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  1. ... unless you sell your UK property and move abroad
  2. No, capitalism is about making stuff that nobody needs, but everybody wants
  3. ...but ... but ... how about all those posh yummy mummies doing the school run in their chelsea tractors?
  4. Mildly interesting - but WTF has this got to do with house prices or financial markets in general?
  5. Ah! the irony, coincidence, synchronicity ...
  6. Oh ok... so you are also in full wealth distruction mode then, like everyone else
  7. Not sure why this is funny to you CL... the way savers are being penalized and debt-bingers rescued by the gubment is shameful if you ask me. :angry: Don't tell me your STR fund is all in gold. Anyway, there will still be some decent deals out there, as the article suggests.
  8. Welcome billsballs, interesting post. Which UK area(s) do you focus on?
  9. Nationwide International would only ever go bust if their UK head office did, and that's not going to happen (too big to fail). So it looks like a pretty safe bet to me...
  10. As if that ever mattered for sh1t in the currency markets
  11. Spot on... loony mumbling for the digital age
  12. By George, I think he is ! Dollar top in the making, anyone?
  13. AMAZING!!! Someone beat RB to an apocalyptic post? This must be the end of the world, surely...
  14. Shocking... Dog, where do you get this data from? How about job desciptions, for a (bitter) laugh?
  15. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...&refer=home This is quite a big step for the Swiss: the bonus structure/culture in Zurich is pretty much the same as in London. GB, are you paying attention?
  16. RB, only you were expecting an "Obama bounce" - not the markets. Democratic president elect = stocks down, since time immemorial. And YES - we KNOW you are long $
  17. Good analogy - just one main difference: the Dunkirk veterans lived to fight another day and evenually gain the upper hand. That is MOST DEFINITELY not going to happen for BTLs
  18. 351 votes so far: this is becoming statistically significant. Come on guys: let us know where you stand ! Let's bump this thread up !
  19. Durch, I genuinely like you: you have GSOH - but you are borderline TFH yourself I'm afraid Your economics/financial markets background is vastly superior to the average green lizard worshipper, granted.
  20. Yes, and McCain couldn't be a worser candidate for the White House OBAMAAAAA
  21. Come on Obama Come on Obama Come on Obama Not long to go now...
  22. Yes, some of the september/early october posts on HPC were absolutely hilarious, top TFH stuff !!!
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