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  1. I dunno what you lot's problem is - I thought it was very kind of him to allow them in his people carrier, rather than a horse box. Seriously, though - the more that the odious, cretinous end of the landlord spectrum leads the charge, the better. This guy seems a good enough poster boy.
  2. I think this is the best reason....Pidgley is very canny. From memory he was all cash by the time of the last fall, and will have seen other cycles. My instinct is that he would be ok in most scenarios. Given his past record I wondered if he was the well known property magnate referred to in Chris Blackhurst's recent bearish article on London property. But there will be plenty of other candidates for the first shoe to drop award. And once it starts...
  3. The Dude: Look, nothing is f***ed, here, man. The Big Lebowski: Nothing is f***ed? The god damn plane has crashed into the mountain!
  4. Aldermore shares are under pressure this morning..down about 8% at 52 wk lows. Paragon less so. presumably because of its securitisation model Will see if I can find any decent research pieces and report back
  5. Btw I can exclusively reveal the agents Mr Wilson is dealing with on behalf of the buyers: Hugh Jass and Sons 123 Fake Street, Oslo, Timbuktu
  6. [quote name="Bland Unsight" post="1102837794" timestamp=" This isn't over. Those figures on the percentage of lending that is BTL for the smaller lenders is amazing and appalling in equal parts. Yep. Long way to go. But the last few weeks have proved to me that it has really started, on a political level. Add in those stats re volume of new lending which is btl. And then the numbers posted earlier re the amount of new btl borrowing which starts going underwater at 3%. 3% !!! I think it's on you know.
  7. Extraordinary and depressing that we are here again so soon after 2008. Re others on this thread debating the BoE intentions - IMO this is the Bank giving a less than subtle hint to lenders to turn the taps down, quickly. It's clear that they are not happy with the situation but they will always try to achieve what they want with threats/hints/persuasion before formal action. Understandable too imo - for one, it's a lot cheaper and second, if house prices go down they are less directly in the firing line. Sadly, I have to read these sorts of publications often and I think this report is past the stage of even subtle hints or warnings-it's 'take action or we will' . They even hint what they would look to do, 'noting' the different underwriting standards applied to btl etc
  8. I once had to explain the whole 'demand is what people can pay, not what they want to pay' thing to a partner at a big 4 accountancy firm. Was astonished, probably shouldn't have been given he was telling me about the timeshare he had bought into in Florida.
  9. A few quick thoughts post yesterday's developments and the reaction to them: - didn't think I'd see the day when I had some level of warm feeling towards George Osborne. But it arrived nevertheless - Dyson is a grade A ****. We knew that already of course. But he is now a Defeated, Bitter Grade A ****. It couldn't happen to a nicer mouthpiece for parasitic rentiers - what are large corporates more likely to do: Fund and build purpose built development, or buy disparate 3 bed semis in market towns. - maybe we should look to Fergus Wilson for an anecdotal perspective on whether large corporations step in when landlords put their portfolios up for sale. - lol again at Dyson's little tantrum
  10. So their retirement plans, which already include a final salary pension and a (presumably) fully paid house, are "ruined" because they cant additionally buy a BTL and become full-spec rentiers? Bring me my tiny violin
  11. ? In response to Damik marshalling us back to topic, I am actually in a position to call the Actual Top today: saw a mate at the weekend. Great lad , but in financial matters he is the ultimate contra-indicator: Bought costa del sol flat in 2006 with a mate. Fallen for various tax based investment scams. Advised me to buy the ftse when it hit 7k. Etc Anyway, he's now in the process of trying to get into btl. Reasoning ? "imagine if you put in 40k to buy at 400k and then it went up to 600k". My own shoeshine boy has spoken. The Top is here...
  12. Speaking as a father of a 7 year old who has been in rented since age 1, I can confirm it is indeed possible to bring up a child in rented accommodation. She goes to school and everything.
