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  1. For those of you who are interested. I am new to this forum but as an investor in Miramontana Vista I have been following your comments with interest and share all your concerns. While I note Oannavictim’s comments I could do with seeing substance. I went out to Spain last week to see Oanna to get a feel for who they are, what they are, what happened to Fortunaland and is it all a scam. It doesn’t feel like one. Scammers don’t have an office where they can be tracked down. These guys do. The recent anti-corruption in property dealings called Operation Malaya around Marbella, conducted by the Policia Nacional, which put away over 100 corrupt Mayors and businessmen from the region, would most likely have scooped them up if there was any misbehaviour. It didn’t. Their phone number is a static geographic one, not a non-geographic one that can be routed to alternative destinations if they had to duck and dive. The phone number for Fortunaland was and is 0034-952-922-400. Oanna Group is 0034-952-922-422. Both are Direct Dial numbers in an ongoing ISDN30 based telephone system. They have a decent office in Fuengirola, not a load of suspicious guys on the move with mobile numbers only. Fortunaland had a good formula but not the expertise and contacts to deliver the conversion. Oanna seem to have both. Unsubstantiated negative comments here can prejudice the negotiations with potential buyers if they look and as an investor I would prefer not to see them.
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