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  1. Dude - you really, REALLY need to shorten your sig !!! I'm not going to give you the usual overinflated ego logic: it's just annoying when you scroll down to read subsequent posts. Funny to see a list of RB's TFH prophecies disproved though
  2. Yep: the reputation of these prophets of doom / tin foil hatters is experiencing severe hyper-deflation at the momoment
  3. The readers' comments at the bottom of the article are straight out of this forum - come on, own up!!! Who from HPC added their pearls of wisdom?
  4. Sorry, but it's not as simple as that. N'wide figures are a NATIONAL AVERAGE, applying them to any individual property is a complete waste of time. Some properties more than doubled betwen 04 and 07, others barely increased in price - depending on a number of different factors (mainly location). Good luck to you gold bugs - just stop talking your book, will you? Free investment advice is always worth what you pay for it.
  5. Extremely well put, sir. That's what I did, hence my username...
  6. You wouldn't happen to be long gold, would you? As for being smarter than me, I'll content myself with multiplying my deposit money tenfolds on a property bought in May 01 and sold in november 07, thank you very much dude!!!
  7. Not sure at all this was such a great deal: they missed the 04-07 leg of the house price boom, and in my experience this is when house prices really got silly. Had they sold their house any time between sept 07 - jan 08 I reckon they'd be better off now. Still, plenty of gold VIs out there, and they are all coming out of the woodwork now...
  8. So your firm (whoever that is) have been short Anglo since Jan? Must have cost you a few bob to run... What is your price target?
  9. And if you feel you need some kind of spirituality boost in these harsh times, you can join the debate on this thread: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...showtopic=90266 personally, I find that discussion boring - buy hey!, that's me...
  10. I really don't think they'll do that: on the contrary, they'll say something along the lines of "we are structurally sound, unlike other coutries outside the EU, our £50K guarentee is adequate and reflects this"
  11. I doubt it: lack of coordination between member states is bad for the single currency: just look what happened to the € after Germany unilaterally guaranteed savings at the w/e. € is now close to key support level versus both $ and £, and if those give way it's the beginning of a long journey south for the €
  12. Scary... And the EU's utter inabilty to actually put together a coordinated plan is ever scarier
  13. Anyone on this forum still keeping money with the Irish banks? Apparently a few HPCers were caught on the hop with icelandic banks - which I find surprising as Iceland's problems were highlighted many times here before the S hit the F... I took money out of Anglo Irish a week before the guarantee, and never thought for a minute of putting it back there
  14. This website is running slow: my post just popped up - 5 hours after I hit "add topic"... Too many new HPCers ?
  15. Agreed, enough pseudo-religious claptrap and back to house prices and global finanacial markets crisis please...
  16. yep! wouldn't want to be late repaying that loan either - know what I mean?
  17. Iceland Central Bank Receives 4 Billion Euro Loan From Russia http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...&refer=home
  18. It was inevitable, after Germany's move at the weekend... As posted on anothe thread, a small army of hedge funds are short Anglo Irish, Allied Irish and Bank Ireland. I suspect these speculators are hell bent on calling the Irish Government's bluff on the 100% guarantee. Heady days ahead...
  19. For me politicians have been too slow to react to crisis's in the past with modern communication technology the current scenario is clearly the worst possible, you essentially have 24/7 someone somewhere is trading. For this you need clear decisive action which modern politicians are incapable off as each decision needs some form of approval rating before being enacted. Very much so, particularly in the EU. Expect no action whatsoever, just a torrent of words to the effect of "we'll do whatever is necessary" from the emergency EU meeting currently taking place in Luxembourg.
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