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  1. I am cashing out of my 2008 purchases today. Feel bad for selling as I've held so long and the outlook still points to gold. Keep buying if you can
  2. text to mp3 http://www.irongeek.com/i.php?page=videos/...to-mp3-freeware
  3. I have to disagree with this post. I stooze to offset my mortgage. Just got my 12th credit card application accepted with a balance transfer of 11k. Thank you Abbey. I am currently sitting at 35k in the stooze pot. I don't see the credit card market drying up for another year or to as the banks can still make money on the 0% cards by chrging a fee and stinging joe bloggs if he misses a payment or chooses to pay the minimum.
  4. should'nt this thread been in the oil forum
  5. Anyone got charts on house prices for Spain over the past 30 years? I would like to own a place within 15 years over there and need to know the best time to buy.
  6. How would they know I wasn't using my heating LPG oposed to forcourt LPG? it ain't like red diesel, you can't see it
  7. Convert your heating to LPG, then your car. Use the LPG in your heating tank to fill up your car. The is no road duty on home LPG so the cost is much lower than forcourt LPG which is around 45p/litre, at a guess you'd be 20p/litre. I converted to LPG 2 years ago. All garages have sold out or regular petrol up here in Aberdeen, if the strike goes on guess who'll still have transport. Though it is not essential for me as I can walk to work in 30 minutes or bike in 5. I am more worried about th efood supply than getting from A-B. Which we should all be worried about.
  8. of course this has nothing to do with the fact it's April when sowing starts....
  9. I hate OGC always sending me ******** and my office manager is always trying to get me to go through them for my IT, I can get the same stuff cheaper at ebuyer. Will be sending her the link, thanks to the OP
  10. JP of financial sense's "oreo effect" could be correct bad good bad for the dow this year. (not two black guys and a white girl)
  11. not too sure, just got a letter through the post about my morgan stalney credit card. (was moved to goldfish last year (RBS it think?) ) now Barclays are taking over the card brand. If anyone has an RBS account, I'd close it!
  12. I propose a new acronym for the site. THB Tinfoil Hat Brigade TBH THB are the majority on here. Can you get gold coloured tin foil?
  13. i fixed for 10 years in september so I doubt they could double the rate.
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