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  1. It seems Arnie calls a state of emergency every month. Only took 13 cases of swine flu before he called the last one. Forest fire before that. He certainly likes to be dramatic. He should be an actor.
  2. gallivant

    Flats Sell For Above Asking Price!

    I doubt that. I know the area and I would expect 550 to 600 a month for a 2 bed flat. That is generous as it's not a nice area.
  3. gallivant

    Ftse Just Keeps Going Up ... Why?

    Makes sense when you think about if you want a place to put your cash. Houses not expected to rise in the next 2 years - Not many people see a 5%+ growth in this sector Savings accounts/bonds are very poor rates (Think about the general populace who are getting less than 1% and are now saying "This is pathetic - where can I get a better rate") Large cash rich organisations that are a FTSE100 regular are a good bet. Good yields and some may even pay dividend. BP, Northern Foods, Unilever and utilities will still be here is 3 years and the share price is low at the moment with good yields. I am in shares until the Summer. Look for multi national companies - cheap pound is good for exports. Do some research and find quality stock that has been oversold. Avoid housebuilders, banks and anything to do with car industry unless you know what you are doing. I spread bet occasionally but it's not ideal for most people. Easy way to lose money. Of course gold is a good place to put some of your cash but this is not something the general population would contemplate as it's not easily transparent as to how it is purchased/sold. What I mean is it's not something that is generally considered an investment. Although it clearly is.
  4. gallivant

    Euro Nations Told 'cut Deficits'

    According to Nick Kounis, an economist at Fortis Bank NV in Amsterdam - Germany predicted to have a deficit of 4% this year? Bloomberg "Britain will have a deficit of 9.5 percent of gross domestic product in 2009, the most in the Group of Seven, according to the International Monetary Fund. The Washington- based lender forecast shortfalls of 7.7 percent in the U.S., 8.1 percent in Japan and 4 percent in Germany, according to estimates last month. "
  5. gallivant

    How Arnold Schwarzenegger Lost To The 'girly Men'

    Maybe if weed was made illegal then unemployment wouldn't be so high. Weed makes you lazy.
  6. gallivant

    Whats Really Happening In The S.e

    A friends' flat has been on the market for nearly a year now. Priced at the price she paid in 2003. Half a dozen viewings but no offers. I suspect mortgage companies are not interested in lending for flats above a shop anymore. Its the cheapest 2 bed flat around the area in dartford but still not shifting.
  7. I went long when gold was at $835 in early Jan and just cashed in at $899 using spreadbetting site. I am now short as I expect it to come down a bit now that the banking crises news has subdued a bit. I will cash in at $865 I think. I will then stay out for a bit and wait to buy when the graph turns up from the next low.
  8. gallivant

    The Importation Of Inflation

    Duck Tales guide to inflation http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=t_LWQQrpSc4
  9. gallivant

    Findus Gubbed.

    a fire at the factory. I wonder if the director of the company owns said factory and the company rents it from him? Be intresting to know.
  10. gallivant

    Land Of Leather

    LONDON, Jan 13 (Reuters) - Land of Leather Holdings , the struggling British leather furniture retailer, said on Monday trading in its shares had been suspended, pending clarification of its financial position.
  11. Wikipedia says this about Palladium: "Palladium plays a key role in the technology used for fuel cells, which combines hydrogen and oxygen to produce electricity, heat and water." If you saw the Honda FCX on Top Gear recently then I think Hydrogen cars are not too far off competing with petrol cars. Getting pure Hydrogen in liquid form is a difficult and costly process at present but that could change especially when you consider how much investment car companies and governments are likely to invest in this research. Palladium might be worth a gamble as I think it has potential to rise a lot.
  12. Greece is not the worse European country - Italy has 117% public debt to GDP. UK is at 49.8% which is better than Germany 64.2% List of countries by public debt On that list is Iceland which is at 21.8% - one of the lowest in Europe.
  13. I didn't know Brookside had finished.
  14. gallivant

    Have A Laugh In Hampton

    I pay £350 a month for a room in a two bed flat in zone 6 - (South East London/Kent) on a high street walking distance to station. Its Crayford so not a great place but certainly not the worse place to live in and around London. 35 mins to get to work in London Bridge by train. £130 a month ticket I decided against paying stupid rental prices in London. I'm saving over £1k a month which is going towards buying a house in 2 years time.
  15. gallivant

    Woolich Reprice Rates

    Droplock - never heard of it - I'm going to complain to the FSA about this. I've already had a few drinks and now I'm getting confrontational. I may forget to complain in the morning as I plan to drink more before I get taxed to death for doing so - can somebody else do it for me. Thanks awfully.

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