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  1. This is what all PIIGS will end up looking like, unless they ditch the Euro rapidamente.
  2. Portugal’s Coalition Splinters on Austerity Fatigue More at the link.
  3. 1 in 10 Canada Families Highly in Debt
  4. Ugly scenes from a demonstration to support the right to housing (in Rome earlier today). Full movie at the link (article in Italian only). For those who think HPI is only a problem in the UK...
  5. Time to dig out a classic post from the good ole days of unbridled hubris
  6. This sounds like a good candidate for non-news story of the year. What a complete waste of time. Quelle surprise, we need more just one more taxpayer funded, useless bunch of Brussels bureaucrats, and everything will be hunky dory. Precisely.
  7. ASHERON, WHERE ARE YOU? Your insightful posts are sorely missed
  8. Italy could need EU rescue within six months, warns Mediobanca When Ben sneezes, the piggies catch a very bad cold...
  9. +1 Absolutely pathetic. And where is the poster with the $500 silver avatar? Haven't seen him in a while
  10. Just out of curiosity, why did you get back to blighty? You seem to miss those glory days in Germany a lot...
  11. According to the local press, Berlusconi just said that the Italian government ought to ignore the 3% deficit/GDP limit and kick the EZ fiscal compact in the long grass. "No one is going to kick us out of the Euro" anyway, he added. Link (Italian only)
  12. Meanwhile, in Italy... Italy: Public debt hits record high of €2.034725 trln That's close to 130% of GDP Spain has some way to go to keep up
  13. When asked whether the ECB thought it had made mistakes in the Greek bailout, President Mario Draghi said: “It’s very hard to pass ex-post judgement about things that happened four years ago.” That's as close to a yes as you will ever get from that muppet
  14. Don't waste your time, dude. There is no point in trying to talk sense to religious fanatics. Blind faith and all that
  15. London’s Forced Renters Fuel Apartment Investing Boom
  16. Italian Industrial Output Unexpectedly Falls for Third Month Down 4.6% YOY in April.
  17. Who cares about Greece? Draghi said yesterday EZ growth will resume by year end, it's all sorted out
  18. Yeah, that's precisely what former poster Grumpy-Old-Man-Returns predicted a while ago. He was so sure about it, that he swore he would never come here again if it didn't happen by the end of 2009. A man of his word, you gotta give him that How about you Corinne? Do you feel lucky? WELL, DO YA, PUNK ?????
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