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  1. The house I rent is up for sale. We've been given 2 months notice so are obliged according to our tenancy agreement to allow viewings. However, I'd like to be there for the viewings. Am I obliged to let them in at anytime... with 24hrs notice, or do I still have the right to refuse viewings if I'm not going to be in and arrange a different time? The agent is getting a bit stroppy coz I don't want them to come in tomorrow whilst I'm out. thanks
  2. Hiya, I rent in Sunbury on Thames. When looking for properties you'll see them under 'sunbury' or 'lower sunbury'. Lower sunbury is nice.. its by the river but the prices rise as you'd expect! The other side of sunbury has flats and hoodies and the like. Lower Sunbury has some nice pubs by the river and a great little place for sunday lunch (the flowerpot). However, transport links aren't great. the last bus to and from kingston is around 11pm and the trains from waterloo stop around 11.30 I think! And its only every hour! Feltham has a fast link to waterloo but thats £1.50 on the bus and tak
  3. I'm glad this came up. I'm renting a house that is up for sale. Just last week the estate agent phoned and asked if they could show the house immediately as someone was in the branch who was interested. I told him the place was a tip but if he really wanted to he could .And he said he'd be round with them in 15mins. Of course he was 8 mins! Only when I put the phone down did I think it was a bit unreasonable. Well, it wont happen again. He can give me 24hrs notice!!! Also, I want to ask about being in the property during the viewing. My mates ID was stolen after someone (whilst viewing her p
  4. I've been passing a house every day on my way to work and its had a sold sign up for 4 months yet on the agents website it says 'under offer'. Isn't it law that Sold signs should only be displayed for 2 weeks?
  5. What an awful show! Hull the worst place!? Weren't they bigging it up a few months ago?? I used to live there and to be honest I have seen some much grottier places. The place is undergoing massive regeneration. The folk are friendly and the night out a cracker! the surrounding villages are lovely. Ok there are a few bad estates where you wouldn't at night (or day) but they are right out of the city centre. You just wouldn't need to go there. And as for schools - theres a mass of good schools a short drive away. Funny, I now live a few miles from Epsom. Better go grab a property before the
  6. The house 3 doors from me has been on the market for a year now. It was bought in May 04 for £238,000 and put it back on the market a few months later for 265K. (The owner was selling due to personal problems - not to make money and was advised by the EA to put it up for this price) Anyhowz, there wasn't much interest and its now been on at 249K for around 6months and I'm wondering when he's going to lower it. We did offer to rent it from him around 9 months ago.. but he refused and its been sat empty ever since. Fool, I could have been paying less rent and helping him out at the same time!
  7. He was 59, thats all. According to the BBC website he had 40 mins of resus on the way to hospital. I think only 5% of people are ever successfully resusitated. As for mo molem, no news.
  8. Oh heck... what av I started?? I wasn't thinking of colour/race/religion at all - just stating for information where the OS nurses where coming from. And true Bart, some of these home grown nurses that can't get jobs are indeed black and asian and white.
  9. Its happening in nursing too. A lot of my mates are qualifing this year and just can't find jobs. This is due to the influx of overseas nurses.. philipinos, nigerians, indians etc.. having filled vacancies during the 'shortage'. firstly these nurses should be back in their own countries many of which have a nursing crisis.. esp nigeria and secondly its a bit galling to think i may not have a job after my 3 years of training and hardship. They have fullfilled their task of providing enough nurses to care for our sick, now it is time for them to go home and let us home grown nursing graduate
  10. My rent recently went up £50 a month after 2 years. The LL said it was due to rising IRs and increased mortgage costs but I suspect its to pay the EA who has just started managing the property for the LL who now lives abroad. Anyhowz if the IR go down I'm gonna ask for a decrease!! I did think about moving and to be honest am browsing. I'd like to move to a cheaper property and I don't want to pay the EA a £60 renewal free.
  11. I'm a renter and I've been reading the posts about prices crashing and the state of the economy etc etc. I've read them with a little smile on my face as I image what will happen to my smug friend whos always bragging about how much her house is worth and looks down on me for renting. However, this weekend I went to visit my cousin and her fella who have just bought a really sweet first time buyers home. They are hard working, nice people who know nothing about house prices and don't really care about them. The didn't buy to make money, but just to live somewhere and start a life together.
  12. The house I rent had been on the market for 3 months. Only two people came to see it and its now been removed. However, a local EA must have been driving round our village noting down the addressess of houses for sale as they have been bombarding me with letters to sell with them. I got 3 letters/leaflets in one week! Desperate or what!!
  13. I can put down 41k, although really I should hold a bit of that back for emergency money.
  14. Great post. I live in the area but am going to move further west when I buy.. probably well outside the M25. I quite like teddington and surrounding areas but the prices are just way too high and the roads gridlocked most of the time. Incidently the house i rent has been up for sale for going on 2 months now and its only had 2 viewings. A similar property in the next road has been up for over 7 months and has not sold despite a 5k price drop three months ago.
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