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  1. Shut up and just buy AMC and GME like everyone else, there's a good boy..
  2. I have a lot of time for Sven Henrich. Instability "I’ve long argued that central banks aiming to be a stabilizing force are actually bringing about societal instability. Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter, the storming of the Capitol, angry Trump voters, angry Democrat voters and yes even Gamestop reddit buyers may all have different causes and triggers and motivations, but they actually have one thing in common: They are angry, angry at a system that has screwed them over, a sense of deep pervasive injustice and inequality, a fissure that keeps widening with every central bank intervention program." Is the Everything Bubble approaching the endgame?
  3. Of course British houses are flooding; developers keep building them on flood plains Duh!
  4. Dugs, you are a fairly recent HPC joiner - I've been here since 2008. I spelt out my views about the EU a million times on these boards, years before Brexit was even on the horizon. Check my post history if you are interested. I can't be bothered to go over it again with someone who systematically misreprents and insults posters who disagree with them. I never said the EU run referenda, but they do influence them, just like 14st Flyer acknowledged.
  5. You are the one who's angry and resentful Bruce, and with reason: you blew your vote. I'm not asking for this thread to be shut down, keep embarassing yourself as long as you like.
  6. Well said, Scottie! Finally some sense in this ridiculous thread.
  7. You blew it then - what a shame. That must really grate. Oh well... carry on campaigning...
  8. Oh, so she didn't vote Leave after all? Sorry mate, I just don't buy it. Clearly I must be a vile racist.
  9. Right, you were unable to do so. Luckily your wife did.
  10. You mean like the vote in favour of Brexit you cast in 2016 and are now trying to deny?
  11. Just keep running the poll until you get the result you want, that's the way to do it!
  12. Meanwhile, in Germany house prices are up 10% in 2020. While headline inflation is supposed to be -0.7%.
  13. Yup. There are more than 18,000 outstanding ballots in Georgia
  14. Don't be too harsh, I think DC just had a few - the clue is right there in the thread title. Red alert indeed...
  15. Hi XXXX, good to see you back. Are you still working as a surveyor? I hope so: based on previous posts, it sounded like touch and go for you... If so, what are you seeing in the market at the moment?
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