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  1. Presumably a developer doing this wont have to recognise losses to the value they have reported for these assets. Covenants will often have debt to asset tests. Price discovery can be an inconvenient thing But....if this happens on a notable scale it will not help the 118 goons' plan of hiking rents to cover the removal of their allowance. Some might even argue that it would be catastrophic for such a plan. Price discovery can be an inconvenient( etc)
  2. [quote name="Idlewild" post=" Bosher is similarly unimpressed... That quote from Super Ros is brilliantly illuminating of their mindset: Don't like a report in a national newspaper ? Simply call a friend in a position to influence the news in your favour. Absolutely shameless. These people belong in minor governmental positions in a banana republic but have no clear role in civilised society. To paraphrase something said on here the other day: "enough is enough. Gut these munters once and for all"
  3. Will be up 3% next month then...got to keep up appearances
  4. Finally, someone on here sets out a precise and sensible basis for valuation. In any case, given that we're all teenage anarchists hellbound on subverting western society using the property entrepreneurs as a proxy, I think we should leave the complicated stuff to the experts in the sector. They must know more than us anyway, as they are content to pay interest only for 25 years, safe in the knowledge that the capital appreciation will provide a tasty income to fund the old retirement.
  5. My Life With Mingers Edit-Blandy,,is that festooning thing a direct quote? If so: Festooned With Soiled Smalls: My Life With Mingers, by G. Dully
  6. "since last July, I have been educated" Perhaps he should extend the morality argument to matters a littl closer to home.
  7. They cant afford them because they spend all their money on iPhones, holidays to Ibiza and voting on TV shows
  8. 62543 - with those analytical skills you have missed your calling as a PR agent.
  9. If it goes on like this, I might buy one , park it on the Thames somewhere and put some twigs in a vase in the captain's quarters. As soon as it was a London house it would magically increase in value by 50%, for no apparent reason. Gravy.
  10. THIS (yep ... Am drunk in charge of HPC ... But given the amount of bear food out there, what's little drunkenness between friends ?!
  11. I'm afraid that the house will immediately disappear into a puff of smoke, with no possibility of it ever being bought by a ftb. Of course.
  12. Agree....i don't think we'll even see a rate rise in 2016. By the end of year I reckon the conversation will revolve more about negative rates. But for what it's worth, I still think that 2016 will be the year of the great London HPC and that this will spread into the home counties in 2017....current rates and beyond have been well and truly arb'd by sellers
  13. Sounds like it might be harder to raise rents than the entrepreneurs think
  14. Absolutely-this is the really striking element to it all for me. The amount of emotion and displaced panic is very notable, especially when it emanates from such experienced business people. Shows how thin their margins must be. ?
  15. That's assuming that the Chinese authorities let it go on, unfettered. Seems unlikely as they need domestic consumption. Based on some of the stuff we're seeing, i think that they need it very badly. The Chinese govt already started on the theme of keeping money in China last year with measures against expatriation centres like Macau. So IMO, reports like this should probably lead us to conclude that hot Chinese money is more likely to be targetted, not less.
  16. Yep and also indicates capital outflow so incentivising the authorities even more re capital controls. They've already had a go at that recently, cracking down on Macau etc.
  17. +1 . And speaking as someone who is currently searching for a new place to rent, it is VERY easy to get plenty of info about a landlord from some casual questioning of the letting agent during viewings...
  18. Catchy. That'll win over th facebook generation Sadly he missed the part where HMRC decided that BTL is not a business, it is an investment. He should read more Richard Dyson, who confirms HMRC's view in every article with his 'hard working savers' meme
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