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  1. Spot on. Here's the next one. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/tax/capital-gains/rishi-sunak-orders-review-capital-gains-tax-amid-fears-rate/
  2. Err... no. EDIT: did you actually mean "expect this nuclear bomb to be dropped on landlords", as opposed to "expect CTG on residential property to be dropped altogether" ? If so, I fully agree.
  3. He's scaling new highs every minute, each hyperbole greater than the one which preceded it. London beware, the brummie ripple is coming... Manhattan condos are next in line, then SanFran, Sydney and finally Tokyo. Speedo is going to rule the world from his evil BTL empire !!!
  4. You mean the infamous Mr B is still amongst us ??? Should we worry ? Call the old bill ?
  5. Are you a brummie EA with a small BTL portfolio then, Speedo? That would explain both your poor literacy and compulsive spamming.
  6. Well said, that man. In my case, it's mostly non-GBP denominated assets.
  7. DC's day is never done ! Spreading his selfless, unbiased pearls of wisdom to the uninformed for the benefit of mankind at large. Nothing in it for him at all - no siree
  8. Thank you Quicken, it's good to see you back here. Nothing wrong in buying when you feel it's right for you and your family - well done
  9. Hello? This is HousePriceCrash.co.uk, not Property118. And your point is? In that timeframe other people enjoyed a much higher ROI through other assets. Nope, I said in previous posts that if a HPC doesn't happen in the next 12-18 months, I'll accept that it never will. your modesty is second only to your verbal fluency.
  10. Ah, the irony... Why don't you change your avatar to this, just to save time?
  11. By all means stay, DC. There is a special place in paradise for altruistic souls like yourself, devoting so much of your valuable time just to help us see the error of our ways.
  12. The harder prices fall, the harder they'll troll. It's a joy to behold
  13. Yep, I knew the identity of one-post-wonder DannyWebb's "daddy" would eventually be revealed in this thread. It's too funny...
  14. The smarter/more subtle ones haven't made an appearance yet.... the noisy ones already here are beyond redemption, I'm afraid. Let them burn, I say.
  15. I hate to break it to you, Speedo, but there are ways to make money (and lots of it) other than buying an illiquid, overpriced asset on tick. Wake up and smell the coffee.
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