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  1. BRICKING IT Courtesy of the Sun. Just give it a few months, then the fireworks will start in earnest.
  2. Yeah, right. Dream on. If you are so sure go ahead and build your own BTL empire, instead of wasting time here. You can't lose with bricks and mortar, right?
  3. to clutch at straws phrase If you are clutching at straws or grasping at straws, you are trying unusual or extreme ideas or methods because other ideas or methods have failed.
  4. Good for you. Everyone else who just paid top dollar with a high LTV is walking a tightrope. If they lose their job they are screwed, jingle mail ain't an option.
  5. Sure, and the bank will go after them for the balance. Anyway, you are confident your job is 100% safe, so there's nothing to worry about really...
  6. Precisely, they're all coming out of the woodwork now, posting their rubbish for hours on end, while they [email protected] their pants. The more prices fall, the harder they'll troll Don't feed them guys, it's what they want!
  7. Why not? There are literally millions of BRICs millionnaires out there who made their dosh long before the C19 crisis and still have plenty of it to get out. Believe me, I'm no fan of this at all -quite the opposite in fact - just stating what I see through anecdotal evidence.
  8. Of course they are, but I suspect not to the extent required to meaningfully reverse that trend in the short term. But cheer up, Leeds isn't quite in that league is it?
  9. Thought so... good luck with your search, then. I agree that premium areas of London are unlikely to see large nominal falls, mostly due to the established trend of BRICS investors buying up properties in global cities in order to get their money out of their government's grasp (which I fear is unstoppable). But I believe other parts of the country will see much larger falls. Time will tell.
  10. Speedo is one of the pesky new breed of preacher-trolls that has made an appearance in recent months. They seem to assume that just because they turned themselves into debt slaves for a lifetime in order to buy a house at what is likely to be proven the absolute top in nominal GBP prices for a very long time, they have suddenly earned the status of financial gurus. And they feel compelled to share their immense wisdom with the world at large - probably in an effort to quell their own fears. They also assume that no other poster ever bought or sold a house before, and that we are all in GBP cash, just blindly waiting to be wiped out by the nexp uptick in HPI. They haven't been on these boards long enough to know that most old timers here are sitting on large STR funds, mostly held in stocks, gold, chrypto, and ccys other than the pound, and could jump in as cash buyers whenever they wanted. Let the preacher-trolls squeal, it's all they can do at this stage...
  11. but... but... pent-up demand waiting on the sidelines....
  12. Ok then. Where are you looking to trade up? What sort of fall are you expecting in your area?
  13. Then you're a bull, plain and simple. 10% off asking prices wouldn't even qualify as a proper fall, in most cases. If that's all you think is going to happen after a crisis of this magnitude, then logically you should just go ahead and trade up right away. The longer you wait, the bigger the risk that asking prices may start rising again... what with all that pent-up demand just waiting on the sidelines.
  14. You need to answer the question that I (and other posters) have asked you multiple times, which you keep trying to evade. HOW EXACTLY IS THIS "HARD RESET" YOU TALK ABOUT GOING TO WORK? You need to spell out the details, failing which you're just trolling.
  15. here And you clearly raised the specter of hyperinflation, with a direct reference to the Weimar republic here Now, please explain in full detail the dynamics of this "hard reset". HOW EXACTLY IS THIS GOING TO WORK?
  16. Ok, then answer these questions. How exactly are the BOE and the UK goverment going to trigger a significant increase in house prices? Which specific measures do you expect them to implement?
  17. No one will take you seriously, until you stop trying to evade answering other posters' questions. You are just wasting your time.
  18. Nope, just pointing out facts. Now, care to expand on what exactly you expect the BOE and the government will do, to trigger your hyperinflation scenario?
  19. You did not answer my question, and just went off on a pointless rant about my financial circumstances, of which you know absolutely nothing. That's a pathetic, epic fail. I rest my case.
  20. How? I'm all ears. Even Carnage thinks they're out of ammo...
  21. Done, but if you have a problem with posters using it, what's the point of linking your website in your profile details?
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