving, £500 pm profit for 24 months that's 12K in the pocket and I need do nothing! Even in a falling market I wi
  7. TTRTR Please, you must realise you will never get through these guys. They fail to understand basic concepts: 1. Not all BTL are about to go bust. They think all BTL's have 100% borrowing and no positive cash flow. As they do not understand BTL they can not grasp that many landlords have 60%-50% or even 100% equity and do not care less if prices drop short term. 2. They fail to realise that if prices dropped by 50% tomorrow, it makes no difference to most BTL. By having a decent income on each property the actual equity is irrelevant. 70K per annum income will afford you to relax if prices
  8. Smell This guy is a total BS*tter. 12 residential mortgages? No way. 3 or 4 in the old days before new regulations but 12 I think is impossible. I think you are dealing with delusions. Or He will get in serious trouble!
  9. I must say it sounds a great idea you HPC twerps! Sell a 8 property portfolio and cash in say £1.6million or so. Or don't sell and keep £2million in equity rather than cash and have a 60k - 70k income on top! Not hard really is it? And prices in Wandsworth have dropped 3.7% have they. Right is that every single property? Is it possible that TTRTR has a decent portfolio which is less susceptible to capital losses? Indeed a portfolio of desirable properties that hold their value and have a good rental yield. I do not predict a crash but even if TTRTR loses 1 million of his 2 million equity
  10. I would not normally do this but I just won a £10 HMV voucher from www.txtnwin.biz I was approached by a chap giving out leaflets to win a Plasma TV, I have no interest in television but my daughter begged me to enter and for a quiet life I obliged. The chap made me promise to spread the word if won and I feel I must keep my word. Of course the Plasma would have been nicer but a £10 HMV voucher for coming in third is still handy. Anyhow promided plug over.
  11. Ed Stansfield has been predicting a house price crash for longer than this site has been running. He is gets e exposure whenever a negative report is released. More and more so these days as he is one of the only economists left still predicting a house price crash. If he is right he will earn an awful lot of money. However I think he just likes seeing his name in print so had predicted something controversial.
  12. Oh sledge how desperate you are! 1. TTRIR says the figures overall show a downward trend and that he believes in them totally. I am blowing that argument out of the water. 2. The up down up down stats show a period of market instability or flux hence uncertainty. Therefore July Aug Sept Oct should all be up showing a more confident market, especially if rates are cut. Is this so hard to understand? I feel your enjoyment of making weak points by twisting proves you have nothing of substance to add. Try BTL investing you can argue with yourself all day and maybe make some money. Dare I
  13. You seem to have no explanation........... The ODPM figures are based on property sales at the point of completion, so tend to show a picture of the housing market up to two or three months behind figures from mortgage lenders like Nationwide and Halifax. Nopr is it seasonally adjusted. Therefore if I say a good window to buy was from Nov 04 until May 05 (less than 2 months ago) I am proved right. Discounts were achieveable. I suspect the ODPM will show a slight rise in July Aug Oct etc, especially if rates drop. Indeed the Halifax and Nationwide have recently suggested prices are rising
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