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  2. America’s hidden economic crisis: Widespread wage cuts At least 4 million U.S. workers have received pay cuts since February even as they continued working the same job, and millions more have seen pay freezes, according to economists from the Federal Reserve and University of Chicago who put out a study analyzing data from the payroll processing company ADP. Other estimates put it higher: Roughly 7 million workers have likely received a dock in pay, according to Mark Zandi, the chief economist at Moody’s Analytics. Combined with those who have been forced to log fewer hours, the number climbs to 20 million people — or 1 in 8 workers — who have seen their paychecks shrink over the past few months even as they continued to work. Soon to come to these shores?
  3. It was "reluctantly" closed at the end of March, will it ever be reopened? "Please do not post content intended for this board elsewhere in the forum" Can you smell the BTL fear ?
  4. Is this why our resident BTL "gurus" have been quiet in the last couple of days? Are they busy trying to offload?
  5. Wow, the trolls are having a near heart attack on the CGT thread, poor dears. I'm loving it.
  6. This one also springs to mind. ... but of course this time is different, "a new paradigm". Just ask the BTL trolls.
  7. Clearly in your small-time landlord mind people either buy houses or hold cash. I hate to break it to you, Vijay, but in the real world there are other options availaible to investors. But carry on pretending to ignore other people's posts when they don't suit your narrative. Well said, that man. In my case, it's mostly non-GBP denominated assets.
  8. Yep: and the smaller, the louder. Squeaky bum time for our very own Bollywood hero Rishi is coming with his CGT hike...
  9. Great, works for me and most old timers here who are betting on a weaker GBP FYI, the investing world is not just made up of semi-literate BTL types.
  10. I think not Well said, that man. In my case, it's mostly non-GBP denominated assets.
  11. Sounds like Rishi planned the leak to perfection. Threaten both, then implement the latter only - to a hugh collective sigh of relief. Except for our dear BTL friends of course
  12. Prolly not, but... The scope of the OTS investigation includes principle private residence relief, a tax break that allows individuals selling their main home not to pay CGT. Mike Hayes, a tax partner at accountancy firm Moore Kingston Smith, said: “The chancellor has not shown much enthusiasm for a wealth tax so far, but given that much of the population’s wealth is tied up in their homes, restricting the CGT exemption on a person’s home would enable him to tap into this vast source of wealth.” From the FT link in my post above.
  13. Eh? CGT increase is coming to schythe you, dude. UK review of capital gains tax heralds future rises, experts say
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