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  1. I enjoyed the part when he said "We are clever, resourceful and talented people" Anyway, must run - domino pizza for breakfast followed by a morning watching Jeremy Kyle. On my shiny new ipad
  2. Good points - I will use Property Speculators from here, it's simple, effective and neutral. (Can we keep the thread title though, it's one of the greats!)
  3. Edit to say: this is the first time I have ever commented at the bottom of a newspaper article. And most enjoyable it is too. Not sure how many HPC comrades are on there - given weight of opinions "our" way I suspect there is actually a much broader church than just us who have no time for BTL. But in any case, the VI crew are being slammed and it has been enjoyable having an argument with them. Albeit not a very fair fight - the VI lot are hopeless at logic, debate and are showing a disturbing lack of horsepower. Who knew!
  4. Cheers Neverwhere. I wonder what the journalist's position is on this - would hate to think that he will be one of the affected ones and is using his position in a national newspaper to try to influence things Comments are fab though - there is clearly no widespread support for the landlords on this issue.
  5. The comments are funny - BTL brigade being torn a new one. I have written to local MP, Treasury policy team etc to express strong support for this and encourage everyone to do the same if not already done. No one else is speaking up for us, but the parasites get their own "Telegraph campaign" (don't laugh at the back). BTW does anyone know whether Dyson should have declared if he has any interest in BTL? I will research but thought someone here might know off-hand.
  6. Heh better amend my little meltdown then.sorry all....this cozy relationship between btl/hpi lobbyists and the press really gets on my wick Who is speaking up for us?
  7. The stories of real renters who will be evicted because of the changes ?! Jesus wept. Presumably this Richard Dyson is always running stories about poor renters being evicted when landlords run out of money/sell to take profit etc etc. Thought not. Not much that can be done except ridicule it in the comments. Honestly though this stuff makes me so angry . Not one journalist has ever stopped to think about the people who are priced out by these a---holes but within weeks of an initiative which will only affect the most reckless landlords they have the daily fckg telegraph fighting their corner. It shouldn't make me so angry, should be used to it by now but seriously. How the f### can they keep getting away with their parasitical, leeching,whining,self centred, self aggrandising bulls%%%.
  8. Agree, conceptually, but wonder if this is a bit too HPC-centric and detracts from the core message ie that the proposals will not cause any sort of housing crisis or increased rents as BTL lot are bleating In any case I would think that they have already thought about this as part of deciding on the proposed policy - is one obvious alternative proposal in this space. I do think Osborne has seen that high housing costs are a looming political issue, so am more confident than at any time previously that they wont want to pursue policies which could boost house prices. But could be wishful thinking obviously, and probably only holds until prices go down by 5% and he starts getting lobbied by construction, banking etc
  9. Nice one...is the idea that we copy that response to the guy at the Treasury who is mentioned earlier in the thread? Cheers for taking the time to draft and to Up2Late for the draft consultation response/mp letter. Can't let those hard working landlords have all of the debate
  10. Great stuff EC. I'm definitely up for joining this. The only thing I would change is to replace 'overbloWn' in point 6 with 'nonsensical' - this particular argument from the 'entrepreneurs' fits cleanly within the literal definition of that word.
  11. Getting their **** handed to them pretty well by Mumsnet. Might be illuminative of the reaction from the real world outside their ludicrous little concentration of 'entrepreneurs' / 'Providers of housing ' although I doubt they are bright enough to take it in, on the whole Still, is another nice signal of how little it has taken to invoke outright panic
  12. 52 hours. 2.5 / 3 weeks worth of actual work. Definitely wrong.
  13. how have I not seen this thread before now. Props to whoever found the old HPC post from poor old Ajay, that is comedy gold.
  14. "LCP uses the yield to pay stamp duty, renovation and maintenance costs, and its own fees. “CGT is lower than income tax, so we prefer to distribute gains that way,” says Heaton." Hyman Minsky might be interested in this model.
  15. maybe he is saying that it is not a useful measure of affordability and is being deliberately used to mislead.
  16. Don't worry, he'll probably write another one next week saying that prices have fallen by 35%. He contradicts himself all the time. but yeah, agree that this is a particularly cretinous argument. He forgot the part about wages being stagnant.
  17. But it's a premier global city, and has become EVEN MORE premier and global recently (CEBR told me). unfortunately for the London hpi apologists, price per sq fr is also a premier global comparator for propert prices. Perhaps the super rich global elite will choose to ignore the stats in favour of the 'but there's not enough supply' argument. Or maybe not. edit: actually thinking about it, this league table could be an interesting leading indicatory for prime city international city prices...i would like to see a graph of position in the index overlaid with house price growth.
  18. i was thinking about this recently as on its face, it seems like it could provide a reasonable bull case for property (i like trying to find these as a counter to my natural bearishness!) So i tried to research the average pension pot and read in a couple of places that it was £36k. Not sure how reliable the sources were - one was the bbc and one referenced the ABI but didn't link to anything they had published. But if that number is correct, it wont make any difference in any part of the country, except perhaps v cheap 1 and 2 bed flats up in Scotland / north (and hey, if the boomers want to be btl landlords in the cheap end of the market for the entire course of their their retirement, then all the very best to them. i also thought about whether people would use the pot to get a btl mortgage, bit given that the objective is to provide income i cant see it being viable on a large scale (ave rental income figures and average yields would suggest not ?) i think more likely is that products fill the gap , perhaps grouped btls, managed and with 'guaranteed' yield, etc. That would soak up plenty of new build and id be surprised if the housebuilders aren't already on it.
  19. How does that old Troggs tune go again? Oh yeah : "Damik, i think i love you" Top thread mate...keep en coming
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