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  1. Like most bitter posters who keep flogging a dead horse in this pathetic thread. Kudos to you for showing some intellectual honesty in the face of reality, and amending your views accordingly.
  2. I'm not sure this model is going to stick in the medium/long term though. If I were still two or three decades away from retirement I'd think twice before loading up on debt to buy a family home in a rural area, based on the assumption that WFH is the new normal. Forever is a very long time... By way of example, this time last year many bright minds were forecasting a permanent shift away from efficiency in favour of resilience in manufacturing, following the global PPE shortage in the early days of the pandemic. Twelve months down the line, very little has actually changed at all.
  3. Yep. It's laughable how EAs have been calling for a "new paradigm" whereby WFH is going to be the norm from here to eternity, in an effort to pump rural/semirural property prices. Good luck with your converted barn in the middle of nowhere when the boss tells you to get back to the office pronto - or else.
  4. It is most definitely an issue, when you put it in context with the general outlook in ocean freight. The charges for ocean containers are going through the roof ATM. Shipping quotes are only good for two weeks and departures from ports get postponed on a regular basis. This baby is very, very real - and here to stay for the foreseeable future.
  5. Nah, they were living in an apartment with rent control (there are over a million in NYC, including in the Village).
  6. Britain's first 40-year fixed-rate mortgage unveiled The Habito One mortgage rates start at 2.99pc with a range of deposit options from 40pc to 10pc, with the lender confirming plans to offer 5pc mortgages later this year. The 40-year 90pc loan has a fixed interest rate of 5.35pc.
  7. The basics: Bond Price And Yield Relationship Yield curve control Bonds are getting sold as traders expect higher interest rates in future, due to the threat of inflation overshooting CB's stated targets.
  8. ^ this. BTC is trading like a high beta stonk at the moment, no more, no less.
  9. US 10yr yield just shot up to 1.54 after Powell failed to announce (or at least mention) YCC in a speech, in response to the ongoing bond rout. I still think the Fed will cave in at some point, but watch this space... EDIT: And of course all risk assets puked in synch as a result.
  10. If rates do rise in a meaningful way (and it's a big if, admittedly), do you really think a fair chunk of overpriced slave box wouldn't see > 20% falls ?
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