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  1. I can't help with Selby specifically, but expect it to be lower than North Yorkshire locations as the area is not significantly attractive and has flood problems. Last time I was looking actively (2012) asking prices for detached properties in good locations were in the range £180 to £250 per sq ft based on the asking price. The higher figure was usually dreamers aspirational figure or a particularly magnificent property. I used the properties EPC internal area figure (sq metre) and divided the asking price to get the ppsm, roughly divide by 10 to get the ppsf. You can get more accurate prices by comparing sold prices to the original epc int area data (although 1) it does take some time and 2) Internal area is not always 100% accurate and does not include external or unheated areas such as detached garages). Once you have viewed a few it all makes sense. A house with a particularly large garden will push the price up too.
  2. So what other options do I have ? Well this isn't new and a lot of agents recycle their property listings after a while. I used to open up an interesting property and take a print off the screen with the property bee history included, quite easy to do and not much of a bind. You can always print off the agents details, many of which also have the price listed. Not quite propertybee perfect but you'll get the hang of it. You will be surprised how much you will remember about your favourites. Anyway don't be deterred, thorough research will get you the property that you want hopefully at the right price.
  3. My dad was listening to heavy metal in his 30's, but that type made by a band of fascists in Europe in WW2. My father was a Canadian farmer who volunteered for the RCAF, my mum a high school educated munitions worker in the war. For the first two years of the marriage the family home was living in with Grandparents in a council house in a grubby Northern town. In contrast I had the benefit of a good education, became involved in electronics and subsequently computing and was travelling the world plying my skills at 30. I realise how lucky I have been and have far outstripped my parents expectations.
  4. I have been watching the top end of the market for some time and some of the prices are masiively overvalued. Not much in the way of reductions in that property band either, despite not much selling.
  5. I'm seeing a similar thing in North Yorks, one agent who rarely reduces anything, has a fistful on this week with circa 10% reductions.
  6. I'd do what I did. Shut the company down in the most efficient way (see accountant). I now have about 25k in cash, 2 x £85ks in HSBC premier (Mrs Aptid inc), just for when/if I need a mortgage, 2 x £30k in premium bonds (again Mrs Aptid inc) and the rest in NS&I easy saver account. (moved this week from RBS). Too late to buy gold or other currency unfortunately IMO. Oh and start a new company with an account at HSBC for trading accounts continuity even though there was talk of an HSBC downgrade this week. Small business accounts upto £2m are supposed to be guaranteed by the Gov similarly to the 2 x £85 k for personal accounts, question is do you believe them? I won't let my account get too high again. Diversity is the thing I suppose.
  7. The EPC sq m measurement is the area of the house that is heated, it does not include garage space or unheated out buildings. Zoopla offers a stat on the price per sq ft per postcode, quite useful in determining how over priced a property may be.
  8. It seems that any property with an optional status tag, i.e. sstc, under offer, with land etc has been returned to available today. I think it must be RM rather than PB.
  9. My limited experience of this area is in the beginning you see, like and make an offer on a house. If the offer is accepted it remains so until you have satisfied the vendors on your ability to proceed, finance etc etc and then appoint solictors who engage on the legal side of a purchase and the property now becomes SSTC. What set of circumstances reverse that? To go from SSTC to under offer again, presumably the purchaser is no longer able to proceed as first thought, house sale or finance has fallen through but wishes to still purchase the property and leaves his offer on the table??
  10. I have noticed a property go from SSTC to under offer today, would this be an indication that the buyers sale may have fallen through?
  11. ..................due to a break in the chain 5 out of 10 properties listed on page 1 of my search have unexpectedly come back on the market. Is this a HPC record http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/find.html?locationIdentifier=USERDEFINEDAREA^{%22polylines%22%3A%22gtxiIhbiE|vCfs[_aFfeUo}H~eBcuNt{CwpHauBwaLmjC{zC_cI}eDmlBxk%40u_N{oDwdGmHmhOvvq%40uqGe~ArnB|iPtfF%22}&maxPrice=650000&maxDaysSinceAdded=7&partBuyPartRent=false
  12. Isn't the Express estate agency the last resort of the about to be repossessed? Looks like it to me.
  13. I live in the North East and am at last seeing signs of distressed selling. It is mostly manifesting itself in therelatively new build trendy "wannabee an executive" areas where unfortunately some have overstretched themselves keeping up with the Jones's. There is an increase in the use of the pre repo agents too, Express estate agency etc.
  14. Very interesting when you put it like that
  15. Paxo made Balls look like what he is, a self styled economics guru contrarian muppet.
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