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  1. I almost lost my job at the beginning of 2009 when the economy was going to shit. At the time I had a bit of debt and a baby on the way. It was a very stressful time. Since then I have cleared all my debt and have a few grand stashed away and a beautiful little baby boy. My job is still very precarious as the company is hugely in the shit and its only a matter of time till it goes belly up. However, I am really not bothered any more. I am kind of hoping the company goes down in the spring so I can go on the dole for the summer. I have looked into how much I would get and I wouldn't be that worse off. Also, after paying so much into the system for the last 10 years of full time work I want a little bit back.
  2. The BBC really is beyond a joke. Yesterday the recession was over, today our great leader strives for world peace.
  3. He is far too busy for all that, he is bringing peace to the middle east today. http://news.bbc.co.uk/
  4. One of the slides says that someone was going to build a beach designed by Versaci.
  5. I could but there is no way I am buying at the moment. Another 2-3 years saving for me and then buy for cash.
  6. It said on Sky News that the reason he had to spend so much was that his kids will be moving into the house. I wouldn't spend £7.5k on a sofa if I had kids.
  7. From the Guardian: The government wants to split Northern Rock into two separate entities: BankCo, which will do new lending, and AssetCo, which will hold the troubled loan book. The plan requires EU approval.
  8. They have increased the charge for stopping a cheque from £8 to £12.50 :angry:
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