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  1. A wannabe banker? mmmm.... not sure that will go down well with some of the people on here - expect abuse !!
  2. I hope you are right... that's the way Bernanke is going too (although US rates are much lower)
  3. Sell the Euro dude, it's a travesty. Things in parts of the Eurozone are MUCH WORSE than in UK. Just look at Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, Greece. Barroso's pathetic "leak" about the UK's plan to join the Euro is just wishful thinking.
  4. Are you for real, or is this a wind-up? Provide a bit more info if you want to be believed: which areas of Central London do you cover? Can you give examples of properties now down 30% from the peak?
  5. Great find They are going to put real estate ads on porn websites next...
  6. well, what would she put in her CV anyway... "I love cats" ?
  7. Maybe they didn't offset the risk of all the shorts on the housing market
  8. But I thought spread betting firms were like casinos, "the house always wins"??? Good luck with your 5K ...
  9. But of course, this all started in America, dontcha know? All joking apart it's shocking, absolutely shocking :angry:
  10. Ireland is in deep sh1t, soon to hit the fan BIG TIME. This is just a desperate attempt to revive their housing market, which won't make one iota of difference.
  11. ... from a big sell off. Absolutely spot on: you are the only one on this thread who gets it
  12. What exactly do you mean, "start collapsing"? Countries pulling out unilaterally? Please explain.
  13. Plus the other day a friend of a friend heard at the barbers' shop that someone bought a house
  14. UK govt will just have to make bonds more attractive by offering higher yields. Of course this will increase the cost of debt servicing, but this is what happens when a country is in trouble. Italy has been doing it for decades. Zero interest rates my @rse.
  15. Your logic is sound, but your conclusions are a bit extreme. I expect further price falls at the top end - but I do not expect many top end owners to actually be repossessed, do you?
  16. I've been making similar points for a while on this forum - but I disagree with Ambrose EP's view that the Euro will not survive. There is simply too much at stake politically for it to happen. What will happen is a severe correction from the Euro's recent highs.
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