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  1. I don't understand how they manage to come up with the figures that are posted on Jobstats. Looking at the front page, the highest paid daily rate for a contract position is for iPhone developer, at £1,054 per day. Total boll***s! I've been developing for iPhone since it was launched and earn around 1/3 of that. I've never seen a single ad above £500 p/d and the contracts tend to be very short term (~6 weeks at a time). Looking back at c++ historical earnings, the average salary 10 years ago was aparently £225k. WTF? That's salary too, not contract rates. Whatever method they are using to scrape the figures from the job websites, it is very flawed.
  2. How to make friends and influence people? They must have been calling you all the tw*ts under the sun with that attitude. Rough fag packet calculation. 15 years of lottery x 3 millionaires per week = 2250 millionaires in uk since start. How many killed by bits of falling planes in that time?
  3. People, the momentum is slowing, we need to spread the word on this petition. We must report this petition on every other english speaking forum we can find, and encourage the members of those fora to circulate the link. This opportunity is too important to just idly stand by. For friends, remember these words... " I have, myself, full confidence that if all do their duty, if nothing is neglected, and if the best arrangements are made, as they are being made, we shall prove ourselves once more able to defend our Island home, to ride out the storm of war, and to outlive the menace of tyranny. "
  4. One trillion dollars And JP Morgan Chase are in it for 300 of these? Would an asteroid strike in Manhattan help?
  5. Pah, thought the 'Sir' part of his title might have given this fact away! These posh blokes with their girly names, eh?
  6. Link List of Unauthorised Internet Banks 1bof.com abplcsecure.com abtfonline.com Abbeycorp Online / Abbey Corp Online Abbey Investment Banking Limited Abbey Trust Finance abbyonline.com Abidjan Trans-Diplomatic Securities ABN Finance & Securities Access Trust Bank (atbgb.com) Africa Amalgamated Banks Corp Afri-Euro Monument Bank (aemban.net) Alfa Private Bank Alied Trust Alliance Bank Alliance Bank (alliancebnkplc.com & allbplc.co.uk) Alliance Credit & Trust Bank Alliance Finance & Trust Bank Alliance Investment Group Alliance Trust and Securities Alliance Trust Bank Alliance Trust Finance and Securities Allied Africa Bank Corporation Allied Chartered Bank / Allied Scottish Bank Allied Chartered Bank Finance and Securities Allied Financial Trust Bank Allied Investment Bank Allied Investment Group Allied Security & Finance House Allied Security Finance House Allied Trust Bank Allied Trust Merchant Bank or Allied Trust Merchant Brokers Limited alliedtrustbankuk.com alltbonline.com Alpen Bank Ltd Alternative Financing LLC Amalgamated Banks of Africa Corporation Amalgamated Payment Center / Amalgamated Bank Amax Trust Financial Limited Amax Trust Clearing House Amax Trust Amco Bankers/AMCO Corporation American Bride Bank Amax Trust Andros Bank of Investment Androson Bank AngloTrustBank Apex Continental Bank Plc Apex Continental Plc/Apex Trust Bank Plc (apextrustbank.com) Apex Development Bank Arab Bangladesh Bank Argyle Finance Argyle Trade Finance Limited Ary Bank Limited (arybank.com) Assets Equity Finance * Associate Standard Bank (AS Bank) Assurance Financial & Security Services Atlantico Trust Finance Atlantic Union Bank Atlantique Credit Bank CI Back to top Banca Delintesa plc Banca Financial Caripplo (bfcgroupinternational.net) BancBursatil Banc Bursatil Banco Platinum International Bank Banco Societiale Limited Banco Trust International Bank for International Settlement Bank of Africa Online Bank of Africa plc Bank of Caledonia Limited Bank of Manchester (manchesterresources.co.uk) Bankers Trust International, at bti-onlineplc.info (no connection with the authorised Bankers Trust International) banqueatlantiqueuk.com & banqueatlantique1.ifrance.com Banqeinternationale.co.nz Banque Afrique Banque Atlantique UK Banque Nationale .com barclay-bank.com/jsp/index.htm Barclays & Crouch (B&C) Barrie Credit Union Limited Barrington Bank London bbofuk.com Belldock Private Credit Bank/Belldock Private Credit Bank Global Private Banking beneficialfin.co.uk Benelux Bank Corporation Benelux Capital SA BICICI (Cote D'Ivoire) BICICI Offshore Trust Canada Blue Sky Securities/Bluesky Securities (blueskysecuritiesukonline.net) (involved with a bogus lottery) Bolton Financial Trust Bonds and Creditors UK Bond Trust Bank PLC / Bond Trust Investments Bank PLC boscotland.co.uk boscotlandsecure.com BP Hambros Bank & Trust (London) Limited BP Private Banking Brent Bank and Trust Company Brent Cross Bank Bristol Private Bank Bristol Trust Private Bank Inc British Base Bank British Crystal Bank British Financial Group British National Bank (bnb-online.com/uk) (also known as British Finance Trust) British National Bank (onlinebnb.com/uk) Broad Alliance Bank Broad Bank Plc Broadbank Finance & Security Banking Broad Finance Limited Bromwich Albion Bank Bursanet (a.k.a. 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  7. I don't follow (or believe) the above for 2 reasons: 1. It simply does not sound true that 70% of the UK population will be over 50. This would imply a massive decrease in birth rate over the next 30 years, how can this possibly be predicted? (i.e. link to ONS figures please) 2. Who retires at 50? Most now work to 65 or 70, and with increasing life spans, this figure will also increase, so the under 50's will not be required to support them.
  8. Don't be too harsh on him, his lower estimate may not be far off the mark... The market will rise 30-50% over the next several months, from the low of the last weeks. The (intra-day) low touched 3700 over the last week or two. 30% rise from that is only 4800. That's not so unfeasible is it? Some bears need to have patience, the FTSE will bottom out sub 3000, but not as soon as some of you would like. What's the hurry?
  9. Somebody on here had updated the chart with earlier October falls (Just before all the banks nearly collapsed and Gordon saved the world). Can we have that one please?
  10. Can somebody repost the "Biggest FTSE one day falls" chart again please. Interested to see where we stand today.
  11. Small businesses should be allowed to defer paying VAT for up to six months, say the Conservatives. BBC Link Having run a small business for ten years, I would have to question who is advising the Conservatives on this policy. VAT is a pain in the ****, both charging it and paying it every quarter, but rule 1 with VAT is - it is NEVER your money. As a business, you are simply an unpaid HMRC collector (although the flat rate scheme does allow you to keep some of it). This money belongs to the exchequer as soon as you produce the invoice, unlike corporation/income taxes which are calculated a long time later. Any business using the VAT it has collected as working capital is walking a very treacherous (and technically illegal) path. They should not be using this money in any way other than a small benefit from earning interest on it. Are there really businesses out there using the VAT for day to day expenses?
  12. I've just written a cheque for a fairly large sum to the Inland Revenue to pay last year's tax bill. A little early I know, but I'd rather they had it before the banks get into any more bother if you catch my drift. So, that got me thinking - when this money leaves my bank account, where does it actually go? Do they bank with one of the high street banks, or does it get stored in BOE cyberspace, or what?
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