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  1. Add this to the November 1 equation. Barnier says Brexit deal needed by late October to ensure safe ratification “If we are to ensure the ratification of a new treaty in a secure way before the end of the year, we need to have an agreement by around Oct. 31,” Barnier told a French employers’ federation conference outside Paris. Something's gotta give, shirley. Will it be Furlough scheme extensione Mortgage holiday extension EU transition period extension All of the above
  2. So true! "It's like arguing with drunks in a bar" "People will want to rationalize the price action with narratives... everyone is a genius... " Until they aren't, and everyone runs for the exit.
  3. So what? The vast majority of posters here are bearish by definition, it's the forum's raison d'etre. On the other hand, the mods here don't delete bullish posts or prevent debate that goes against their agenda, do they?
  4. Nah, the real reason why the Debate House Prices and the Economy section was shut is that MSE won't tolerate bearish talk, and that's where most of it was happening before the C19 crisis. Hence their plea "Please do not post content intended for this board elsewhere in the forum" In fact the MSE mods are all too happy to allow systematic bullying and derision of the few bearish posters who dare to express their views in the House Buying, Renting & Selling section, at the hands of the BTL mob. Embarassing, really.
  5. Another month gone, still shut. But.. but... I thought a mini-boom was under way... Meanwhile in the House Buying, Renting & Selling section a few interesting threads are starting to pop up. Imminent house price crash and fear of negative equity Is a recession a good time to buy? Buyer pulled out just before exchange The resident BTL types are in complete denial of course.
  6. Nationwide Building Society is increasing rates
  7. Great post This summer may well turn out to be the silliest season EVER, in more ways than one.
  8. You've been banging this drum endlessly for months now, based on pure speculation. You've been at it so obsessively that it feels like you actually hope for it to happen... I wonder why
  9. Trying to move to OZ, based on his blog.
  10. At the very least until Schiff the muppet dies, that's for sure.
  11. Nah, he's just trying to distract his voter base from this bit of news... US economy posts its worst drop on record FAIL
  12. Account Settings --> Display Name --> Change Display Name Couldn't figure that out in 16 years ?? Guess we'll just trust your insights then.
  13. Hmmm, could be... ... or more likely the Squid prop trading desk are planning to T/P on their massive $ short, so they're looking to spoof a few retail punters to minimize slippage. Remember their $200 oil call?
  14. OK, thanks. Here's hoping for much higher transaction levels at much lower prices, so you can keep your job as well as get a reasonably priced house - - win/win !
  15. Would you say that this is mostly due to the fact that surveyors have relied on computer models without visiting properties and a lack of post-Covid housing market data (like the Telegraph article suggests)? Or are you guys actually taking a view on house prices falling from current levels?
  16. Paging @xxxx who works as a surveyor. Any juicy stories from the frontline?
  17. Oh my! Knight Frank and Alsopp are axing jobs. But... but... SDLT holiday... record asking prices...
  18. It's all explained here. At a corporate level MSE is owned by MoneySuperMarket, proud purveyor of standard and BTL mortgages (among other things).
  19. Give me the BTL trolls over the political trolls any day, at least they are on topic! Yes, but with so many political threads already on these boards, there's really no need to hijack this one too.
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