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  1. They're (almost) out of ammo this time, they cannot put a floor under HPs like they did before.
  2. We know your views, KB. Let the dreamcaster spell out his own pearls of wisdom, would you?
  3. "Debt is wealth" Sure, it's different this time.
  4. You are confused, mate. What are your hyperinflation fears based upon, exactly? What's the theory behind them ? You are not a goldbug, you said so yourself. You're not predicating a return to the gold standard, but you keep ranting against fiat. What currency is it you expect to go to zero: just the pound or indeed any other fiat currency on the planet? Do enlighten us, o mighty thinker outside the box
  5. How about yourself, fair captain? Recent joiner, faux bear style, posting all the time. Why are you here?
  6. "He's just a poor troll, he needs no sympathy Because he's easy come, easy go A little high, little low Anyway the wind blows Doesn't really matter to Speed"
  7. By all means, dude. Where were you and the other muppets when prices were actually increasing? You keep saying you'll be ok either way, so why are you wasting your time posting here at all, all of a sudden? Are you genuinely concerned we are going to miss out?
  8. It's axiomatic. The harder they troll, the harder prices fall
  9. Quite a few trolls and faux bears getting vocal on the boards these days, tells you all you need to know...
  10. It's just the beginning. Wait until mass redundancies kick in...
  11. "Eight of the ten places in England recording the biggest jumps in buyer demand since the housing market reopened were towns in the North, according to property portal Rightmove. ... Rightmove measures demand by the number of buyers inquiring on specific properties." Shame EAs don't get paid on the basis of inquiries !
  12. I believe this time the combination of high unemployment and tighter lending criteria is likely to cause a HPC. That is why I came back here. Good enough for you as an argument? Now, would you be so kind as to clarify why you bother posting, since you don't believe a HPC will ever happen? It's a perfectly legitimate question, can you please just answer?
  13. I'll take that as confirmation that you have no valid reason to be here, other than to troll.
  14. I already put forward my argument in previous posts. If a HPC doesn't happen this time, I am ready to accept that it never will. I believe that the next few months are key, that's why I started posting again after a long hiatus. Now can you explain why you are still here posting like mad, if you lost all hope for a HPC?
  15. Then why the heck are you still here after all these years, posting every five minutes? Surey staying away from these boards would be much healthier, if you lost all hope for a HPC? Are you working as an EA these days, by any chance?
  16. I resent that, we are not the Dark Side! This is more like it. Welcome back to the fight. This time I know our side will win.
  17. Andy the wonderseller is back with a brand new MSE thread! Apparently, it's all the EA's fault that the house is getting no viewings. Comedy gold, enjoy...
  18. No, you're not. Why don't you go post in the C19 thread, captain? This one is about house prices.
  19. And who said that? At the same time, this thing has legs and will keep smothering any "green shoots of recovereh" for a long while - which brings us right back on topic re HPC.
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