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  1. BURN THE HERETIC! Goldbuggery is a religion, so all you need is faith - not facts
  2. Another happy BTL investor Welcome to the forum, you filthy slumlord scum, time to repent isn't it
  3. But... but... Trampa said that Spain will be alright since tourism is blooming and exports are going through the roof...
  4. He hails from Lisbon, actually, but I agree: he should have kept his mouth shut
  5. Yep, I've been saying this for a while. It's break or break time for the Euro project.
  6. What Barroso actually said So in reality he's defending the austerity measures - but tentatively acknowledging, a good 6 months after everyone else in the world realized it, that PIIGS voters have had enough. Or maybe I should say Eurozone voters, considering that 19% Of Germans Say They Would Vote For Anti-Euro Party
  7. Spain Has EU’s Largest Deficit Just as well Spain's banking system is now robust and sound
  8. Well, I would love to hear another rant about your French ex-girlfriend, that's for sure! Did she wear a gold stud in her tongue?
  9. Beautiful. I can picture the bugs who inhabit this thread genuflecting and praying every morning before these 12 commandments, etched on a gold plate hanging on their wall
  10. Egan Jones downgrades Germany to A from A+, outlook negative.
  11. +1 I made the same point a few posts back. Religious nutters, don't you just love them
  12. Then it appears this thread serves no purpose anymore, at least not in the main board. Mods, time to unpin and move to the PM section?
  13. Great post EDM. Not surprisingly, but indeed tellingly, none of the permabulls who post on this thread has even attempted to refute your points.
  14. Don't waste your time arguing against the goldbugs' dogma, they are as fanatic as the Jesuits. Theirs is a faith, and as such they can never be wrong. Your wealth is measured in gold ounces, it does not matter what the paper price does. Much better to poke some fun at them, I'll start
  15. The gold thread is rather subdued at the mo... the bugs aren't even responding to provocation attempts
  16. It's comedy hour on the isle of Ischia
  17. Thanks, that chart complements the one I posted earlier, and proves the point made by myself and others on this thread. Up until 2008 Germany successfully managed to export inflation to its EZ "partners", since then the trend has started to reverse.
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