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  1. Oh come on IRRO, the guy works for a broker, what do you expect him to say? Equity analysts are payed to ramp up stocks - always has been, always will be. In the good times they talk up crap companies, in the bad times they just talk up the market as a whole. Hardly a surprise.
  2. Bought in London in May 01, sold Jan 08 (price agreed Nov 07 so very close to the top ). Left the UK in July, now renting in my native country waiting for local prices to drop. Guess that makes me an international STR. May be tempted to go back to the UK in 3-4 yrs if prices go down 40%+ from the highs of Aug 07.
  3. Dude, you answered your own question: [email protected] rip off Britain, vote with your feet: that's what I did!!!
  4. Yes, good analisys: and after the US election the green lizards will step in to short the market and accelerate humanity's downfall into slavery and oblivion
  5. Yes RB, we know you are long $ ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  6. The yield curve is not a forecasting tool. It simply reflects the current market expectations for IRs at different maturities. In other words, today's yield curve may well differ from next week's.
  7. Well, the BOE are supposed to be an independent body, how long before they wake up, smell the coffee and stop cutting rates? Or do we think they too are under GB's control?
  8. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...&refer=home Basically HSBC are saying "we are the biggest bank in the world, we know ho to manage risk and GB can go and stuff himself - we are not going to go back to easy credit". A few people on this forum have pointed out in recent weeks that slashing IRs is not necessarily the answer to stave off recession in the UK, while it weakens the pound and penalizes savers. I hope the MPC takes notice.
  9. mmmm... swiss rates are well below 3pct and Norway will cut rates aggressively to stave off recession and make sure that they join the € at a competitve level.
  10. Which "higher return" currencies do you have in in mind, the Hungarian Forint or the Icelandic Krona?
  11. Completely agree. Most people on this forum don't understand that capitalism cannot work without the banks - it's just the way it is.
  12. Yup. And in the UK it's going to be even easier, with GB effectively owning the banks.
  13. Whatever happened to..... The FT's property forum, where BTLs and property bulls used to dish out their pearls of wisdom and make fun of HPC?
  14. Yes, very depressing and unfair. This seems to be topic of the day on HPC: we've been discussing it at lenght on http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...showtopic=93740, and there are 3 or 4 more threads all about the moral and social implications of the bailouts for those who didn't take part in the credit binge, but who are now being asked to foot the bill. Sign o' the times, I'm afraid... :angry:
  15. Big boobies for every girl - isn't that ethical? I say it is
  16. I agree with some of your remarks CL - but believe you are underestimating the snowball potential of any blanket measures to prevent repos. Yes, the banks needed to be rescued to avoid TEOTWAWKI, and there's little point in complaning or seeking retribution: we all have to share the pain and accept it as a fact of life in a capitalist society which cannot live without a functioning banking system. However, if people stop paying their mortgage en masse because they know they won't be repo'ed, the damage would simply be too big. Let's see exactly what JPM is going to do in the US: the devil is in the detail on this one.
  17. QUOTE Fears grow that rift between Nordic countries and Mediterranean block will tear Euro apart The accession of Sweden and Denmark to the Euro block will put intolerable stress on the currency, leading to its inevitable break up, it was claimed yesterday. The news came as a devastating blow to Euro-enthusiasts who hoped that a more streamlined Eurozone would be able to weather the storm. I fully respect different opinions - but tend to ignore articles trying to sell opinions as facts.
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