  13. Lend money to keep people like Ros and Mark Alexander afloat? Where do I sign up?
  14. I was thinking that the solution is lower house prices...banning htb would help, although not solve, the problem.
  15. Surprised to see this from the HPI monkey Dyson. He leaves the solution unsaid, but there's only one.
  16. Ros's desperation is palpable, but she still has time for humour . Calling Richard Dyson a "respected financial journalist", good one
  17. given that one could easily achieve this, net, with aay mix of term savings and blue chip fixed income, BTL on these yields is a straight capital appreciation play, no?
  18. You know it's a traincrash of an article when even the 118 lot are saying it's no good. Some focus on the laughable maths, some worry that people might focus on the "fact" that landlords will make a mere £570k from a single property. Of course Ros the Contraindicator thinks otherwise: "it was a very helpful article. There are so many angles that can be taken on this issue that it is good to single out and simplify the issues as Richard is doing. This was a particularly important one" Agreed - off to write to Dyson congratulating him on the excellent article and ask him for more of the same
  19. [quote name="Dorkins" post="1102785092" timestamp And which is more irresponsible - buying a smartphone for cash so you can keep in touch with your friends, or borrowing millions of pounds to buy property and then realising you can't afford to pay the CGT? Spot on. These people seem to have no self awareness whatsoever, having a dig at people for being reliant on housing benefit and ignoring that they are reliant on a tax benefit. I try not to waste energy hoping for negative things to happen to people but in the case of this shower of b-stards congregating on the 118 thread I make a big exception One of them even used her daughter as an example of how ftb are 'bitter". Classy
  20. He is perhaps the worst of the 118 posters that I've seen. To even post that shows what type of person he must be.He's also the one who wrote those "headlines" which if i understood correctly he is encouraging people to send to special interest groups with a link to their pitiful little petition. So stonewall would get a link to the petition with a suggested headline of "lesbians made homeless by osborne's clause 24" etc etc. Because of course, they would just blindly print whatever b...s... they are told as long as it has the word 'lesbian' in it. Ffs The lack of empathy, the assumption of stupidity in everyone else and the blithe willingness to use people to further own ends are classic sociopathic traits. Although clearly in this case not on the higher functioning side of things. (but edit to say that have just read his latest and he is beyond barking mad, and any campaigning led by him will be an excellent asset for the anti btl cause)
  21. Oh that is beautiful! To this point i thought it was most likely that Alexander was overegging it to rinse some 'consultancy' fees out of the goons on 118. But he's clearly completely bonkers and terrified. Throwing all the toys very far out the pram now....writing to an MP to suggesting landlords stop getting gas certificates, to level the playing field ! Loooooool As for those headlines .... straight from the Alan Partridge book, that guy must be a HPC plant. "immigrants flood the streets because of osborne's clause 24" "first time buyers excluded from landlord repossessions by clause 24" (wtaf?!) A more abject, brittle, nerve-shot bunch of entitlement monkeys you will never see
  22. Don't think it's surprising ,it had fallen for 10 days straight which is v unusual for an index. On short term measures it was oversold and due a bounce at some point, doesn't mean the general trend will change. But no market goes up or down in completely straight lines (except Chinese unemployment or the Bernie madoff index ?)
  23. Futures are better at telling you what just happened imo Reckon those Chinese pension funds might be being 'allowed' to take some pretty heavy starting positions tmw? Saying that, there is a huge amount of leveraged trading by retail investors in that market. Those who are still alive on that trade will presumably use any rise as an opportunity to get the hell out which could limit any rally Not sure what others think about this last week - I think we are probably entering another major unwind but there will be plenty of twists and turns along the way and plenty of potential for violent rises as well amongst the downward trend. Think we're a long way from more QE in th US/UK though - at the moment it may just exacerbate the ill feelings. China will surely lower reserve ratio though, v soon
  24. Think he knows it too, he sounds a bit panicked Wot-forgot to stress test yoir little empire's viability against a tax relief being removed ? Not so talented if so
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