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  1. Both properties with different agents have no stipulated that I have to have insurance for the Landlords fixtures and fittings in the house. Surely that is what the deposit is for and I thought it is up to the landlord to pay for his own house insurance? Maybe this is in response to having to put your deposit in a 3rd party.
  2. This is really going to make me not want to come on this site for my lunchtime read I know it sounds pathetic, but it just feels wrong the new site.
  3. I can't see how many posts are in each topic when using my Iphone anymore. I prefer the old version.
  4. Actually that's not your normal 'copper' doing that job. They will just as happily prosecute a Police vehicle going 6mph over the limit. Most Coppers hate giving speeding tickets, even more so those who are a community beat officer as it pisses off the locals no end. But funnily enough it's the locals that ask for it to be done.... so it gets done.... and guess who 70% of the offenders are.....that's right the locals lol. Does make me laugh a bit. The Speed Monitoring Vehicles are ruthless for sure, you average Bobby having been told by the local community to speed check a certain road will have a certain discretion. Don't mix the two up.
  5. Ok guys I would never normally do this, but this is a special case probably (if indeed he is not talking out of his **** for attention). Your IP has been logged, which gives a pretty close 300m radius of your location. Officers in that area have been contacted (funnily has to be faxed lol in this day and age indeed).... with these details and the information you posted in this forum. Vehicles will be checked and should be easy enough to narrow down to the type of vehicle you drive. Regardless of my tactic here, driving uninsured might be fine if you kill yourself, but you are not the one who has to deal with the aftermath of a hit and run arsehole who didn't stay top help because he/she new they had no insurance. Only last week were we called to a lady upside down in a ditch trapped because someone with no insurance crashed into her....and decided not to help. She was there for 6 hours trapped all night in a ditch that could have semi full with water had it not been for the dry spell of recent days. I don't use the C word very often but you sir are a C N U T Oh and to those who think we don't check insurance if there is a tax disc on the vehicle that is current.... wrong First info given by comms on a given index is: Confirmation of type and colour, registered to whom, Insurance held, mot held, insured drivers are etc.... This is standard procedure. Vehicles will be taken if not insured.
  6. Odd, I've always been on 16.9% Apr but just got a letter yesterday that they are putting it up to 19% Apr. I hope that the new rate is for new purchases and not applicable to puchases made when the Apr was 16.9% It's a bit of a jump, I have never missed a payment and pay off a good chunk each month by direct debit. Is this the start of the big clawback of cash?
  7. Of course I had insurance, but I don't think it covered Bupa and what with time being of the essence and all that I thought maybe it would be best to ride to the nearest hospital... Is that ok with you? Please let me know what you would have done, I'm genuinly interested. I have no problem with using our National Health...... so you've never used a hospital or doctors before then Injin
  8. I rode my motorbike? Maybe I should wrap myeself up in cotton wool and not go outside? The fact is I have paid my National Insurance which I class as a type of health insurance. Yes I lopped my thumb off, but accidents are accidents.
  9. I watched that film about the state of the American Health Care system, I was shocked. If Obama can help those that do not fit in the 'can you afford to have this treatment done' then good for him! Why are people hating on someone trying to help those who can not afford to have basic treatment done without having to sell their house to get it done. One of the guys in the film had 2 of his fingers cut off, he could only afford to have one of them sewn back on and I think that cost him $30k. I fell off my motorbike and the NHS at first said they didn'tthink it was cost effective to put my thumb back on... but they did in the end for free. Without that help I could not have afforded to have my now 100% working thumb back on my hand.
  10. As someone who has produced and released a £129 music software package that sold really really well in the first 3 months before the pirate/cracked version appeared on the internet (5 Star reviews in most major music production magazines i.e Sound on Suund etc) I can tell you from real world experiance that piracy totally destroys the ability to make enough profit to have a career unless you are very succesful. Sales dropped by over 80% the week the crack came out, I saw on loads of torrent sites comments like'nice one, I was going to buy this next week' and stuff like that. I'm sure many won't believe me but I can tell you from my heart that it is true. I took 3 years making the software and put a lot of money into it. I have recouped and made about £2k profit which is crap for 3 years work. On a certain audio site it shows how many people have downloaded the torrent, I saw over 2,000 downloads from this one site alone. If 10% of those had bought it I would have carried on in that line of work... as it is I had to go and get a proper job (though many would not call it a proper job lol... but I do work hard at it). It is too easy to try and never buy with pirate software. Why would people pay for it when the pirate version works just as well? Something has to be done about it. But also the prices have to come down. Out of the £129 retail price I got £10 from the company I went with! I took out a loan to buy the equipment needed, luckily I've broke even but I should have been able to have lived at least on the sales of the product.
  11. Hey Sibley, how are you coping with the green shoots of recovery....I mean last months 2.3% drop?
  12. I would have handled that incident a lot better than that guy for sure. I find a cheeky smile and good attitude solves far more things than forcing the issue. You can always force it after all the nice talk fails, but it usually works. Funny vid though
  13. I used to like FP and had much respect for his thoughts. But I lost a lot of that after he was so rude to some people and also after the recent hissy fit.
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