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  1. I am cashing out of my 2008 purchases today. Feel bad for selling as I've held so long and the outlook still points to gold. Keep buying if you can
  2. text to mp3 http://www.irongeek.com/i.php?page=videos/...to-mp3-freeware
  3. I have to disagree with this post. I stooze to offset my mortgage. Just got my 12th credit card application accepted with a balance transfer of 11k. Thank you Abbey. I am currently sitting at 35k in the stooze pot. I don't see the credit card market drying up for another year or to as the banks can still make money on the 0% cards by chrging a fee and stinging joe bloggs if he misses a payment or chooses to pay the minimum.
  4. should'nt this thread been in the oil forum
  5. Anyone got charts on house prices for Spain over the past 30 years? I would like to own a place within 15 years over there and need to know the best time to buy.
  6. How would they know I wasn't using my heating LPG oposed to forcourt LPG? it ain't like red diesel, you can't see it
  7. Convert your heating to LPG, then your car. Use the LPG in your heating tank to fill up your car. The is no road duty on home LPG so the cost is much lower than forcourt LPG which is around 45p/litre, at a guess you'd be 20p/litre. I converted to LPG 2 years ago. All garages have sold out or regular petrol up here in Aberdeen, if the strike goes on guess who'll still have transport. Though it is not essential for me as I can walk to work in 30 minutes or bike in 5. I am more worried about th efood supply than getting from A-B. Which we should all be worried about.
  8. of course this has nothing to do with the fact it's April when sowing starts....
  9. I hate OGC always sending me ******** and my office manager is always trying to get me to go through them for my IT, I can get the same stuff cheaper at ebuyer. Will be sending her the link, thanks to the OP
  10. JP of financial sense's "oreo effect" could be correct bad good bad for the dow this year. (not two black guys and a white girl)
  11. not too sure, just got a letter through the post about my morgan stalney credit card. (was moved to goldfish last year (RBS it think?) ) now Barclays are taking over the card brand. If anyone has an RBS account, I'd close it!
  12. I propose a new acronym for the site. THB Tinfoil Hat Brigade TBH THB are the majority on here. Can you get gold coloured tin foil?
  13. i fixed for 10 years in september so I doubt they could double the rate.
  14. i have a mortgage with the coventry for 140k, i have an offset of 33k, if they go under i my 33k is wiped out and i get a new mortgage for 107k. My only concern is the 33k is not mine but a little stooze pot I have with a few credit cards. Time to pay back the cards?
  15. Strange how they are meeting before a 3 day bank holiday (3 days right?) I'm withdrawing my cash from my current account tonight just in case they are planning something else oppsoed to a lifeline.
  16. there is nothing to see here move along, you won't here about this
  17. Beware the Ides of March.... i tell ya the tin hats on here are blocking out the dollars falling from Ben's chopper.
  18. Anyone care to predict where IR's will be in 2009? I purchased my first home in Sept 07 on a 10yr fixed at 6.09%. Just wondering if I should have fixed for longer or was I stupid to fix?
  19. good link, i've just bought so apart from rule 5 i'm fine
  20. keep up the good work on the stats Mr Gruff. I'm just about to buy! My mum just inherited a property from a friend and has sold and my dad has also just sold my grandmothers flat so I don't really have a choice about when to buy cause if I hold off any longer they'll blow it and I can kiss good buy to a depost.
  21. I live in Aberdeen, houses are in short supply because of the oil boom at the moment. There is a shortage of new housing stock as well as old stock. When I visit the city centre on a weekend I see a vast change in the type of people walking down the street, 1 in 10 i'd say are now polish. This was not the case five years ago, when you saw a black man on the street here it was a weekly event (i know polish are not black but visitors from any country were few and far between). My father lives in the US and I'm over visiting him at the moment, he lives in a suburb of Chicago. Everywhere I look there are new builds for sale. There is an over supply even with the strong mexican immegration that has taken place here in the last 15 years. I've been following this site for a few years hoping for a crash but due to the EU immigrants and lack of new builds I don't see us having anything like a crash on our shores soon. IRs will go up and prices will come down but I think it will be just as hard to purchase property due to the cost of living and high IRs. My advice is to keep renting and get used to it or move to poland!
  22. Hello, can you increase interest rates a bit over the next few months. I'm trying to save for a house but the savings are being out stripped by the house price inflation. I need you guys to do something about this situation, I would suggest you increase the rates or I'll be moving to the US to pick up a house (they are now falling back to an affordable level there) thanks! BoE response... Thank you for your e-mail. Perhaps I can first take this opportunity to explain the Bank's responsibilities regarding monetary policy. As you know, the remit of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) is to set interest rates to meet the Government's inflation target of 2% (as measured by the 12-month increase in the Consumer Prices Index). Subject to this, the Committee must also support the Government's economic policy, including its objectives for growth and employment. In setting rates, the MPC cannot look at any one part of the economy alone. It has to look at the economy as a whole to identify the rate of interest that will enable it to meet the inflation target. To control inflation, the MPC sets interest rates to ensure that the overall level of demand in the economy is consistent with what the economy can produce - its productive capacity - thereby containing inflation at a low and stable level. It is the pressure of demand on supply that largely determines whether inflationary pressures are building or abating across the economy at any particular time. This will reflect a wide variety of circumstances. Because of this, judgements on interest rates are always difficult and are only taken after very detailed and exhaustive analysis of the state of the economy and the prospects for inflation. When the MPC meets each month it looks at the full range of data on UK and international economic conditions. At any time, there will be some factors that may in themselves point to higher interest rates, while others suggest lower rates or no change. As you will be aware, the interest rate was increased today to 5.5%. The MPC judged that, despite the announced falls in household gas and electricity prices, the risks to the outlook for inflation in the medium term remain on the upside as a consequence of limited spare capacity in firms who are able to push through price increases. The News Release announcing the interest rate decision is available on our website at http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/publication...ws/2007/055.htm With regard to house prices I can assure you that we have viewed the rate of increase in house prices over recent years as unsustainable and we appreciate the impact this is having on some people. House price inflation is certainly considered by the MPC because housing wealth serves as collateral for borrowing and directly impacts on consumer spending. As housing wealth grows, consumption and aggregate demand may grow faster and eventually lead to higher inflation. However, the MPC does not have a target for house price inflation and house prices are not included in the target measure for inflation. The remit given to the MPC is to target consumer price inflation. Decisions taken by the MPC, which are often finely balanced, are always made in order to achieve this target. Thank you again for your views. Kind regards Di DaviesPublic Information & Enquiries GroupBank of England
  23. My father knows he'd be loosing money by selling to me at the price stated however he'd loose even more if he was giving me a wedge of cash to get started here in Aberdeen. The flat itself is inthe Yorkhill area of Glasgow, it woul dbe a big move for me and my girlfriend however a fresh start is needed so at this stage in my life the chance is worth taking. I'm in IT (server support) so if anyone wants to point me in the right direction sof where to be looking for jobs let me know
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