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  1. I hate to break it to you, Speedo, but there are ways to make money (and lots of it) other than buying an illiquid, overpriced asset on tick. Wake up and smell the coffee.
  2. Sure, but this thread is about posters who are clearly trolling with non-stop ramping along the lines of "buy NOW or you're forever doomed !". Are we really supposed to believe they are doing it simply to help out and there's nothing in it for them? I think not.
  3. Nah, there's more! I WANT THEM ALL HERE !!!
  4. Ah, Speedo! Ain't a party without a crowd... thank you for gracing my thread with your presence. You took your time but in the end couldn't resist. Carry on doing god's work, you valiant soldier: you already converted so many here to your cause with your articulate, well thought out posts. Your BTL portfolio has increased another 50% just on the strength of your contributions here, no doubt.
  5. I asked nicely, can you read? Post your drivel in the politics section.
  6. He's here to save us from a fate worse than death, out of sheer altruism. DC for PM !!!!
  7. Thanks for being here for us DC. It's really impressive that you spend so much of your valuable time on these boards just to share with us your infinite wisdom, much appreciated.
  8. That didn't take long... thanks for proving my point, troll ?
  9. No politics in this thread please, guys - there's way too much of that already on HPC these days. Thank you, much appreciated.
  10. Compulsively posting in every thread that the time to buy is NOW, DON'T MISS OUT ! Enjoy negative equity you BTL trolls, and keep the entertainment coming. I suggest that every day we honor their most laughable efforts in this thread. I'll kick things off with this beauty. That was Danny's very first post... Rest assured, it's going to get worse... The harder prices fall, the harder they'll troll.
  11. Higher salaries? Don't make me Those who still have a job after the furlough scheme ends will have to accept flat wages for a very long time. Lots will be told "take a pay cut, or here's your P45". I think this SD holiday will end up having a negligible impact on HPs, hence it's likely to get extended well beyond the end of March. The key factors are unemployment and lending criteria - the rest is just noise peddled by the usual suspects.
  12. Give the guy a break, will you? He's barely literate and you expect him to get that?
  13. Yep, and failing miserably. Speedo's compulsive posting about his financial acumen (LOL) simply highlights his fear and desperation. Just another lifetime debt slave trapped in negative equity, hopelessly praying for hyperinflation to save his sorry @rse.
  14. Shame @The Masked Tulip doesn't post here anymore... wonder what he'd have made of this.
  15. And this is the Wail At this rate even the sheeple might start to tumble to what's coming...
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