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  1. Easy tiger, 4x is not an EA and his input is great, IMO.
  2. A short, sharp drop then? How sharp in % terms? And followed by what, new highs in nominal terms? I can't see that myself, not for some time after the crash, and certainly not in a matter of months.
  3. Who exactly do you expect will be jumping in en masse after the winter, Timbo? Where will all that dosh be coming from? And on another note, why is the black horse in your avatar not bleeding anymore like in the olden days?
  4. ^ this. As I've said before: if a HPC doesn't happen now, then I'll accept that it never will.
  5. Yep, the House Buying, Renting & Selling section over at MSE is a joy to behold these days. The hilarious thread linked by the OP is but one example. Check these out ... Asking for a Reduction on House Price Is now really a bad time to buy? And of course: Nationwide -1.7% MoM for May. Should I renegotiate? The local BTL-types are throwing a hissy fit, but deep down they know they're fighting a losing battle...
  6. Hyperinflation has always been overhyped on these boards.
  7. Most people will take a large hit. The 1% will skate, as usual...
  8. Welcome! Would you mind clarifying in what capacity you work in property? We could use a non-biased insider around here, and I suspect you have the potential to become a rahter popular poster - but it would be helpful to know which side of things you are involved in.
  9. Nah, I don't buy it. Way too many geopolitical unknowns over that sort of timeframe for anyone to make any credible forecast, sorry.
  10. While I never subscribed to the hyperinflation-is-coming and death-of-the-Dollar views many posters expressed after the GFC, I find it hard to imagine that rates would stay near zero "essentially forever". You know better than to make forecasts from here to eternity, Sceppy - perhaps you'd like to rephrase that statement, or clarify what sort of time horizon you have in mind?
  11. Completely agree. @Warlord: everything you keep repeating has been said a million times before (and much better, BTW) by the likes of Errol, Warpig, Goldfinger etc. Please post your gold stuff in the appropriate forum section. TA
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