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  1. Does anyone use Coinfloor? I do, but never noticed this. Currently (right now) BC is trading at £22,250 with a fairly large sell order. But the prices on other exchanges are over £23,900 or higher? Is this normal? Sorry if this is a stupid question. I know theres slight changes, but this seems rather large.
  2. Plenty of Hong Kongers ready to replace them.. ?
  3. First ever reply on this thread, be patient. We know the price of crypto has gone down. But has the use of blockchain technology gone up?
  4. Anyone know why I still get the cookies popup banner EVERY time I log in even though I've accepted cookies?
  5. On that basis, I've just picked up some BT's shares at 204. Seems silly not to
  6. Surely the future is 5g? All this expense of laying cable is on the way out. I've just got rid of my landline phone/broadband as it's not needed anymore. 4g and a 9gb from Giffgaff for £20 a month suits me perfectly.
  7. Drax, since I bought in Feb has gone up 25%. Sold the lot yesterday and put it into IBTL. Hope I made the right choice. We'll see I guess.
  8. Ex div date looming. I bought these a couple of months back for 191. In fact my very first shares purchase! I topped up today aswell. At this price it's gone into my HL Shares ISA for the long term.
  9. Yes I've sacked the stop/loss thing aswell. But I'll still keep a close eye in these uncertain times. If it tanks then I'll add more (or panic and sell the rest instead of trying to be clever timing the markets. Good dividend payers are what's needed I think. Live and learn...every day! My strategy is, I have no strategy. Seat of my pants?
  10. Like this! Although I've set mine at 5% stop loss until the profit (hopefully) gets better. I'll adjust accordingly IF the SP goes higher. BUT I like the other bit too (capital protection as key). Preservation is what I really need to do in this current environment and setting my SL at 5% drop to trigger would still give me a 5% gain (changing daily on different shares) Sadly his latest article is behind the FT paywall. Can't see it
  11. Yep, seen those articles. Problem I have with old articles or books etc, is they base their strategy on fairly normal market conditions, going up going down sort of normal,hands off etc. BUT what could be coming is what I'm interested in and how to make the best of a terrible crash and to take advantage of it. There's some good stuff around which is new and current. Talk is a once in a lifetime crash. There's always opportunity in a crisis. And I/we should be better positioned than most hopefully.
  12. I understand DB. Well this thread has certainly woke me up and I'm reading as much as I can from all different sources. Trouble is most of those sources can't see 'it' yet. Or don't WANT to see 'it'. But please keep those thoughts coming along with everyone else! Great stuff.
  13. I wonder if DB would be interested in starting an Investment Club. 20-30 members or so chipping in a lump sum then a monthly amount? If so I'm in!
  14. All I did was take the current price of each stock this morning took 5 % off that price and set it as my stop/loss. As prices (hopefully) go higher, which they are today, then that gap widens and I'll relax a bit more and adjust to alow for a bigger percentage drop as I'll still take a profit. Like I said I'm new!!
  15. Thorn, I've just set mine at a drop of 5% on all my picks. GSK dropped a few days ago on bad earnings or something and that was just over 2%. Bounced back the next day. So this is something I want to avoid. Small dips and profit taking triggering a stop loss is what I want to avoid. So for me it's 5%. Hey I'm new remember, so probably wrong. Live and learn unless I get better advice etc.
  16. Yep I hear you. The £100k is now around £110k ish according to my HL app since Feb/March. Very lucky in that respect. But I will be putting in stop losses tomorrow and adjusting them up if the shares keep rising, being careful for people taking profits to not trigger a stop. So I'm trying to keep an eye, very closely. As I've said before, I'll be more than happy to pull out an back to cash.
  17. No I didn't go the pretend route Majorpain. Didn't see the point to be honest. Most the shares I went for were mentioned on this thread many times as good contrarian picks, and after further research and watching them drop, sometimes for a couple of years, I jumped in. Yes it's a lot of cash but certainly not most of it. And I'll be out of it as quick as I went in if I see the slightest turn and sit tight in cash if I have to. And so far it seems I did buy low, but time will tell if it really was I guess. Thanks for the chart, see it before but it's a good reminder. I'm trying to figure
  18. OK thanks. Getting conflicting messages now. So confusing! Yes I know it's DYOR an all that. But I guess I will have to do what I think is right. Anyone else with thoughts on this? So far my stock picks have been Imperial, Drax, Go-Ahead, Centrica, SSE, GSK, Stagecoach, Nat Grid, Vodaphone, Sirius. All have gone up since I bought them in late Feb to middle March. £100k split between the 10 stocks. I thought I'd chosen well to ride the storm if/when it comes. No doubt they will also drop a certain percentage but I will have a stop loss in place from tomorrow. But mostly good solid compani
  19. Just read that Thorn. I'll take it onboard and what you, DB and WICAO say about diversification. DB was right, I'll take some profit and reduce my holdings slightly to spread the risk. FTSE 100 tracker does make sense for the long term and to stop me watching the tape constantly. DB says Imperial Brands is like a new women after she lost lots of weight and spruced herself up! I'm tempted to keep what I've got with them as I don't mind DB's sloppy seconds..
  20. Thanks for that. I'm watching those 10 shares very keenly indeed, reading every scrap of info and watching movements every day. Thankfully it's only the 10 shares! I'm happy to sell or set a stop loss and get out altogether. Luckily they are all up some over 10% since Feb/March. Dividends are good and are starting to trickle in. I know it;s risky as a novice and I understand the risks.
  21. Thanks DB. I'm mostly cash as it is now so was looking at this thread to at least get some exposure to the market. The timing of buying those shares was good it seems (for now). But I understand what you and WICAO saying and I will develop over time. It's more that I need an income without affecting the capital that I'm after. I'll set a stop loss on HL to make sure I have a good gain and see what happens if things play out like you say they will. IBTL is the next on my list. I'll also take on board what you said about Glaxo and Voda with GBP going down. I know £100k is a serious amount to
  22. Thanks. I've invested in the ones DB and others talked about which are in the main good divi payers which will be ploughed back in. My only problem of being so well diversified in thousands of different shares in this CURRENT climate is that a awful lot of them will lose a lot of their value soon if thing play out like people say they will. I'll keep my powder dry until I can see how things play out and stay mostly in cash for now apart from the £100k. Buying a FTSE 100 tracker which would invest in probably 70% or more companies likely to lose in a major crash is not something I'm up for
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