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  1. Yes I do: it's the economist's favourite word, which is why economists aren't traders - need I say more?
  2. Wow... these are sales COMPLETED by end October, i.e. agreed 8-10 weeks before, with contracts exchanged around the end of Sept. Was gazundering already widespread back then? I suspect not. Next LR releases are bound to be sharply lower.
  3. OK, so you DID change your mind - again. Here is a quote from Nov 22: QUOTE (Realistbear @ Nov 22 2008, 03:31 PM) I am planning on a very minimal transfer out of US$ and will keep the bulk of my STR fund in $ for the long-long term. I only need enough for a downpayment here and by the end of the next year it may be safe to start looking for auction bargains. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...p;#entry1477297 You post so much on this forum that inevitably you forget what you said in previous threads. Remember RB: it's quality over quantity every time...
  4. SSSSHHHH don't say that loud !!!! GB is going to nationalize HPC and merge it with the Daily Wail
  5. RB, make your mind up: a couple of days ago on another thread you said you'd be looking at auction bargains towards the end of 09. Surely you don't believe prices will go down 50% next year? I believe we are looking at another 18 months of significant falls followed by 6 months of stagnation. Overall around -40% from the peak (as a national average ). After that, if rates stay below 3% inflation will rise again and house prices will start to recover - fast.
  6. Cheer up dude, the time will come. And congrats: yours is the best avatar on this forum imo
  7. The Swiss are doing more than just cutting bonus pools. Former UBS Executives Repay $58.3 Million of Bonuses http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...&refer=home Just goes to show how deeply in trouble UBS are...
  8. Mostly, he's a stuck record: always mentioning spreads in an effort to impress the sheeple with his "technical knowledge". Everything he says is based on the notion that looking at today's spreads is a surefire way to predict the market tomorrow - which is of course complete BS.
  9. Bumping so the evening crowds can take part and share their thoughts. Best poll in recent weeks, IMO: well done OP.
  10. You are Yvette C, I claim my £5 and and will use it as deposit for a 50,000X interest only mortgage.
  11. Hey, young man! Show some respect for pop's opinions, will you. He fought in the trenches, dontcha know? Must me BNP's oldest member, surely
  12. Yes, the whole world is just one big place, innit? You really sound like a man who has travelled a lot
  13. I remember reading the FT's property forum back in 04-06. The bull/bear ratio in 04 was probably 50/50 - but already the bears were putting forward convincing rational arguments and winning economic debates hands down. In the following two years the bears started to prevail, and only a few permabulls stuck to their guns (Owl, where are you these days?) That forum seems to have disappeared from the FT website - wonder why?
  14. STR'd my London property in Nov 07 and left UK in July 08. May return in 4-5 years if house prices fall 50-60%.
  15. You mean he is going to live off taxpayers' money for the rest of his life ?
  16. I'm not sure about the Swiss doing an Iceland, but clearly there is a huge amount of bad news still to come out of both Switzerland and the Euro area. IMO, the Euro is now teetering on the brink, just like £ abovethe $2 level: investors are buying Trichet's story hook, line and sinker - just like they bought the BOE's back then. The turnaround in sentiment will be just as swift and brutal when the SHTF in Ireland or one of the club Med countries. Forget about Germany: one of the "marginal" Euro bloc countries will cause the whole house of cards to collapse in the end.
  17. Really? Wait until Ireland defaults on its deposits guarantee, and then you'll see how solid the Euro is... US and and UK hedge funds are still massively short Irish financials, just check the LSE website and ask yourself why. Not long to go now...
  18. RB, you are letting me down! This is trader lingo: book = trading book. In this sense, both you and James are talking your respective books - the only difference, as you said, is that you are long $ and he is short. I was just teasing you about accusing James of something you do regularly on this forum
  19. So James is talking his book - how despicable! Just as well people on this forum don't do that, huh RB?
  20. Extremely unlikely. Yesterday in Paris Angela & Nicolas publicly rejected the idea of reducing VAT a la UK. Also, the likes of Italy and Belgium have been well above the 3% deficit limit for years now...
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